I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 721 - Soul Source Orb, All Lives Pen

Tie Xin raised her brow and meaningfully said upon hearing Chu Mochen’s remark, “So you think yourself as young, huh!? God knows how many years you have cultivated. Aren’t you embarrassing yourself? Why? You want to end up like Ying Zhuge?”

Ying Zhuge!?

Chu Muchen lashed out in anger, “What’s wrong with Ying Zhuge? At least, he dared to act as per his wishes. The likes of you can’t humiliate him!”

Tie Xin ignored him altogether and said with a smile, turning to Zhou Xuanji, “Why do you want to be a Soul Guardian? Is it because you want to reincarnate a certain soul?”

Zhou Xuanji broke into sweat.

How could this woman guess?

Could it be that the vast majority of the Soul Guardians have this purpose?

“Yes, so am I. Otherwise, who would come to the Soul Source Pool. So boring. In the past, those geniuses reincarnated like this,” Tie Xin added with a smile, looking at Chu Mochen contemptuously.

Chu Mochen’s face turned livid. He was speechless.

This time, he also came for reincarnation.

While the three were chatting, some others also walked into the hall.

Most people turned around and left when they saw the trio.

Zhou Xuanji, Tie Xin, and Chu Mochen were all famous figures. They represented super Divine Ranges. They couldn’t afford to provoke them.

The remaining people were basically from super Divine Ranges.

Any Divine Range that could join the ranks of top 100 could be called a super Divine Range.

The strength of Super Divine Ranges was almost similar. The only exceptions to this were the top ten Divine Ranges.

They could be called Sovereign Divine Ranges.

The Sovereign Divine Ranges were all Divine Ranges that had given birth to a Sovereign. However, what was even more amazing was that there had always been ten Sovereign Divine Ranges.

If a Sovereign was born from a Divine Range other than the Sovereign Divine Ranges, one of the Sovereign Divine Ranges would fall.

Falling naturally existed in the Great Eliminations.

No one knew the reason for this.

In the end, there were seven people left in the hall competing for the position of Soul Guardian.

Suddenly, a white figure appeared out of thin air like a puff of smoke and transformed into a human figure. He was wearing a white robe and a ghost mask on his face.

The doors closed as the Soul Guardian started speaking, “There is only one assessment mission for the Soul Guardian this time, and that is to find the Soul Source Orb and the Pen of All Beings within a thousand years.”

Soul Source Orb and the Pen of All Beings!

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes. He had heard of these two treasures.

The Soul Source Orb was a treasure to control souls.

And the Pen of All Beings could write about the life and death of all beings. It belonged to the legendary-grade category and was even more high-level than the Jade Treasure Basket.

How can these treasures be out in the universe?

Is it a deliberate test or is there another reason?

He suddenly thought of Daohu Qiuzun attacking the Kunlun Origin Court.

Could it be that Daohu Qiuzhun took them away?

The same thoughts flashed in the seven people’s mind. All of them couldn’t help but frown tightly.

These treasures must have been taken away by someone! How powerful is the person who can steal these two treasures?

“Forget it, I give up. You just want us to challenge Daohu Qiuzun!” Tie Xin shook her head. The others nodded in agreement. Even Chu Mochen didn’t object.

He wanted to help the old immortal reincarnate as soon as possible to free himself of the guilt.

Now, he only felt guilty for the old immortal.

Without the old immortal, there would not be Chu Mochen.

“Anyway, you have only a millennium. Whoever gets the two treasures can come and become a Soul Guardian. Two treasures, one quota for each.”

After throwing these words, the Soul Guardian disappeared out of thin air.

Everyone looked at each other. Finally, everyone took their leave without saying anything.

Just as he walked out of the hall, Chang Xiyan came up and cupped her fist.

“Oh, Little Miss, you are really pretty. How lucky!” Tie Xin joked. Chang Xiyan was immediately embarrassed. She quickly bowed to her.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at Tie Xin and asked, “Senior Tie, what’s the matter?”

He resisted Tie Xin’s enthusiasm.

If someone was trying to please you for nothing, he or she had his or her own axe to grind!

“Hehe, I wanted to invite you to our Divine Range as a guest,” Tie Xin laughed and stated her intention.

Zhou Xuanji immediately turned around and left after hearing this.

Chang Xiyan quickly followed after him. Tie Xin, on the other hand, stood in place.

A grim and cold smile appeared on her face as she murmured to herself, “Zhou Xuanji, you can’t escape from me. Only you are qualified to be my cauldron.”

After leaving the vocation palace, Zhou Xuanji and Chang Xiyan returned right away.

He didn’t bring out the matter of Soul Guardian and neither did Chang Xiyan inquire about it.

“Master, you have to be careful of Tie Xin. Rumor has it that countless men have lost their lives at her hands,” Chang Xiyan approached Zhou Xuanji and whispered, glancing around vigilantly. She was afraid that Tie Xin was still following them.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “I also don’t like her.”

Tie Xin’s gaze was very aggressive. Obviously, she had some evil plans for him.

The master and servant duo soon returned to the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Zhou Xuanji gave it a thought and decided to look for Beast Sovereign.

Cheng Xiyan was personally selected by Beast Sovereign for Zhou Xuanji. Naturally, she had her own to contact Beast Sovereign.

Very soon, Zhou Xuanji came to the palace where Beast Sovereign cultivated.

“What’s the matter?” Beast Sovereign opened his eyes and asked.

Zhou Xuanji informed him about the old immortal as well as the Soul Guardian mission.

“This Sovereign will not personally help you in this matter. You have to find these treasures yourself but there are still a thousand years. Wait for the right time. The Kunlun Origin Court will kill Daohu Qiuzun. At that time, I will take you there,” Beast Sovereign calmly stated. He then sized up Zhou Xuanji and nodded with satisfaction.

This Kid’s cultivation might not have advanced by leaps and bounds but his aura sure has grown stronger. It’s within my approval range.

Zhou Xuanji fell into contemplation after hearing about the matter of exterminating Daohu Qiuzun.

Beast Sovereign’s words indicated that the Soul Source Orb and Pen of All Beings was on Daohu Qiuzun. Since the Kunlun Origin Court was going to make a move, why do they have to assign this mission?

He felt that things weren’t as simple as it seemed.

Presumably, there were many hidden things to this matter.

“At that time, you can’t activate the Exterminating Divine Eyes. This Sovereign will find a way to gather the five Ultimate Eyes for you,” Beast Sovereign added. Zhou Xuanji raised his eyes and looked at him upon hearing this.

Five Ultimate Eyes!?

What a big pleasant surprise!?

With the five Ultimate Eyes, Daohu Qiuzun had grown strong enough to challenge the Kunlun Origin Court. He was naturally curious about the five Ultimate Eyes.

Zhou Xuanji cupped his fists and said, “Thank you, Sovereign.”

Beast Sovereign nodded and said, “Have you met someone from Sovereign Divine Ranges when you went out?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head. He didn’t hang out around the Origin City.

“Recently, those Sovereign Divine Ranges had opened their doors one after another. Be careful, they are very interested in eighteen-star geniuses. Since you are in the Evil Sky Divine Range, they will find a way to contact you,” Beast Sovereign warned him.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but furrow his brow after hearing this.

He hurriedly replied, “Thank you Beast Sovereign for warning me.”

Beast Sovereign waved off his right hand, sending Zhou Xuanji out.

Pure Sword Heaven…

Just as Zhou Xuanji returned, he heard a loud explosion.

He spread his divine will and suddenly felt Zhou Xiaoxuan’s breath.

The next moment, he saw Zhou Xiaoxuan flying over the land with two purple beams shooting out of her eyes. She was unscrupulously destroying the ground. Jiang Xue, Xian Xianhua, Xiao Jinghong, and the others were running around. They had no way to stop her.

The servants had also gathered here.

“All of this was created by me! Why should I die!” Zhou Xiaoxuan shouted in a furious and cold voice as her face turned grim.