I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 71 - Challenge Xie Sect, Extinguish His Fury

Chapter 71 - Challenge Xie Sect, Extinguish His Fury


Chapter 71: Challenge Xie Sect, Extinguish His Fury

After he learned the Vibrant Raindrops Sword, Zhou Xuanji took advantage of the momentum and continued with the second Earth Grade Low Tier sword technique.

Tempest Slash!

He didn’t mind Zhang Tianjian and his sons observing him by the side since sword techniques of such level could not be learned merely by watching.

Not everyone was as devilish as him after all.

Having seen that Zhou Xuanji continued with his training, everyone turned their attention on him again.

Could he realize the Sword Will again?

Zhang Tianjian felt rather complicated. He really wanted to become Zhou Xuanji’s sword slave, but he did not know how to ask.

Tempest Slash had only a few moves, but its technique in channeling energy was ingenious.

When he just completed the sixth time, Zhou Chengxin arrived.

Zhang Tianjian indicated him to remain silent and watch.

Zhou Chengxin was stunned. Sword God Zhou is training sword techniques?

After he saw Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and the rest, he brought his guards aside and observed silently.

Back then, when he first knew that Sword God Zhou convinced Zhao Congjian to join him, he was awestruck.

But his curiosity toward Sword God Zhou far exceeded what he had before.

Zhou Xuanji noticed his arrival but did not stop.

It was an opportunity to make use of Zhou Chengxin!

After completing the sword forms one after another, his speed became faster and faster.

After 50 times, he attained Small Accomplishment in the Tempest Slash!

Everyone’s heart was moved.

After 100 times, the Tempest Slash reached Great Accomplishment!

Zhou Chenxin and his guards’ jaws dropped, as though he saw a ghost.

Zhao Congjian tried his best to remain calm.

As he watched Zhou Xuanji, the pride in his heart began to dissipate.

His greatest advantage was talent!

But compared with Zhou Xuanji, he was plain ordinary.

On the other hand, Little Jiang Xue smiled happily. It was her favorite to watch Zhou Xuanji’s swordplay.

On the stone table, the little black snake laid on the Three-eyed Drought Rodent’s back and muttered softly as it spat its forked-tongue, “Too horrifying… Too horrifying… Who can come and deal with this devil?”

Dusk arrived.

After 500 times, the Sword Will of Tempest Slash was realized!

Zhou Xuanji was surrounded by a gale, and he slashed toward the sky.

A blast of strong wind roared up toward the sky along with sword Qi and shook the surrounding trees. Even the roof tiles of nearby buildings were trembling violently.

In an instant, everyone had a chill run down their spine.

Zhou Xuanji kept his sword and looked at Zhao Congjian, said, “This is Tempest Slash, another Earth Grade Low Tier sword technique, one of the two most powerful sword techniques in the Sword Library. Do you want to learn it?”

Zhao Congjian was totally in submission to him.

He took a deep breath and knelt down in full of view of Zhou Chengxin. “Master, I want to learn!” He cupped his fist and said.

Only now, did he realize how great of an opportunity it was to follow Zhou Xuanji.

Such talent was even more horrifying that those with perfect memory. He could learn supreme sword techniques in the world through his master.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “I will teach you in the future. Pack your things and prepare to leave!”

Little Jiang Xue, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin left to pack up immediately.

Zhang Tianji walked over quickly and asked, “Sir, where are you going? Aren’t you going to stay a while longer?”

Zhou Xuanji said, “Compared to such a luxurious city, I prefer mountains and rivers. Thank you for your hospitality. Let me give you a Black Grade Low Tier sword technique, I hope it’s not too petty of me?”

He took out a blue-cover book and threw it to Zhang Tianjian.

He received this book after defeating his enemy.

Zhang Tianjian took over the sword technique and knelt down suddenly with his fists cupped. “Sir, I’m willing to be your sword slave. Will you take me in?” He asked.

With this, Zhang Rutan and Zhang Ruyu were both excited.

Father finally got it straight!

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “To become my sword slave, you will have to give up on everything you have now. We have all lost something and ended up traveling around the world to avenge our own. Join us and you will learn sword techniques, but you might also lose your life.”

Zhang Tianjian was stunned and did not know how to answer.

Zhou Chengxin quickly walked over and asked, “Sir, where are you going?”

From Zhou Chengxin’s tone, he could hear that his status in Zhou Chengxin’s heart has changed.

He said intentionally, “We shall meet in Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection!”

He had planned to participate in Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection through Zhou Chengxin’s recommendation.

But the battle between the princes was too fierce. He did not want to be pulled into it.

I shall go for Meng Tianlang instead!

“Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection?”

Zhou Chengxin was stunned. Could it be that Zhou Xuanji wanted to participate in the Heaven Selection?

Soon, Little Jiang Xue and the other three walked out one after another.

The Three-Eyed Drought Rodent dragged the little black snake and jumped up to Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder. After that, Zhou Xuanji led everyone toward the exit of the courtyard.

Zhou Chengxin followed along and prepared to escort him out.

Zhang Tianjian followed, too, along with his sons.

The expressions on his face were complicated. He was hesitating about whether or not to join Zhou Xuanji.

Actually, Zhou Xuanji did not really want to keep him.

He already had a plan.

All future sword slaves he was going to take in would have to have a minimum requirement in their talent.

The best would be powerful persons who could defeat an army by himself or herself, so that wherever he went, he would not need to worry at all.

After he took his revenge, he planned to adventure in the Northern Wilderness Region.

It’s such a vibrant and diverse world, why shouldn’t I take a look?

After walking out of Zhang Clan Residence, Zhang Tianjian could not make a decision still.

Maybe this was why the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou did not take him in.

He could not let go of his riches and wealth, so he did not have a pure heart for the sword.

The group sighed as they watched Zhou Xuanji, Little Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin leave.

Zhou Chengxin said, “I feel that one day, they will turn Great Zhou upside down one day.”

His guards nodded.

Only heaven knew what they witnessed just now.

They have never expected someone to realize the Sword Wills this easily.

With such talent, even if the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou and Zhou Yalong were to stand before him, they might not be comparable to him.

Zhang Tianjian felt a little lost. There was a tinge of regret in his heart.

“Master, you are going to participate in Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection?”

Zhao Congjian could no longer hold it and asked. He detested the idea of becoming an official, so he did not hope Zhou Xuanji to become a solder or official.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “After Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection, I want to kill someone. After killing that person, we will leave Great Zhou.”

Zhao Congjian shuddered. Who is it, that he must kill after participating in the Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection?

Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection could not be compared to the Sword Conference because the Emperor would be present.

He glanced at Beixiao Wangjian and the others and realized that they had no signs of surprise.

So, he suppressed his curiosity and followed Zhou Xuanji to the gate of the Swordsman City.

After an hour, the group walked out of the swordsman City and reached the wilderness.

Zhou Xuanji let out Ah Big and Small Er. The two dragon eagles stretched their wings with long roars, attracting the attention of many soldiers.

Zhao Congjian’s eyes brightened. Such handsome beasts!

Zhou Xuanji stopped his steps suddenly. “No!” He gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t just let them off like that!”

The group was stunned.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Zhao Congjian and asked, “Can you defeat Xie Wuyou?”

“I can’t,” Zhao Congjian muttered, “But he can’t stop me from leaving either.”

“Go, help me burn down the Sword Library!”

Zhou Xuanji snorted, “Just set fire to it. Don’t burn everything, just part of it. Who asked him to trick me!”

“Aren’t you offending him?” Little Jiang Xue said as she stared at him.

Zhou Xuanji stared back, “He already offended me!” He replied.


Zhao Congjian turned around immediately and rushed toward the Swordsman City.

Excitement could be seen from his face. Challenging Xie Sect would surely be a rigorous test for him.