I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 720 - Soul Guardian Appears

After hearing Ren Niming’s tale, the Void Boundary God still had that expressionless look on his face.

“It’s okay, it’s not the first time they have missed someone.”

Although the tone of his reply remained the same, Ren Niming could hear his dissatisfaction.

Ren Niming said, “I will break my body and exhaust myself for Senior in the future. I’m destiny’s incarnation. If you can help me master my destiny principles, I can quickly grow stronger, becoming the strongest Void Boundary Emperor under you!”

His voice was sonorous and powerful as if he was swearing an oath.

The Void Boundary God lightly nodded but didn’t say anything.

Ren Niming began to admire his own life in the Kunlun Origin Court.

He suddenly thought of Zhou Xuanji.

If that Kid is here, it would be great.

At least they could work together. He very much appreciated Zhou Xuanji’s talent and character.

He shook his head.

Unfortunately, that Kid is already dead.

Ever since he defeated Barbaric Ultimate God, Zhou Xuanji had started a new round of cultivation.

Barbaric Ultimate God had turned into a wagging dog. He took the initiative to teach him how to cultivate the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique and Exterminating Divine Eyes. This was his only value.

Although Zhou Xuanji felt like laughing, he still learned in an earnest manner.


Nangong Jiayin came looking for him, wanting to leave.

Although staying at Pure Sword Heaven was great, she also had her own family, as well as her Divine Range. How could she not want to go back after so long?

Zhou Xuanji nodded and called Chang Xiyan before giving an order, “Escort her out of the Evil Sky Divine Range.”

He emphasized the last four words to prevent Nangong Jiayin from getting lost in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

“Yes, Sir!” Chang Xiyan nodded before turning to Nangong Jiayin.

Nangong Jiayin smiled and asked, “Will I see you again in the future?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, smiling, “The doors of Pure Sword Heaven are always open for you. Or you can say, if you are willing to defect to my side, I will always be waiting for you.”

She was a Dao Ancestor, someone far stronger than the entire Emperor Sword Court. He must draw her in.

He belonged to the Evil Sky Divine Range right now but not necessarily so in the future.

The Emperor Sword Court had been growing along with him. He had always regarded it as the most important home in his heart.

He had invited Nangong Jiayin to join the Emperor Sword Court more than once. Nangong Jiayin never refused but she didn’t agree either, and she kept saying that she was thinking about it.

“Okay, I will come for you as soon as possible,” Nangong Jiayin stated with a smile. A reluctant look could be found in the depths of her eyes.

The next moment, she decisively turned around and left with Chang Xiyan.

Watching her disappearing back, Zhou Xuanji suddenly recalled Xuanmou.

It seems that Ye Jun, Xu Huang, and the others are really dead. I have not received any messages so far.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head before returning to the edge of the cliff and continuing to practice.

His goal had already been set on the Ranking Battle of Geniuses. He didn’t want to waste even a single moment.

The Ranking Battle of Geniuses of the Evil Sky Divine Range also had rewards. But the most important part of it was fame. The winner would get to visit various Divine Ranges, representing the Evil Sky Divine Range. It could be considered as laying a foundation for the position of Range Master.

In the blink of an eye, another decade had gone by.


Zhou Xuanji was returning to the Milky Way to visit his parents of his previous life.

After so many years, Earth had undergone tremendous changes.

An Earthling had ventured into the universe and started the era of cosmic cultivation. His parents were standing at the top of the human pyramid.

Every time someone asked them what the secret of their success was, his former father, Yang Dabang, would reply with a mysterious smile, “Giving birth to a good son.”

The couple looked very excited after meeting Zhou Xuanji again.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t give them anything. He just chatted with them.

Most of the time, Zhou Xiaoxuan would come to visit them. Their affection for Zhou Xuanji had been kept for this reason.

After chatting for an entire day, Zhou Xuanji’s mood had finally improved.

Whenever he made a name for himself, he would return here and let his heart settle.

Since he entered the Kunlun Origin Court, his status and cultivation had been advancing by leaps and bounds. It was difficult for him to stabilize his mood. If it was some other person, he or she might not have been able to hold themselves back.

The mortal world might be weak sometimes but it had another kind of strength.

Long life, the pursuit of immortality, but who could be truly immortal in the end?

Even someone as strong as the Sovereign of the Kunlun Origin Court was lost in the river of history. No one had an idea about the previous generation Kunlun Origin Court’s Sovereign.

After returning to Pure Sword Heaven, just as Zhou Xuanji sat down, Chang Xiyan came to his side.

“Master, the Soul Guardian of the Soul Source Pond you wanted to know about has finally appeared. He only took two people. Would you like to go?” Chang Xiyan reported in a gentle voice. She had been paying attention to this matter for decades. Finally, it was here.

Zhou Xuanji promptly opened his eyes and stood up when he heard this. “Take me!”

Chang Xiyan was frightened. It was the first time she had seen such a look on Zhou Xuanji’s face.

“Okay,” Chang Xiyan nodded as she brought Zhou Xuanji out of Pure Sword Heaven.

They flew out of the Evil Sky Divine Range and came to the nearby Origin City.

In order to reduce troubles, Zhou Xuanji had used his dao energy to hide his face.

He learned this technique from Chan Xiyan. Apparently, creatures in the Origin City near the super Divine Ranges often did this.

The two made their way to the vocation palace and stopped in front of the deepest hall.

Written on the door was Soul Source Pool in an elegant handwriting that was like flying dragons and dancing phoenixes. It was particularly majestic.

“Master, you go in first, I’ll be waiting for you outside,” Chang Xiyan respectfully said. Zhou Xuanji nodded his agreement before opening the door and heading in.

Just as he entered, he saw a familiar figure.

Seventeen-star genius, Chu Mochen!

Chu Mochen turned his head and looked at Zhou Xuanji with astonishment.

Zhou Xuanji might have covered his face but Chu Muchen remembered his aura.

“Why are you here?” Chu Mochen asked, frowning.

He had a very bad impression of Zhou Xuanji.

He had always been Ying Zhuge’s opponent. But because of Zhou Xuanji, Ying Zhuge was in a very miserable situation. He always got angry whenever he thought about it.

Zhou Xuanji removed the technique and said, showing his true face, “Is this the place for the Soul Guardian?”

The Soul Guardian recruited only two people. Chang Xiyan had informed him immediately but he hadn’t expected Chu Mochen to be faster.

He glanced around. There was no one else except for them in the hall.

By the looks of it, they had great chances of becoming a Soul Guardian.

“It still hasn’t started. Once the Soul Guardian is here, the Competition will begin,” Chu Mochen said with a cold snort.

The more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the more upset he became.

But he didn’t speak ill of Zhou Xuanji. As a super genius, he still had his own image to keep.

His arrogance was for his opponents who were on par with him. Zhou Xuanji might beat him in aptitude but Zhou Xuanji’s strength was still lacking.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and was just about to speak when a thin girl rushed in.

The girl only appeared to be twelve or thirteen years old. She wore a blue robe and a blue striped white hat. Her skin was fair and there was an excited look on her tender face.

When she caught sight of Zhou Xuanji and Chu Mochen, she immediately screamed in surprise.

She quickly walked to Zhou Xuanji and excitedly said, “The Evil Sky Divine Range, Zhou Xuanji!? Wow, you look cooler than from the Superstar Competition.”

Chu Mochen let out a cold snort again.

“My name is Tie Xin. Can I be your friend?” the blue-robed girl excitedly asked. She circled around Zhou Xuanji, sniffing him like a little puppy.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Which Divine Range did you come from?”

He couldn’t see through Tie Xin’s cultivation.

It seems this girl is far from ordinary.

Tie Xin happily replied, “The Phoenix Sky Divine Range. The Soul Guardians are going to be the two of us, I guess!”

She directly ignored Chu Mochen, causing Chu Mochen to scream in anger.

“Tie Xin, you are so old but you still came to compete with us younger people!?” Chu Mochen grit his teeth and said.