I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 707 - Chapter 707 Becoming A Battle Pet

Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin shuttled through the dark void with Xie Huoli in his hands.

“This seems like a trap,” Nangong Jiayin sighed, looking grim.

Zhou Xuanji looked at her and asked, “Why do you say so? ”

Nangong Jiayin sighed, “The Dao Guardian Dragon said that the Evil Sky Divine Range sent you here to gain experience, but Ye Jun asked you to flee immediately. Yet, the Dao Guardian Dragon stopped you. What do you think?”

Zhou Xuanji felt that her reasoning made sense.

Could the Dao Guardian Dragon have been bought?

No, the expression in his eyes previously should not be a lie.

Or could it be that Ye Jun had defected?

It did not sound right either.

Ye Jun had no reason to harm him. Even if he was bought by another super divine range, this guy would not dare.

The Evil Sky Divine Range was so powerful that Ye Jun did not dare to offend.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. The more he thought about it, the more he thought that something was wrong.

“It’s not the Emperor Divine Range… It’s Old Demon Soulmover… He already has control over the Emperor Divine Range’s people. Even your companions are unknowingly under his control…” Xie Huoli spoke, and Zhou Xuanji shuddered at his words.

Old Demon Soulmover had seared a horrifying impression in his mind.

If not for Original Court War God’s help, he and the other geniuses would have died in the Superstar Competition.

Old Demon Soulmover’s aura was just too terrifying.

Nangong Jiayin was also horrified. She knew about Old Demon Soulmover more through his shocking legends.

The thought of the old demon made her shudder.

She always felt that a pair of eyes were watching them. This feeling was extremely unpleasant.

“This will not do! If it’s really Old Demon Soulmover, then we cannot escape through the spatial tunnel,” Nangong Jiayin said with gritted teeth. Her eyes were filled with fear.

Zhou Xuanji contemplated escape plans with a frown.

At this moment.

A gigantic hand flew over from the darkness in front and gripped the three of them.

Everything blacked out from Zhou Xuanji’s eyes. He felt that his body was squeezed forcefully and was going to be crushed at any moment.

“Old Demon Soulmover! ”

Zhou Xuanji bit his teeth and cast the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and Sword Fusion Technique immediately to resist. However, no matter how much effort it put in, it was futile.

It’s game over for him!


He felt an explosion in the gigantic hand, which almost blew him to death.

Next, he crashed to the ground. Opening his eyes, he saw that he fell onto barren land. Nangong Jiayin and Xie Huoli were laid beside him.

The two did not die but suffered injuries of differing degrees. They quickly got up.

“This place is…”

Nangong Jiayin asked with her eyes wide open. Her body began shivering.

Zhou Xuanji was also shocked.

Because they landed in a gigantic palm. Toward the horizon stood four mountainous fingers. He looked to the side instinctively and saw a thumb, just as he expected.

Zhou Xuanji turned back immediately and saw Old Demon Soulmover’s horrifying face.

Those eyes looked indifferent and cold, which was enough to strike fear into anyone’s heart.

Nangong Jiayin and Xie Huoli stumbled backward in fear.

They did not dare to make a sound. Old Demon Soulmover did not speak either but only looked at them quietly.

They were in a dark void, and their environment made it even more daunting.

Zhou Xuanji could sense Old Demon Soulmover looking at him.

Like a child looking at the ants beneath his feet, it was just curiosity but not complex thoughts.

But for the ants, those eyes were terrifying. Even if they were stomped to death, it was merely because of the child’s innocent curiosity.

A long while later.

Old Demon Soulmover did not speak a word but gazed at Zhou Xuanji indifferently, and Zhou Xuanji could no longer bear with this.

“Tell me, what do you want?” Zhou Xuanji said with a deep voice. It was not that he was seeking death but that the wait was too unbearable.

It’s either death or life. Make it quick!

Xie Huoli looked toward him with an odd expression. Was this brat sick of living?

Oh, no.

All super-geniuses were like this. All of them are conceited and crazy.

Nangong Jiayin was extremely nervous. She was petrified and dared not even breathe deeply. She kept warning Zhou Xuanji telepathically to shut up.

Zhou Xuanji ignored her and looked at Old Demon Soulmover fearlessly.

“You have something in you,” Old Demon Soulmover spoke out of a sudden, “It’s very mysterious. I can’t comprehend it, and it gives me a sense of danger. ”

Zhou Xuanji heard him and frowned.

What was that thing?

He could not help but think of the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

Other than the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning, what else could Old Demon Soulmover fear?

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became.

“Brat, how about becoming my pet? Or else, I will eat them,” Old Demon Soulmover looked down at Zhou Xuanji and said with a pause at each word.

The word “eat” struck fear into Nangong Jiayin and Xie Huoli.

“What’s the end to becoming your pet?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He was waiting.

When Beast Sovereign sensed that he was in danger, rescue would come eventually.

Although Old Demon Soulmover was powerful, Beast Sovereign might not fear him.

“Depends on your performance. I want you to become my battle pet to fight the other Old Demons’ pets. As long as you can win, I will let you live. Or else, I will torture you by extracting your soul and pulling out your bones,” Old Demon Soulmover spoke coldly without any expression.

And this unchanging look was what made him so extraordinarily horrifying.

Zhou Xuanji thought deeply about it and did not know what to reply.

A massive mountain rose on Old Demon Soulmover’s back suddenly. On it hid countless creatures and ghosts who were struggling silently.

“Sure!” Zhou Xuanji answered calmly. He no longer had any other choices.

He could sense Old Demon Soulmover’s murderous aura.

It was like a billowing wave, crushing against his soul.

Old Demon Soulmover grinned and flew ahead.

Zhou Xuanji looked back at Nangong Jiayin, asking, “Are you okay? ”

As for Xie Huoli, he showed no care.

“How? Did the Evil Sky Divine Range not leave with you anyway to contact them?” Nangong Jiayin asked him telepathically in a nervous tone. She did not hope Zhou Xuanji would die here.

Zhou Xuanji would surely meet a tragic end after becoming Old Demon Soulmover’s battle pet.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head. If he had a way he would not have ended up like this.

“This is fate,” Xie Huoli sighed, “I’m fated to be unfortunate. You guys want to capture me, and that’s why you are infected with my unfortunate fate. ”

Nangong Jiayin walked up to Zhou Xuanji’s side as she looked toward Old Demon Soulmover.

“Senior,” she asked with gritted teeth, “what can we do so that you can let us go? If you want this guy, we can hand him to you! ”

Old Demon Soulmover ignored her, which made her even more anxious.

She did not believe whatever Old Demon Soulmover said. Zhou Xuanji would surely die in his hands, and the next person would be her.

“Forget it,” Zhou Xuanji advised, “if we infuriate him, we will die now. ”

Nangong Jiayin was filled with despair.

“Humph! Old Demon, what makes you think you can touch the Evil Sky Divine Range’s genius?” a cold snort came, which made Zhou Xuanji raise his brow. Just when he was about to speak, a mysterious power teleported them away.

The next second, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and saw Beast Sovereign standing in front of them, with his back facing him.

Nangong Jiayin was stunned and instinctively wanted to pull Zhou Xuanji back.

“Thank you, Beast Sovereign, for helping.”

Zhou Xuanji bowed with cupped fists while he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Fortunately, I’m backed by someone powerful enough.

Or else, things would have surely ended badly for him.