I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 719 - The Ranking Battle of Geniuses

Top 10,000!?

Zhou Xuanji, narrowing his eyes, asked in a low voice, “In pure strength!?”

If it was a competition of aptitude, he would be first. Or else, Beast Sovereign would not value him so much.

In terms of strength, and in a Divine Range as big as Evil Sky, it would be pretty difficult to enter the top 10,000.

Beast Sovereign gently nodded and said, “You should be able to do it, right!?”

It was all about this.

If he couldn’t even enter the top 10,000, would he be left with any face to participate in the fight for the position of Range Master or an even higher position.

“I will try my best,” Zhou Xuanji replied.

It was still a century away. It was enough for him to become stronger.

Beast Sovereign didn’t say anything anymore. He focused his attention on the singing and dancing performance in the front.

The banquet of a super Divine Range was far more colorful than Zhou Xuanji had imagined.

In addition to singing and dancing, there were all kinds of magical and creative performances. When the banquet had reached the middle, various members of the upper echelons began to talk about interesting things they encountered recently, most of which were related to the pattern of Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji kept quietly listening. He learned a lot about the affairs of the super Divine Range.

For instance, some two Divine Ranges seemed hostile and were in fact two peas of the same pod. The two Range Masters were brothers.

For instance, a certain Range Master had a Qi deviation but the fact was that someone had taken away his wife and daughter, which had led to the collapse of his dao heart.

There were all kinds of matters. Some were even absurd.

This banquet allowed Zhou Xuanji to see the intelligence capabilities of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Almost all the Divine Ranges had their spies. In this case, Evil Sky Divine Range could be said to be unmatched.

There were Divine Ranges that wanted to join forces to fight against the Evil Sky Divine Range. The letters through which they communicated were all intercepted by the Evil Sky Divine Range. What awaited after this was a nightmare.

The banquet lasted for a long time.

When the banquet was over, Beast Sovereign did not retain Zhou Xuanji.

But other authoritative figures sought him out, one after another, chatting with him and forming a good relationship with him.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t put on airs. He treated everyone with courtesy. He was not humble and didn’t act in an overbearing manner. He was calm and generous, so these authoritative figures looked at him with admiration.

As long as no one had enmity with him, who would hate such a polite genius!?

Just like this, Zhou Xuanji made friends with a lot of people. It could also be regarded as officially integrating into the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji was so easy to get along with, these people promised that as long as he encountered any trouble or wanted something, he could ask them for help.

Zhou Xuanji agreed with a smile. They chatted for a while before taking their leave, one after another.

Having returned to the Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xiaoxuan immediately came looking for him, asking him about the banquet process of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t hide things either. He narrated everything that happened to her as it is.

After he was finished, Zhou Xiaoxuan said with marvel, “Sovereign is truly treating you like a son.”


Zhou Xuan smacked her head and angrily said, “Do you want him to be your Grandfather that much!?”

Apart from cultivation, how can this girl be so stupid. She is even cursing me.

“Just focus on your cultivation!” Zhou Xuanji glared at her and made his way to the hillside where he was cultivating before he started absorbing Dao Energy.

After the banquet was over, the matter of Zhou Xuanji sitting next to Beast Sovereign spread across the Evil Sky Divine Range, creating a hubbub through the entire Evil Sky Divine Range.

In addition, the matter of Zhou Xuanji’s participation in the Ranking Battle of Geniuses spread as well, raising even more hubbub in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

All the creatures were looking forward to Zhou Xuanji’s performance whereas the geniuses wanted to trample Zhou Xuanji.

If they were better than Zhou Xuanji, wouldn’t they be able to replace Zhou Xuanji!?

Of course, clever geniuses were thinking of how to deliberately lose to Zhou Xuanji without being discovered to please Zhou Xuanji.

Defeating Zhou Xuanji was equal to hitting Beast Sovereign right in the face.

Unfortunately, geniuses who felt that the Beast Sovereign favored fairness and justice still accounted for the vast majority.

Years went by, one by one.

After thirty years…

Zhou Xuanji had finally broken through to the late-stage Dao-Treading Saint Realm.

His number of legendary swords had already crossed 3,000.

As long as he broke through to the Dao Ancestor Realm, he would be able to get the Wish-Fulfilling Sword and make a wish to get the Jade Treasure Basket.

After having broken through, Zhou Xuanji went to Ying Zhuge to spar again.

This time, Ying Zhuge was extremely shocked.

He has just advanced by a small level but this Kid gives the feeling that he has advanced by leaps and bounds?

After the spar, Zhou Xuanji went looking for Barbaric Ultimate God.

Barbaric Ultimate God had just recovered his strength to the level of Dao Ancestor. As such, Zhou Xuanji was beaten to the point where he could not fight back.

“How is it possible!? What medicine did you take?” Barbaric Ultimate God screamed in shock. He looked flustered.

If Zhou Xuanji surpasses me, won’t my future be extremely bleak?

Zhou Xuanji occasionally comes to spar with me. If I’m not a worthy sparring partner, won’t I be reduced to the same fate as those slaves?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he toiled, he couldn’t defeat Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji also understood that his strength had reached the realm of Dao Ancestor.

Nangong Jiayin hadn’t left yet. She was also extremely emotional when she learned that Zhou Xuanji had made such quick progress.

Is an eighteen-star genius so strong?

Stimulated by Zhou Xuanji, everyone in Pure Sword Heaven worked hard to cultivate.

Kunlun Origin Court border…

Suddenly, a figure flew over. Surprisingly, it was destiny’s reincarnation, Ren Niming.

Looking at the sea of purple fog, he breathed a long sigh and muttered, “Finally, I’m here!”

His eyes showed a fiery hot look. He accelerated his speed and rushed into the purple sea.


Suddenly, a huge fist smacked over, directly knocking him back.

Ren Niming almost exploded to death. He gritted his teeth and focused his gaze before asking, panicking, “Who is it?

This punch was extremely terrifying. His entire body had gone numb and aching all over.

Void Boundary God slowly walked out from the purple sea and stated with an expressionless look on his face, “Kunlun Origin Court, mortal spirits can’t enter!”

Ren Niming didn’t panic. Rather, he was pleasantly surprised.

I finally found the Kunlun Origin Court!

He immediately kowtowed in the air and said, “Senior, please let me in. I am the incarnation of Heavenly Law Universe’s destiny rules, I’m no mortal spirit.”

When he said this, the Void Boundary God couldn’t help but size him up.

Destiny’s incarnation, with this identity he was indeed qualified to enter the Kunlun Origin Court.

“You have to join a Divine Range first to enter the Kunlun Origin Court. Can any Divine Range vouch for you?” Void Boundary God asked in a manner like he wouldn’t let his feelings get in the way of his work. He suddenly felt that this kid could be cultivated.

The thirteen Void God Emperors under him were pretty weak. He needed fresh blood.

“No. Senior, can’t you accept me?” Ren Niming respectfully asked. He could tell what the Void Boundary God was thinking with a glance.

If Void Boundary God didn’t take a liking to him, he would have directly blasted him into nothing. There was no need for all this small-talk.

Void Boundary God pondered for a moment and said, “Alright. Come with me to register your identity and test your aptitude.”

Ren Ninming was overjoyed and surprised. He bowed to Void Boundary God again.

Next, he followed the Void Boundary God into the Kunlun Origin Court.

Along the way, Ren Niming curiously asked, “Sir, what’s your identity? How should I address you?”

“You can call me Void Boundary God. The thirteen Void Boundary Emperors are my men. You should have met them already, right?” Void Boundary God indifferently replied. But Ren Niming’s expression drastically changed when he heard this.

The thirteen Void Boundary Emperors are Void Boundary God’s men?

He immediately felt that he had entered a den of thieves.

Since he was here, naturally, he had fought with the thirteen Void Realm Emperors.

Its over!

Ren Niming bit the bullet and recounted his previous experience.