I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 712 - Sovereign’s Order

Zhou Xuanji was sweating coldly. He had no idea what to do.

Why did this guy wake up suddenly?

What does he want to do?

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t tell anything from the eyes of the giant infant but he could sense the fatal crisis.

As long as he showed even a little bit of carelessness, he could be swallowed by the giant infant.

Meanwhile, Nangong Jiayin was looking up at the sky, standing on the sand dunes. She found it very strange and got goosebumps when she saw Zhou Xuanji rush into the sun and stand there motionless.

She couldn’t see the giant infants. The unknown was always the scariest.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji afraid to move even an inch made her even more frightened.

She wanted to call out to Zhou Xuanji but she was afraid that it would disturb the Sovereign Divine Fetus.

Right then…

She suddenly saw Zhou Xuanji starting to move his legs and use his hands to push something as if something invisible was pushing against him.

Could it be that the Sovereign Divine Fetus is trying to eat him?

She immediately flew into the sky, trying to help Zhou Xuanji. But just as she reached a height of 90,000 feet, the Dao Energy in her body disappeared out of thin air. Her body immediately lost balance and plummuted toward the ground.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji was already inside the giant infant’s mouth. The giant infant was chewing on him. He was just an inch away from the giant infant’s teeth. But the giant infant was too strong. If this went on, he would be eaten by the giant infant sooner or later.

“Damn it! Who the hell is this guy? He is really a freaking monster!” Zhou Xuanji started cursing.

He promptly took out a sword and pierced it into the upper and lower cavity of the giant infant. The pain immediately caused the giant infant to start crying.

But even if the giant infant was crying, Nangong Jiayin couldn’t hear it.

It was invisible and soundless.

The giant infant was in tremendous pain after having been stabbed by the sword. It struggled frantically as the sun’s rays grew brighter and brighter.

Finally, the giant infant spat out Zhou Xianji.

Its face was distorted. It bared its teeth and fangs at Zhou Xuanji. Obviously, it was completely angry.

Zhou Xuanji took a long, deep breath. He then immediately put away the sword and cast the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and Sword Fusion Technique as he broke out of the sun, rushing down toward Nangong Jiayin.

The giant infant too followed him out. With the sun attached to its back, it instantly turned into a burning man.

The other nine suns started rioting. Their flames burned hotter as they turned into nine high and mighty flame deities.

Finally, Nangong Jiayin could see the outline of the Sovereign Divine Fetus. But she still had no idea about the true features of the Sovereign Divine Fetus.

“Why did you antagonize them?” Nangong Jiayin, supporting Zhou Xuanji, nibbled her lips and asked.

She couldn’t understand what Zhou Xuanji was thinking.

If he had some countermeasures, he should have discussed them with her.

“I want to use their power to escape,” stated Zhou Xuanji in a calm manner.

That recent scene had left him with a lingering fear but he couldn’t show it. It would be too embarrassing otherwise.

The ten Sovereign Divine Fetuses were angry. Hanging high in the sky, the flames surrounding their bodies grew higher and higher as if they were about to burn the sky.

“What should we do now?” asked Nangong Jiayin.

She took out a golden rod with a string of jade beads in her right hand and smashed its bottom into the sand dune, setting off sand waves throughout the desert. In the next moment, a sandstorm tornado appeared around them, surrounding them inside.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and replied, “What else can we do? Of course it’s war!”

He took out the Almighty Divine Snake Sword of Controlling Daos. And with Nine Soul Fusion Technique and Sword Fusion Technique, his momentum remained at its peak.

He then rose into the sky and quickly swung his sword toward the sky.

Untold Sword Qi wantonly shot out of his sword!

Ultimate Chaos Dao!

This was the sword dao divine ability that he had learned in the Superstar Competition!

The violent sword Qis surrounded the ten Sovereign Divine Fetuses from all possible directions, cutting them into countless pieces.

However, when the sword Qis dissipated, the ten Sovereign Divine Fetuses were congealed back again.

The strange thing was that these Sovereign Divine Fetuses didn’t come down but kept staring at the duo from the sky as if they were afraid.

“Wait, is there something under the ground?” Nangong Jiayin’s face changed as she exclaimed in a shuddering voice.

The mysterious power that can make the dao energy disappear doesn’t involve the ground. Could it be that there is something terrifying hidden in the ground?

Zhou Xuanji also felt that something was wrong. He promptly swept his divine will down.

But he didn’t find anything.

The bottom of the desert seemed bottomless, and he was unable to stretch his divine will to the end.

For a moment, everything fell into a stalemate.

The Sovereign Divine Fetuses hovered above the ground, refusing to leave.

And Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin couldn’t escape. They could only remain where they were.

The space and time tunnel didn’t seem to exist here. They couldn’t escape through space.

“What should we do now? Have you noticed that the temperature here is rising. The origin of this sand may not be that simple,” whispered Nangong Jiayin, looking all around.

On a closer look, many sand particles were floating on the surface of the desert.

These sand particles were slightly vibrating and their amplitude was growing over time.

Zhou Xuanji’s face turned ashen.

If this continues, something bad will surely happen.

Will we be burned to death!?

Or buried by the sand!?

The two fell into deep thoughts, trying to come up with some countermeasures.

Inside a palace…

Beast Sovereign, sitting on a high seat, suddenly opened his eyes.

He frowned and murmured, “Sovereign Divine Fetuses… ten… whose handiwork is this? Is it the current Sovereign!? No, he has yet not created the Sovereign Divine Fetuses.”

[TLN: The Sovereign(至尊) referred here is different from Beast Sovereign(妖帝尊). They are two completely different words, as we had used this name, it has created this confusion. The Sovereign here refers to ultimate ruler of the Origin Court.]

He felt that something was wrong and could no longer sit still. He immediately got up and disappeared from the palace.

In an instant, he was inside a space and time tunnel, shuttling through space quickly.

But a figure appeared in the front, blocking his way.

It was the Origin Court War God. He was still surrounded by golden light.

The Beast Sovereign stopped and asked in a deep voice, “War God, what’s the matter.”

The Origin Court War God replied, “Sovereign, go back. You must not leave the Kunlun Origin Court during this time.”

His tone was very firm. He didn’t give the Beast Sovereign any face at all.

The Beast Sovereign narrowed his eyes and said, “Why?”

He wasn’t afraid of the Origin Court War God. While speaking, he still kept flying at the Origin Court War God.

“It’s the Sovereign’s order. No Range Master can leave the Kunlun Origin Court in the next thousand years. If anyone dares to violate it, I will directly take action,” replied the Origin Court War God.

Golden spears of light immediately appeared behind him. It was extremely dazzling.

Beast Sovereign couldn’t help but frown upon hearing this.

Sovereign’s order!?

Is it because of the Sovereign Divine Fetuses!?

These two matters were too coincidental. He couldn’t help but relate them.

“Can you tell me the specific reason?” Beast Sovereign asked.

He had poured too much care into Zhou Xuanji. He didn’t hope for Zhou Xuanji to meet with some accident.

The Origin Court War God remained silent for a moment before replying, “That being is about to return. The Kunlun Origin Court needs your strength and at the same time to protect you.”

That being!?

Beast Sovereign’s frown grew tighter as he fell into deeper thoughts.

Soon, he looked worried as he said anxiously, “Let me go save someone, it won’t take long. I will be back in the shortest time!”

The Origin Court War God shook his head. He then raised his right hand, gesturing Beast Sovereign to return.

Beast Sovereign grit his teeth and directly attacked. Countless beasts flew out of his sleeve, drowning the Origin Court War God inside.

And while the Origin Court War God put up his guard, he tore the space with his hand and quickly slipped away.

As the rift in space hadn’t healed, the Origin Court War God caught up with him.

The two super experts traveled through numerous spaces, racing with each other.

“Beast Sovereign, I advise you to not mess around. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not caring about our past relationship!” Origin Court War God said in a solemn voice. He sounded angry.