I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 713 - Trapping the Divine Fetuses, Opportunity to Control the Origin Court

Beast Sovereign totally ignored the Origin Court War God’s threat and continued to move forward at full speed.

Origin Court War God was furious. He immediately sped up. The golden brilliance around him grew brighter.

He raised his palm and smacked down as countless golden beams of light tore through the space and time tunnel, shooting straight toward Beast Sovereign.

Beast Sovereign fiercely turned around and swept with his right leg, glaring fiercely. Immediately, the result wind from his kick swept the golden beams away. Meanwhile, his back smashed through the space and time fabric as he disappeared.

The Origin Court War God immediately gave chase.

In the mysterious desert…

Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin were still looking up at the ten Sovereign Divine Fetuses.

They didn’t dare to lower their heads in fear that the Sovereign Divine Fetuses would suddenly descend down on them.

The Sovereign Divine Fetuses were descending little by little. Sooner or later, they would descend to the ground.

The most terrifying part about this was that more and more sand particles started floating in the air, and the entire world was getting filled with scorching hot air.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t speak a word. He was trying to come up with countermeasures all the while.

There was an escape from every ordeal but he hadn’t found one for this one yet.

For instance, the Sovereign Divine Fetuses feared the desert. There must be something in the desert.

Zhou Xuanji grabbed a handful of sand. He immediately noticed that the sand here was exceptionally heavy. Each grain of sand weighed ten thousand kilogram. It was really strange.

Nangong Jiayin was also thinking about the very same problem.

Six days went by in a flash…

The ten Sovereign Divine Fetuses were already less than ten thousand feet away from the ground.

This distance was extremely dangerous for the duo.

Zhou Xuanji felt that he couldn’t take it any longer. So, he immediately cast the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique, splitting into more than two thousand Great Li Avatars before each charged towards the sky, carrying a sword.

The entire scene looked like two thousand stars rushing towards ten suns. The entire scene was extremely spectacular.

“What divine ability is this?” Nangong Jiayin curiously asked. All these clones didn’t feel much different from Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, “The Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique. Have you heard of iot?”

Nangong Jiayin shook her head in response. There were many powerful techniques in the Kunlun Origin Court. How could she have heard of every single one.

The Great Li Avatars surrounded the ten Sovereign Divine Fetuses and started fighting.

The ten Sovereign Divine Fetuses were no longer slow. They began to dodge and counterattack.

Explosions rang one after another, accompanied with dazzling fiery and silver flashes.

In the end, all the Great Li Avatars were annihilated, whereas the Sovereign Divine Fetuses weren’t even injured. Two of them even burped; they looked like they just had their fill.

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow. He really had no other tricks up his sleeves.

But he didn’t want to wait for death.

At this time, the Sovereign Divine Fetuses began to descend.

Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin immediately started fleeing.

The two dived straight into the desert, diving deeper and deeper.

They wrapped their Dao Energy around their bodies to negate the pressure from the sand particles.

But as they continued to dive deeper and deeper, they started to feel a sense of heaviness.

At the same time, they could sense the Sovereign Divine Fetuses diving into the desert as well, chasing after them.

“Why did they suddenly start rioting?” Nangong Jiayin asked, nibbling on her lip. She was extremely terrified.

If they were caught by the Sovereign Divine Fetuses, they would be eaten. That kind of death would be really horrifying and tragic.

Zhou Xuanji calmly said, “Let’s keep going down, they will stop sooner or later. And if we die here, then we can do nothing. We have already given our all.”

The Sovereign Divine Fetuses were so strong that they could only escape.

The two continued to dive deeper; only God knew how deep they had dived.

Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin’s speed began to fall.

Their faces were flushed, and their muscles and veins were bulging on their necks. They looked like they couldn’t bear it anymore.

The Sovereign Divine Fetuses suddenly stopped. They no longer chased after them.

Zhou Xuanji heaved a breath of respite and stopped as well.

At this time, a violent suction came from the blow, directly dragging Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin down.

Zhou Xuanji felt the world start spinning around him. He was hit with vertigo.

Very soon, he sensed falling into a small river and instantly awakened.

He hurriedly got up and evaporated the water on his body. He focused his eyes and discovered that he was in a mountain forest. There was a waterfall ahead with blue and clear water flowing around them.

Nangong Jiayin then got up from the river. The water had soaked her clothes. She wiped her face and looked around at the surroundings.

Zhou Xuanji and her gazes were fixed on a tombstone by the river. The two of them looked at each other and walked over immediately.

When they came to the tombstone, they saw a line, We are unwilling to be buried here. I imprisoned the Sovereign’s kids for the opportunity to control the Origin Court!

Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin frowned at the same time.

Were the Sovereign Divine Fetuses imprisoned here!?

Who is this person!?

What does it mean to hold the opportunity to control the Origin Court?

Zhou Xuanji took a step forward, took out the Thunderclap Sword, and gently touched the tombstone. In the next moment, the mound behind the tombstone disappeared into ashes, revealing a large hole with a sarcophagus covered in moss lying inside.

“Don’t act rashly,” reminded Nangong Jiayin, lest Zhou Xuanji opened the coffin directly.

What would we do if something even more terrifying is hiding inside?

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Go around and see if there is an escape route. I’ll study it. Remember, safety first. Don’t venture deeper into the places you can’t see through. Just sweep it with your divine will.”

Nangong Jiayin nodded her agreement and left immediately.

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, wandered around the sarcophagus, trying to see if he could see through the hidden mystery.

After half the time it takes an incense to burn…

Nangong Jiayin came back, worried. “This is also a small closed world. It is around a million miles wide. We can’t get out of here. Apart from this tombstone, there is nothing special about this place. There aren’t any restrictions either.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded.

In that case, it was this sarcophagus that attracted us.

He took out the Inverted Book Sword. This sword could reverse cause and effect and cut the fate between living beings.

He then slashed at the sarcophagus, wanting to test its effect. If he could cut off the causality between the sarcophagus and a certain existence, he might have hope.


As the sword cut through the air, the space seemed to fluctuate. There was a vague howling.

Immediately after, the lid of the sarcophagus suddenly opened as a dried up corpse appeared before them. It was wearing a rich and gorgeous golden robe and had its hands placed on its abdomen over each other. The expression of the corpse was quite peaceful. And on its head was a snake crown. An obnoxious smell spread in the air.

Nangong Jiayin nervously asked, “What did you do?”

Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, “Nothing. If we want to leave here, we should rely on him. According to the words on the tombstone, he suppressed the Sovereign Divine Fetuses here. He should have a way to let us out of here.”

While explaining, he created a Great Li Avatar and went forward to check the corpse.

Nangong Jiayin was extremely nervous, fearing that it was a zombie.

No matter how the Great Li Avatar tossed and turned, the corpse didn’t move. Nangong Jiayin breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of this.

Soon, the Great Li Avatar fumbled into a wooden sign, which it brought to Zhou Xuanji.

This wooden sign was only as big as a palm and only had Yu engraved on it.

[TLN: This Yu is different from Yu Family. This is 禹 and that was 玉.]

Zhou Xuanji poured his Dao Energy into it but the wooden plaque showed no reaction.

He couldn’t help but frown.

Is this thing just a decoration?


Suddenly, Nangong Jiayin started shivering. Surprised, Zhou Xuanji raised his eyes and saw that the corpse actually stood up. Its eyes were opened, revealing a pair of white eyes without any pupils.