I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 718 - Seat

“The Kunlun Origin Court shouldn’t exist!”

Zhou Xunaji opened his eyes in shock. A name instantly crossed his mind.

Daohu Qiuzun!

Those guys are finally here!

The Kunlun Origin Court was sealed just because of them.

As for the contradiction between the Evil Sky Divine Range and the Emperor Divine Range, he still had no idea how it would end.

You can never tell who is right and who is wrong in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and continued on with his cultivation.

When the sky fell, there would be some tall guy to support it. No matter how strong Daohu Qiuzun was, he couldn’t shake the Origin Court.

After that shout, the Kunlun Origin Court returned to peace.

Although it became the talk of Pure Heaven Court, it was soon ignored.

This was Kunlun Origin Court.


All creatures were either busy cultivating or were eliminated.

Zhou Xuanji’s second elimination was after a thousand years of the first elimination. For him, it was still too early.

Cultivation was very boring for him. So, he began to look for Ying Zhuge for sparring.

Facing Ying Zhuge, Zhou Xuanji had no reservations. He fought with all his strength. Ying Zhuge was in Nine Vast Heavens. He could naturally take him on easily.

The higher and deeper he was to measure, the more excited Zhou Xuanji was.

Carrying cultivation and sparring at the same time, Zhou Xuanji’s strength soared by leaps and bounds.

Quickly, twenty years had passed.

The number of legendary swords in Zhou Xuanji’s hands had begun to reach the three thousand mark.

Today, Chang Xiyan came to Zhou Xuanji.

“Master, Sovereign has invited you to participate in the high-level banquet of the Evil Sky Divine Range. You need to go alone, and someone will be waiting for you outside to pick you up,” Chang Xiyan said in a gentle voice. Her eyes were filled with admiration as always.

High-level banquet, not any genius was qualified to participate in it.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and said, “Alright.”

He immediately left the Pure Sword Heaven and went outside the barrier.

There was a black Qilin carriage standing on the deserted ground. An old man quietly stood beside the Qilin, waiting.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, he hurriedly bowed and respectfully said, “Young Master Zhou, Sovereign has sent me to pick you up.”

He was much older than Zhou Xuanji, but he still had no choice but to bow.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and climbed right into the carriage straight away.

The Qilin black carriage began to move.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of his Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage. His cultivation was still lacking, so he couldn’t use it.

The Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage was exceptionally powerful. Sooner or later it would become the status of his symbol. He was very much looking forward to it.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn…

The Qilin Carriage came to a halt. Zhou Xuanji disembarked the carriage at the old man’s prompt.

Before him was a desolate piece of land. Dense, dark clouds were billowing in the sky. In the middle of this desolate land was an enormous palace. A red glow could be found rising from its back, and the entire scene gave the impression of a ghost city.

Spatial cracks appeared on the ground and the sky as figures flew out from them, one after another. Some of them were males and some females but each and every one of them was exuding a powerful aura.

“Who is that kid?”

“Zhou Xuanji, the eighteen-star genius, don’t you know?”

“That’s him! His performance in the Superstar Competition has caused this old man to lose hundreds of millions of merit points. I hate him!”

“He is the apple of Sovereign’s eyes, you can’t offend him!”

“Tsk tsk, it seems the Sovereign really wants to foster him!”

Everyone began to discuss with each other. They were all very interested in Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji made his way to the gate of the palace. Two Divine Generals in black armor were guarding the area. Zhou Xuanji immediately took out his ID card.

“You can go in directly. It’s Sovereign’s order!” the left side Divine General in the black armor said with a smile.

The solemn expression on his face disappeared immediately before Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his acknowledgement and walked right through the gates.

Passing through an area of intense light, he arrived before a huge square. There were countless jade tables here. Half of the seats were already taken.

In addition, there were many star-like balls floating above.

Zhou Xuanji looked about but he didn’t find Ji Huanglin. He looked around again but he couldn’t find anyone he recognized.

He then found an empty corner and sat down.

There were many spirit fruits, spirit wine, and snacks on this table.

He didn’t care about face. As such, he picked up a sweet cake and started eating.

He saw many creatures around eating. Naturally, he wasn’t going to be polite.

He guessed that Beast Sovereign had asked him to come to truly integrate into the Evil Sky Divine Range.

After having come to the Evil Sky Divine Range, he had seen very few people in power.

More and more creatures continued to come. The hall grew more and more hustling and bustling with noises. Many gazes fell on Zhou Xuanji, sizing him up. He remained calm. He was neither humble nor overbearing.

Soon, someone came to his jade table and started a conversation with him.

Others were very interested in this upstart of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Of course, there were also many people who had their own axe to grind.

No matter where, there were struggles as always.

Even if Beast Sovereign wanted to cultivate someone, it wasn’t necessary the case that things would go smoothly.

After all the seats were taken, Beast Sovereign finally made an entrance, appearing behind the long table in the front, facing all the creatures.

“Zhou Xuanji, come here,” said Beast Sovereign, making everyone focus their gazes at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was taken back but he immediately went over.

Along the way, he felt all kinds of gazes falling on him.

He turned a blind eye and quickly arrived before the long table and bowed.

Beast Sovereign nodded and said, “Sit next to this Sovereign.”

The entire hall immediately broke into a hubbub. Some people even started smacking their table.

The left and right seats next to Beast Sovereign belonged to the ancestors of the Evil Sky Beast Sovereign. If Zhou Xuanji took the seat there, wouldn’t he be breaking all ranks!?

Zhou Xuanji, after hesitating for a moment, walked directly to the side of Beast Sovereign and sat down.

He understood Beast Sovereign’s intention. It was to let everyone, from top to bottom, to get used to his position.

It might cause a lot of trouble at the beginning but after several times, there wouldn’t be any problems.

This was also one of the qualifications he should have when he was going to compete for the position of the Range Master.

Beast Sovereign smiled with satisfaction and sat down.

“Sovereign, I’m afraid this is against the rules, isn’t that right?”

“Yes. He is so young. He doesn’t even have the cultivation of Dao Ancestor!”

“You are bringing him more harm than good by doing this!”

“Let him sit to my side. His status will still be high!”

“Kid, will you sit anywhere just because Sovereign asked you to sit?”

One by one, the powerhouses started criticizing him. The lowest of their cultivation was Nine Vast Heavens Realm. When all of them started speaking together, it sounded very oppressive.

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, remained unmoved. There was no change in his expression and he didn’t get up either.

Beast Sovereign said, “The Old Ancestors have gone to guard the Kunlun Origin Court. This time, this is how the Evil Sky Divine Range is going to start!”

His voice was very soft but it easily drowned everyone’s voice. All these powerhouses didn’t dare to speak up. They shut their mouths one by one.

Next came the singing and dancing. A group of graceful figures descended from the sky and danced in the air. Everyone was of different races. In addition to the human race, there were beasts, demons, and many other races, adding charm to the performance.

“You have to take the feel of today’s banquet,” said Beast Sovereign in a gentle voice. Only Zhou Xuanji could hear him.

Take the feel!?

What’s there to feel?

Zhou Xuanji felt curious.

Do I have to remember the appearance of everyone here?

Beast Sovereign continued, “A hundred years later, there will be a ranking assessment of super geniuses in the Evil Sky Divine Range. You will also have to participate in it. The requirements aren’t high, you just have to enter the top ten thousand.”