I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 723 - Three Thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards

“Master, don’t show mercy in the Ranking Battle of Geniuses; you must fight with all your strength. Some geniuses can throw their face, beg for forgiveness, and then take advantage of it to give you a fatal blow. Only a surviving genius is considered a genius,” Chang Xiyan warned him. As she was so devoted to Zhou Xuanji, she would naturally worry about him.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. Naturally, he was well aware of this.

He didn’t grow up in a greenhouse.

Along the way, Chang Xiyan told Zhou Xuanji about the rules of the Ranking Battle of Geniuses.

The rules of the Ranking Battle of Geniuses hadn’t changed. It was divided into two rounds.

The first round, one had to take the challenge alone. The round would have the Great Dao avatars of the applicant. It would completely replicate the appearance and the strength of the applicant completely. Different strengths were worth different points. The applicants could get points if they destroyed them.

And based on the total points, the top 100 could enter the second round.

The second round was one vs one fights.

After listening to it, Zhou Xuanji angrily said, “Then why are you still warning me? How can I get in the top 100 with my current strength?”

If he couldn’t enter the top 100, he would not encounter the other geniuses.

Chang Xiyan stuck her tongue out and stated, smiling, “Just in case! Who could have expected your performance in the Superstar Competition?”

This flattery was very timely. She immediately gained Zhou Xuanji’s favor.

After about the time it takes an incense to burn…

They arrived at the top-level venue of the Ranking Battle of Geniuses. It was an empty wasteland but untold geniuses were gathered here to escort the geniuses to the huge gate of light in the front.

The gate of light was thousand miles wide as if it was connecting the two ends of the world, leading to a whole new world.

Even after joining the crowd, Chang Xiyan continued to explain some details.

For instance, the first round only lasted for five hours.

As long as one entered the second round, the entire Divine Range could see their fight.

Zhou Xuanji’s mentality was quite ordinary. He didn’t care about the top 100.

Based on the strength alone, how could he enter the top 100.

Anyway, Beast Sovereign had asked him to enter the top 10,000.

As Zhou Xuanji got closer and closer to the gate of light, he met many acquaintances. Naturally, it was the figures he had met at the high-level banquet of the Evil Sky Divine Veins.

These people had very strong cultivation bases, and they had lived for countless ages. They could easily guess the extent that the Beast Sovereign wanted to cultivate Zhou Xuanji.

Due to all the greetings and chatting along the way, it took Zhou Xuanji a long time to arrive before the gate of light.

He bid Chang Xiyan goodbye and stepped into the bright light.

The first level only lasted for five hours. Chang Xiyan intended to wait here.

“Zhou Xuanji went in. God knows what ranking he will get?”

“He is indeed very talented but he is too young. It would be quite impressive if he could enter the top 10,000.”

“I’m really looking forward to his bearing when he grows up. He will be the next representative of the Evil Sky Divine Range.”

“If Sovereign keeps pushing him, it wouldn’t be that bad.”

“Tsk tsk, how long ago did he enter the Kunlun Origin Court? He is already at the late-stage Dao-Treading Saint Realm.”

The creatures broke into discussion about Zhou Xuanji, one after another. They were filled with anticipation and envy. They weren’t that many people who were jealous and hated him.

After all, Zhou Xuanji had no enemies in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

On the other side…

As Zhou Xuanji walked into the bright light, he could feel a mysterious force penetrating every nook and corner of his body. It wasn’t painful; rather, it was very comfortable.

When he walked out of the bright light, he caught a glimpse of phantoms of light coming out of the left and right side of him.

They were the Great Dao avatars of other participants.

A boundless wasteland with billowing thunderclouds then entered his sight.

They looked extremely small in front of this boundless world.

Zhou Xuanji promptly took out the Almighty Divine Snake Sword of Controlling Daos and used the Sword Fusion Technique and Nine Soul Fusion Technique. His strength immediately skyrocketed. Surprised, all the phantoms of light turned their attention towards him but they didn’t immediately make their moves. Rather, they were waiting for him to make the move first.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t act immediately. On the contrary, he closed his eyes and calmed his mind down.

He then circulated World Internalization, preparing to have an epiphany with the help of this fight.

Right then, he activated the Sword Shield Art as his entire body radiated bright light like a sun.


He kicked the ground with his right foot and charged towards a direction. At the same time, he waved the sword in his right hand as a sword Qi flew out, splitting the ground.

A phantom of light in front just used a single palm to destroy his sword Qi. It was quite domineering.

Zhou Xuanji remained unmoved. He turned and brandished his sword again.

He launched a storm of attacks, and with his superb sword speed and powerful Sword Dao, he quickly smashed this phantom of light.

He then continued his charge towards another phantom of light. The battle had officially started.

He resorted to all kinds of sword arts and techniques. It was quite a dazzling and magnificent sight. He deliberately provoked the phantoms of light, turning the one-vs-one fight to one-vs-group fight.

In just a short while, he alone was fighting over a hundred phantoms, causing thunderous explosions.

While he was fighting, he was comprehending through World Internalization. He wanted to absorb the enemy’s Dao Energy during the battle.

Soon, he entered a selfless state.

But he was oblivious to the fact that Beast Sovereign and a group of high-level figures of the Evil Sky Divine Range were observing him.

These people were in a brightly lit palace. Beast Sovereign was sitting on the main seat while the others kept standing, looking at the ball of light above their head, which was three-dimensionally showing Zhou Xuanji’s figure.

“He had an epiphany!?”

“Tsk tsk, while other geniuses are busy earning points, he wants to use this to make a breakthrough.”

“An eighteen-star genius is indeed different.”

“What’s he cultivating?”

“His strength is comparable to Dao Ancestor but it’s still not enough. Who asked him to come late.”

The high-level figures started discussing. Everyone had different opinions. Some were joking, some were anticipating, and some were curious.

With Beast Sovereign right here, they naturally didn’t dare to show a strange expression.

“This Kid is really not taking this battle seriously.” Beast Sovereign snorted coldly in his heart but he couldn’t stop smiling.

In fact, he hadn’t spent much time on Zhou Xuanji but even so, Zhou Xuanji had been cultivating patiently. His cultivation had been advancing by leaps and bounds.

Geniuses like Zhou Xuanji, who were not a reincarnation of genius, would easily become arrogant and satisfied. Especially the geniuses who had risen to prominence overnight. It was easier for them to get lost.

At this moment, the purple-robed man, who had been searching for information for Beast Sovereign, appeared beside him.

The purple-robed man’s lips moved slightly as he transmitted his voice to Beast Sovereign.

The others pretended not to see them and continued to discuss Zhou Xuanji. They acted as if they didn’t know that the purple-robed man had appeared.

“Are you sure,” Beast Sovereign asked in a soft voice.

The purple-robed man nodded heavily in response.

Seeing this, Beast Sovereign couldn’t help but frown as he fell into deep thoughts.

After a while…

He opened his mouth and said, “Mobilize the three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards to catch him.”


The man in purple disappeared out of thin air.

The eyelids of the high-level figures twitched wildly. The three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards were important soldiers of the Evil Sky Divine Range. Generally, the creatures targeted by the three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards could hardly escape.

Who on earth provoked Beast Sovereign to mobilize the three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards?

Beast Sovereign didn’t give an explanation and focused his gaze at the ball of light above.

Meantime, Zhou Xuanji was fighting with eyes closed. His speed was faster than before. He was running across the battlefield like a bolt of lighting. Thousands of people had surrounded him but they couldn’t keep up with his speed.

Under the Dao Ancestors, Zhou Xuanji’s speed had reached an unprecedented level.

He hadn’t had such a hearty fight for a long time.

Even when he faced Ying Zhuge, he didn’t feel like this because Ying Zhuge was hiding his strength.