I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 72 - Xie Wuyou’s Heart  

Chapter 72 - Xie Wuyou’s Heart  


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After Zhao Congjian left, many people came over to socialize with Zhou Xuanji. His name had recently become wildly popular.

Zhou Xuanji had no choice but to get Ah Big and Small Er to surround them and block off people with their fierce appearances.

Zhou Xuanji sighed, “Fame has its cost indeed.”

Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin heard and burst out into laughter.

Beixiao Wangjian said, “Master, you have already entered the top 10 on Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking, but the Hero Ranking Board does not have your ranking, probably because you are already over 100 years old.”

”Rubbish! I’m only 11!

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and said, “Yeah, 11 years old!

Beixiao Wangjian and Huang Lianxin fell into a daze.

After staying with Zhou Xuanji for such a long time, it was easy for them to neglect his age.

After a while.

Zhou Xuanji felt that it was about time, so he instructed saying, “Northern Valiant, bring Ah Big and Small Er to aid Zhao Congjian.


Beixiao Wangjian lept onto Ah Big immediately, before flying off toward Xie Sect.

Now, the two Dragon Eagles could fly swiftly, even faster than an Enlightening Cultivator like Beixiao Wangjian.

Little Jiang Xue walked up to Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Will something bad happen to him?”

”Xie Wuyou is only a disciple of the Sword Monarch. He’s not that powerful.” Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and said.

Huang Lianxin nodded and said, “Although Xie Wuyou is the head disciple of the Sword Monarch, he’s not the most powerful one. The Sword Monarch’s disciples in the past had all died in battle for the Great Zhou Empire. That is why the empire has such respect for him.”

Zhou Xuanji sat down and waited patiently.

The little black snake laid on the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent’s head and shouted, “I’m hungry!”


Zhou Xuanji slapped it, along with the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent, which sent them flying away.

The Three-Eyed Drought Rodent fell to the ground and felt dizzy. Once it recovered, it began venting its anger on the little black snake.

At this moment, the small black snake’s painful screech could be heard continuously.

After about half an hour, the two Dragon Eagles flew out from Swordsman City, with hundreds of Xie Sect disciples following, each flew on his own sword.

The one leading them was Xie Wuyou. He looked ahead at Zhao Congjian’s silhouette and felt so furious that he wanted to tear him apart.

”Zhao Congjian! Stop!”

Xie Wuyou roared. As he spoke, he pierced forward with his sword. The blade vibrated, sending dozens of visible Sword Qi charging toward the Dragon Eagles.

Zhao Congjian stood on Small Er’s back and swept back with his sword and dissipated the incoming Sword Qi.

He looked at Xie Wuyou and said, “Xie Wuyou, your Xie Sect is too shameless. The so-called Sword Conference is just a joke. You hid sword techniques from the Sword Library, which really gave people a surprise!”

He intentionally channeled a full measure of spirit energy as he spoke, letting his voice travel across the entire Swordsman City, and shocked many who were looking at them.

Sword Library hid its best sword techniques?

”Wait, the victor of the Sword Conference is Sword God Zhou. Why is Zhao Congjian shouting here?”

”You don’t know? Zhao Congjian has already taken Sword God Zhou as his master!”

”What? Xie Sect is so shameless?”

”If this is true, who will still participate in the Sword Conference? Risk one’s life, but in the end, it was a scam.”

”What about Sword God Zhou? Is he going to cut all ties with the Xie Sect?”

The waves of people in the city cried out in alarm. Apparently, they were surprised by what Xie Sect had done.

The Sword Conference had been held consecutively for decades, it was the first time it had such shameful news.

Xie Wuyou’s face turned pale to black. His eyes were filled with fury and the intent to kill.

Soon, the two Dragon Eagles reached Zhou Xuanji and the rest.

Zhou Xuanji swung his hand. The Crimson Dragon Sword, Frost Wave Sword, Bloodbath Sword, Tiger Roar Sword, Windcutter Sword, Swineculling Sword, Golden Rock Sword, Heaven Sound Sword, Hell King Sword, Residual Image Sword, Thunderclap Sword, and Formless Sword appeared before him.

All his swords were pointed toward Xie Wuyou and his people.

Xie Wuyou stopped immediately. The hundreds of Xie Sect elders and disciples looked at them with anger and hostility. Their fury filled up the sky.

Although the fire set by Zhao Congjian did not burn down the entire Sword Library, it destroyed many ancient sword techniques.

Zhou Xuanji stared at Xie Wuyou and said, “I hate those who scheme against me. I’m already being forgiving for not burning down the entire Sword Library!”

Xie Wuyou’s expression was very complicated. “We, Xie Sect, did not scheme against you!” He muttered in reply.

”You don’t have any idea at all in your heart?” Zhou XUanji snorted coldly and said with disdain.

Seeing that it was about to burst into a great fight, Little Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian took out their weapons and prepared for battle.

Zhao Congjian landed beside Zhou Xuanji and was prepared to fight alongside.

He really loved Zhou Xuanji’s temper.

Such boldness!

As a sword cultivator, one must look at his own heart. If there’s no peace, then draw your sword!

Xie Wuyou stared unrelentingly at Zhou Xuanji and hesitated in his heart.

Should I fight or not?

”Hahaha! “Xie Sect acted in such a way, aren’t you worried that you might become a joke to the people of Great Zhou!”

A bold voice resounded. It was Xiahou Jin, who came on a cloud. He wore heavy and mighty armor, with an exaggerating great blade in his right hand. He landed quickly between Xie Sect and Zhou Xuanji.

Xie Wuyou was a little shocked to see Xiahou Jin. He immediately explained, “General Xia, We, Xie Sect, did not do such a shameless act!”

He said it uprightly, but some of the elders behind him were blushing in shame.

Xiahou Jin did not care about Xie Wuyou, but smiled at Zhou Xuanji, “Brother Zhou, you go first. I haven’t met Xie Wuyou for a long time, I want to have a chat with him.”

Xie Wuyou wanted to say something but did not. He understood that Xiahou Jin was giving him a way out of this situation.

Zhou Xuanji was not dumb either. If they really fought, he might not win.

”How can I address you?”

He asked. At this moment, he could not just leave like that. This relational debt must be remembered.

He was not like Dragon Proud Sky, who dealt with people anyhow he liked.

TL: “Dragon Proud Sky” is a popular reference to a character in another show.

”Xiahou Jin. If you are going to take part in the Heaven Selection, come look for me in the Royal Palace Army Camp! ”

Xiahou Jin replied with a smile. After that, he threw Zhou Xuanji a commander’s token, with the two words “Xiahou” on it.

Zhou Xuanji caught it and was shocked.

You, Great Zhou generals, are all so forthright?

He shook his head in a smile, before leaving with Little Jiang Xue and the rest.

Xiahou Jin glanced at Zhao Congjian with a slight smile.

If he can take Zhou Xuanji in, then he would receive Zhao Congjian also. Such a great reward!

After Zhou Xuanji left, Xiahou Jin looked at Xie Wuyou and snorted, “Brother Xie, what happened to you? Short-sighted? You’re not your usual self?”

Xie Wuyou smiled awkwardly and sighed. He did not know what to say.

His relationship with Xiahou Jin was not simple.

That was why he gave face to Xiahou Jin.

He sighed, “Maybe I’m really lost.”

Since he met Zhou Xuanji, he felt that he was not as calm as he used to be.

It could be because of the Sword Monarch’s praise towards Zhou Xuanji. It could also be because of Zhou Xuanji’s overwhelming talent.

But ultimately, it only led to one thing.

His heart was messed up.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji and the rest had already traveled far away.

Little Jiang Xue curled her lip and snorted, “Xie Wuyou is such a hypocrite.”

He was the sly one apparently, and yet he acted as though he was falsely accused.

Zhou Xuanji pinched her face and smiled, “Aren’t you afraid that I will offend him?”

She lifted up her chin and said as a matter of course, “Of course I’m afraid, but since he mistreated you, I dislike him, I despise him! Humph!”