I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 724 - Breakthrough and Against Himself

“This feeling…” Zhou Xuanji muttered to himself but his body remained in a fighting state and he hadn’t opened his eyes.

Even if he didn’t open his eyes, the entire world was still extremely clear to him.

He was comprehending in World Internalization but had entered another state.

In an absolutely calm dao state, moving at full speed, his body was breaking through the speed limit.

At first glance, he seemed to be constantly flashing and appearing here and there during the fight, leaving hundreds of afterimages.

If the Barbaric Ultimate God was here, he would believe that Yang Kai was using the Great Li Avatars.

One after another, phantoms of light were killed by him. He had no idea how many points he had earned, nor did he consider what his ranking would be based on these points.

He just wanted to quickly find a chance to make World Internalization breakthrough.


A burly phantom of light charged at Zhou Xuanji.

The phantom fired a punch at Zhou Xuanji, causing the space to shatter. Zhou Xuanji was forced to open his eyes as a golden fist grew bigger and bigger in his eyes.

The punch landed on the light swordst surrounding Zhou Xuanji, sending him flying.

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t maintain his bearing and rolled along the ground.

Zhou Xuanji quickly twisted his body and landed on both his feet, sliding for a thousand meters. He then fiercely kicked the ground as he charged forward.

Obviously, the opponent’s strength had surpassed the Dao-Treading Saint Realm. It was quite likely to be in the Dao Ancestor Realm. But Zhou Xuanji had tempered his body with many heaven and earth treasures in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Zhou Xuanji and that phantom clashed with each other again and again. Meanwhile, the other phantoms were reduced to supporting roles.

Very soon, Zhou Xuanji became accustomed to the opponent’s strength and speed. These phantoms also had their own divine abilities but they couldn’t be compared with his.

Gradually, he began to use the Exterminating Divine Light.

Every time he opened his eyes, two purple beams would shoot out from his eyes. After the phantoms were struck by the Exterminating Divine Light, they would be transfixed in place, motionless, and then be killed by Zhou Xuanji’s sword.

This kind of battle seemed to be testing his comprehensive strength but in fact World Internalization was also changing.

There was a big gap between saint energy and Dao energy. There was a qualitative difference. However, in terms of their origin, both of them were just energy, that’s all.

How to change the absorption of saint energy to the absorption of Dao Energy seemed complicated but in fact, it was very simple.

And that was to strengthen the transformation speed of World Internalization.

Strengthened to the extent that the Dao Energy couldn’t break away from it.

In his epiphany, time flashed by quickly.

One hour…

Two hour…

The phantoms Zhou Xuanji encountered were getting stronger and stronger. Sometimes, they would even interrupt his state of enlightenment.

Fortunately, this battlefield was big enough that if he couldn’t win, he could escape.

During the fight, his Exterminating Divine Eyes were also strengthened.

In the past, he seldom paid attention to the Exterminating Divine Eyes during cultivation and rarely used them in battle.

This caused his Exterminating Divine Eyes to lack the style of challenging beyond its level. And it had started now

Inside the Bright Palace…

Beast Sovereign asked, “Between Zhou Xuanji and that guy in the Emperor Divine Range, who do you think will be stronger in the future?”

Just as he asked this, all the upper echelon figures turned to him, but they didn’t answer immediately. Rather, they fell into contemplation.

“Not just that guy, could Zhou Xuanji stand shoulder to shoulder with the supreme geniuses of the Sovereign Divine Ranges?”

Beast Sovereign looked extremely calm as if he was asking a trivial thing.

Be that as it may, no one answered. Everyone fell into silence.

Even though eighteen-star aptitude was strong, there was also a difference among the eighteen-star geniuses.

Especially those geniuses of the Super Divine Ranges and Sovereign Divine Ranges. Each and every one of them had great origins. Many of them were even reincarnations of the Range Masters.

“I believe that he will become the strongest genius in time,” an old man said with a smile, stroking his beard. The others immediately regained their wits and started praising Zhou Xuanji, one after another.

They were praising Zhou Xuanji out of respect to Beast Sovereign. They were still well versed in the ways of the world.

Right now, the entire Kunlun Origin Court believed that Zhou Xuanji was the disciple of Beast Sovereign.

This point was even more firmly seated in the minds of everyone in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The corner of Beast Sovereign’s lips slowly rose into a smile after hearing their praises.

“This Sovereign will give you a hand then,” Beast Sovereign said in his heart as he flicked his right hand lightly.

The Zhou Xuanji immersed in battle suddenly felt something drill into his body. In an instant, he fell into a strange state.

He couldn’t explain this feeling. It was as if his physical body was the world and his blood, the Great Dao.

The Sword Shield Art erupted all of a sudden. The swords of light around his body grew extremely dazzling. It gave the impression that there were countless images of silver swords.

In the next moment, Zhou Xuanji instantly absorbed the Dao Energy of the phantoms of light.

“So it was like this!” Zhou Xuanji was extremely excited. He had finally taken this step.

The speed at which he was absorbing the Dao Energy of his opponents skyrocketed. It could even directly rob them of their Dao Energy.

In the blink of an eye, the Dao Energy of dozens of phantoms around him was sucked away before he waved his sword, wiping them out.

The battle continued.

The high-spirited Zhou Xuanji rushed to other places, switching from sparring mode to hunting mode.

In a flash…

The five hours time period was over.

Zhou Xuanji happened to be swinging his sword when the phantom in front of him disappeared.

The phantoms scattered in the distance and also disappeared.

Immediately, a powerful force pulled Zhou Xuanji into the brightly lit area.

As Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes, a message drilled into his mind.

It was the ranking of the Ranking Battle of Geniuses.

He could see the name of all the geniuses.

Ji Huanglin was ranked 59th whereas Zhou Xuanji was at the 7,894th position.

He had naturally missed the second round of competition.

Zhou Xuanji then stepped forward.

Zhou Xunaji wasn’t disappointed; rather, he was very excited. He wanted to go back and enter closed door cultivation to continue comprehending his recent breakthrough.

After walking out of the gate of light, Chang Xiyan, locking on to his aura, appeared beside him out of thin air.

“Master, what’s your position?” Chang Xiyan asked respectfully. Seeing Zhou Xuanji smiling, she couldn’t help but be in anticipation.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Over 7,000, it’s very ordinary.”

Chang Xiyan wasn’t disappointed. On the contrary, she was pleasantly surprised.

“Master, you are really amazing. You can achieve such a result the very first time you participated in the Ranking Battle of Geniuses. And more importantly, you are still young,” Chang Xiyan stated in admiration. God knew whether she was pretending or her act was real.

In any case, she had gained Zhou Xuanji’s favor.

They directly left and returned to Pure Sword Heaven.

Zhou Xuanji found a secluded valley to enter a retreat.

There was a small lake in this valley. It was extremely clear and had many kois swimming inside.

Zhou Xuanji sat down by the lake and calmed his mind.

He recalled the feeling of absorbing the Dao Energy before.

“Zhou Xuanji… Zhou Xuanji…”

An intermittent voice suddenly came from the front.

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but open his eyes. But he couldn’t find anyone in the front.

But that voice was still ringing and it wasn’t a hallucination.

He couldn’t help but stand up, looking at the bottom of the lake.

Much to his surprise, he saw his reflection in the lake smiling at him. Its smile was extremely strange.

Zhou Xuanji, maintaining a straight face, asked, “Who are you?”

Daohu Qiuzun?

Here in the Evil Sky Divine Range!?

Zhou Xuanji’s reflection in the lake smiled and said, “I am you. Haven’t we met before? I advise you to not go any further; otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

When Zhou Xuanji heard this, he couldn’t help but think of the person he saw at the vocation palace at the Origin City.

The man looked exactly like him and had also threatened him.