I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 717 - The Genius Bows His Head

“Why do you want to make him my servant?” Zhou Xuanji asked, frowning. He felt that this was tantamount to disgracing Ying Zhuge.

Wouldn’t Ying Zhuge go crazy?

Beast Sovereign calmly replied, “Because he is a chess piece. And he is a discarded chess piece. His final worth only lies in being your servant. If word about this gets out, your reputation will be even greater. This Sovereign wants to train you, wants you to shine. If possible, you can become the Master of the Evil Sky Divine Range or even go higher!”

Higher than Range Master!?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and asked, “What’s higher than that?”

Beast Sovereign narrowed his eyes and replied as a shadow of a smile appeared on his face, “What do you think? Isn’t there a position that’s higher than the Master of a Super Divine Range!?”

Origin Court!


Zhou Xuanji’s heart started racing.

No matter how calm his mind was, he was still tempted by such a position.

Becoming Sovereign was equivalent to being invincible!

He would have all the universes under him. Just a thought of his could decide the life and death of all beings.

“Hold your horses. Even this Sovereign is not qualified, which is why I am building momentum for you. If you fail to live up to the expectations, not to mention that position, you won’t even be able to become the Divine Range Master!” Beast Sovereign said in an earnest tone. His eyes were filled with expectations.

Zhou Xuanji fell into his thoughts.

To be honest, he couldn’t understand at all.

Even if I have excellent talent, there is no need to train me like this, is there!?

Beast Sovereign himself had eighteen-star aptitude. And there weren’t just this many eighteen-star geniuses in the Kunlun Origin Court.

“I want to ask, why do you value me so much? I need a reason,” Zhou Xuanji looked straight into the eyes of Beast Sovereign and asked in a serious tone.

At this moment, he wasn’t slightest bit afraid of making Beast Sovereign angry.

Beast Sovereign’s face turned colder. His aura started leaking, giving tremendous pressure to Zhou Xuanji.

Be that as it may, Zhou Xuanji remained as stable as a mountain, looking straight at Beast Sovereign.

If he got afraid of Beast Sovereign, what qualifications would he have to compete for the position of Sovereign.

Presumably, Beast Sovereign was also testing his courage!

After three breaths…

The oppressive pressure suddenly disappeared. Beast Sovereign then explained, “You don’t just have eighteen-star aptitude.”

After throwing this sentence, Beast Sovereign disappeared into thin air.

Zhou Xuanji was dumbstruck.

I don’t just have eighteen-star aptitude!?

He suddenly remembered what the Golden Mirror had said at that time. It couldn’t assess his aptitude and had tentatively judged it as eighteen-star aptitude.

Did I surpass eighteen-star aptitude!?

Over the years, he really felt that his cultivation speed was getting faster and faster. His Dao Realm was also increasing.

But this level was far less than eighteen-star aptitude, let alone beyond eighteen-star.

It seems that Serendipity of the World’s Beginning is far beyond my imagination.

He suddenly wondered where the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning came from.

How did it come to be?

He couldn’t figure it out. So, he could only sit down and continue cultivating.

Over the next period of time, even Pure Sword Heaven felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right.

From time to time, powerful divine will swept over Pure Sword Heaven, making the Old Beggar, Zhou Xiaoxuan, and the others nervous.

Chang Xiyan visited them, one by one, and explained to them why.

When they came to know that the Evil Sky Divine Range and the Emperor Divine Range were locking horns with each other, they grew extremely nervous.

They were afraid that the Evil Sky Divine Range would have some accident.

They still remembered the Divine Cliff.

At that time, the Divine Cliff was destroyed because they tried to protect Zhou Xuanji. The Longbow Divine Range was still lucky as they gave up on them in time.

Only after half a year did the tense atmosphere finally dissipate.

No more divine will swept through tPure Sword Heaven, indicating that the Emperor Divine Range had already left.

Zhou Xuanji had been focusing on cultivation all the while. He wasn’t on guard.

Beast Sovereign must be protecting him in secret. If he was still captured or killed by the Emperor Divine Range under such circumstances, Beast Sovereign didn’t deserve to be the Range Master of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Today, Beast Sovereign appeared in front of Zhou Xuanji. A figure suddenly flew out his sleeve and fell on the ground with the wave of his right hand.

It was none other than Ying Zhuge.

The current Ying Zhuge’s clothes were ragged and his hair was a mess. There were bloodstains at the corner of his lips and his eyes appeared to be dull.

He slowly stood up and looked at Zhou Xuanji calmly.

He wasn’t shocked or surprised. It was obvious that Beast Sovereign had already smooth-talked him.

As soon as Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, Beast Sovereign placed his palm on his forehead.

A strange force penetrated into his mind.

It was Ying Zhuge’s soul.

Under control of some special divine ability, it merged with Zhou Xuanji. No matter what Zhou Xuanji ordered, Ying Zhuge must follow through with it; otherwise, his soul source would be severely damaged and he would be in a tremendous amount of pain.

Zhou Xuanji could decide the life and death of Ying Zhuge with a single thought.

But Zhou Xuanji wasn’t pleasantly surprised. Rather this left an inexplicable taste in him.

“From now on, he will be under your control. You can kill him if you like.”

After having thrown this sentence, Beast Sovereign quickly left, leaving Ying Zhuge and Zhou Xuanji staring at each other.

When their gazes meet, a complicated look appears in their eyes.

In the Superstar Competition, Ying Zhuge was in a high and mighty position.

Would he have ever thought that he would have this day?

Zhou Xuanji too had never imagined this. He had the confidence to surpass Ying Zhuge but he had never thought of enslaving Ying Zhuge.

“Do you want to clean up?” Zhou Xuanji was the first one to ask.

How could such a proud genius suffer such humiliation?

He was worried that Ying Zhuge would collapse.

Ying Zhuge shook his head and stated, “There is no need to comfort me. In fact, I already understood that I am just a chess piece in the eyes of the Emperor Divine Range. Beast Sovereign is right, maybe I can find hope in you.”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and cursed, “The Emperor Divine Range is befuddled! How could they treat you like this?”

He really appreciated Ying Zhuge.

Ying Zhuge’s strong and straightforward character left a deep impression on him. He didn’t hope to see such a guy fall like this.

“Actually, I am not the best genius in the Emperor Divine Range. There is a guy who has been in closed cultivation. Once he makes his debut, he will impact the entire Kunlun Origin Court. I was always a stepping stone for him. My reincarnation was just for him,” Ying Zhuge calmly stated. He had survived the storms and waves. He wasn’t as fragile as Zhou Xuanji had imagined.

In his previous life, he didn’t have seventeen-star aptitude and yet he was still able to surpass all beings.

The current predicament was nothing to him!

The two sat down and started chatting with each other.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t hide his past and Ying Zhuge didn’t either.

From now on, Ying Zhuge was going to be Zhou Xuanji’s subordinate, and he would work himself to the bone for Zhou Xuanji.

Xian Xianghua, Jiang Xue, and Zhou Xiaoxuan, standing in the stone pavilion in front the building, were curiously chatting about Ying Zhuge.

They had heard about the Superstar Competition in detail from Xian Xianghua. So, they knew of Ying Zhuge.

At this moment, they couldn’t help but sigh. It was really hard to predict the cause and effect.

At this point, Ying Zhuge was living in the Pure Sword Heaven.

Chang Xiyan had arranged a place for him.

After she knew that Ying Zhuge had become Zhou Xuanji’s subordinate, she held Zhou Xuanji in deeper respect.

It seems following a man like this is really promising.

At the beginning, Zhou Xuanji would discuss dao with Ying Zhuge from time to time, discussing with each other, learning from each other’s strength.

With the help of Ying Zhuge, his cultivation grew faster and faster.

Every once in a while, the Evil Sky Divine Range would send people to send cultivation resources.

Zhou Xuanji felt that he was about to turn into a medicine jar. But under these circumstances, he was getting closer and closer to the late-stage Dao-Treading Saint Realm.

“The Kunlun Origin Cour shouldn’t exist!”

A deafening, heaven-shaking scream suddenly rang, alarming Pure Sword Heaven. To be precise, alarming the entire Kunlun Origin Court!