I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 706 - The Divine Range’s Strategy

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The one coming was a man with a dragon head and a muscular human body under a black dragon-scaled cape. His sharp talons protruded out of the sleeves like numerous daggers.

  He fixed his gaze toward Xuan Mou and stopped a few hundred meters away from them.

  ”Zhou Xuanji, I didn’t expect you to be here. You are not afraid that the Emperor Divine Range might attack you, right?” the dragon-head man asked with cold laughter as he locked his eyes on Zhou Xuanji.

  ”You are?” Ye Jun asked deeply, “Tell us who you are!”

  ”You can call me Dao Guardian Dragon. I want to ask your help in driving the Emperor Divine Range out,” the man replied as he looked at everyone with a slight frown, but he quickly eased his frown.

  Dao Shoulong!

  Ye Jun and the others’ expressions changed drastically.

  ”Dao Guardian Dragons are distributed in every high-level universe?” Xu Huang asked with narrowed eyes.

  Zhou Xuanji was curious. What was Dao Guardian Dragon’s background?

  ”You are right. We are determined to protect the peace of the universes. The Emperor Divine Range has been shamelessly operating in the dark, so I asked the Evil Sky Divine Range for help. This is why you guys received this mission. I’m here to coordinate with you,” the Dao Guardian Dragon spoke. But he kept his eyes on Zhou Xuanji most of the time.

  Apparently, the Evil Sky Divine Range gave him instructions on their 18-Star genius. Zhou Xuanji could sense goodwill from his eyes.

  ”It’s the Evil Sky Divine Range’s arrangement? No wonder such a high-level mission was available to us…” Ye Jun mumbled to himself with a frown. The other Dao Ancestor’s faces looked grim too.

  They immediately understood that they were used.

  They looked toward Zhou Xuanji instinctively.

  Zhou Xuanji could only shake his head and shrug his shoulders. He was really kept in the dark.

  He did not know that it was the Evil Sky Divine Range’s arrangement.

  Such a scheme.

  This not only allowed him to gain experience, but they also crafted all sorts of strategies to keep him alive.

  ”Okay. Come with me,” the Dao Guardian Dragon said and waved his hand before turning to fly toward another direction.

  Everyone from Xuan Mou could only follow.

  Along the way, the Dao Guardian Dragon introduced the situation regarding the Emperor Divine Range in this universe.

  Until now, the Emperor Divine Range was getting more and more out of control. They openly searched for Xie Huoli in this universe.

  It was a small thing for divine ranges to attack and occupy a universe in Kunlun Origin Court. Still, there were always divine ranges that united their efforts in maintaining the peace of the universes. Dao Guardian Dragon was one of them.

  Righteousness always held the moral high ground no matter where. Especially for the higher level universes, the divine range would not invade them recklessly.

  ”Weird. Since Xie Huoli is from the Emperor Divine Range, why is he hiding?” a Dao Ancestor asked curiously. He was afraid that this might be a trap.

  Dao Guardian Dragon replied, “It should be because of personal grudges. It seems like Xie Huoli’s family member was victimized at the hands of a genius from the Emperor Divine Range. This is also the reason why he awakened his power. ”

  This was not rare in the divine ranges.

  Only geniuses like Zhou Xuanji, who were well taken care of by the divine ranges such that no one dared to offend him, could cultivate without worries and fears.

  Dao Guardian Dragon received information on Xie Huoli, who was rescued by a race of creatures.

  To capture Xie Huoli, they must obtain the trust of that race.

  This involved deception.

  But they had no choice. The peace of this universe could only be restored after Xie Huoli was handed over. Only then would the Emperor Divine Range leave this universe alone.

  Zhou Xuanji did not have any feelings about this, so he did not talk and followed quietly.

  Two days later.

  They landed in a vast realm and encountered a group of creatures with human bodies but stag heads. They all looked very old.

  Dao Guardian Dragon took the lead in conversing with them. Zhou Xuanji could not understand the conversation, so he waited in boredom.

  After some conversation, Dao Guardian Dragon and Ye Jun left with the stag-headed creatures. Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji and the others stayed back to wait for them.

  ”Let’s be vigilant. The battle could start at any time,” Xu Huang reminded as he looked around cautiously.

  This realm had amazing sceneries that were as beautiful as drawings, but at this moment, their eyes were filled with murderous intent.

  Dao Guardian Dragon told them that cultivators from the Emperor Divine Range could be hiding everywhere.

  Half a day later.

  Ye Jun and the Dao Guardian Dragon returned with a young man with a pale face and tattered clothing.

  He was Xie Huoli.

  He seemed very tired, and it was as though he went through torture.

  ”The mission is this easy?” Nangong Jiayin asked with a raised brow. She felt that something was odd.

  The previous mission seemed easy, but they encountered Daohu Qiuzun, which gave them a huge fright.

  Ye Jun shook his head and replied, “What comes next is the most difficult thing. Once this young man leaves this realm, the Emperor Divine Range will pursue us.”

  Zhou Xuxanji sized up Xie Huoli. This young man’s eyes lacked luster, as though his heart was already dead.

  He was also curious about the soul hiding inside this young man, which was worth the fight between two super divine ranges.

  ”Let’s leave here as quick as we can,” the Dao Guardian Dragon muttered as he looked toward Zhou Xuanji again.

  Although he was worried about Zhou Xuanji’s safety, he was not anxious. Instead, the dragon-head man looked toward seeing Zhou Xuanji in action.

  He knew about Zhou Xuanji’s performance in the Superstar Competition. He felt that this young cultivator had many ingenious ideas, which could give them unexpected hope.

  Xu Huang took out a jaded plate and said, “Everyone, come up. ”

  Shortly after, he kept everyone into the jaded plate before merging with it and flying away in a stream of green light. They disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

  Inside the jaded plate, Dao Guardian Dragon continued to tell the rest about powerful cultivators from the Emperor Divine Range.

  And everyone listened carefully.

  The one Zhou Xuanji cared about the most was Ying Zhuge.

  Ying Zhuge was sent here to deal with him.

  Zhou Xuanji was not powerful enough to fight him face on for sure.

  But if he had to do it, Zhou Xuanji would not be afraid to do so.


  The jade plate shook violently, and everyone was shocked.

  ”Tsk tsk, where do you think you are running? ”

  Mocking laughter came from the outside. Xu Huang immediately cast spells to stabilize the jaded plate.

  Ye Jun and the others took out their enchanted weapons too. Using their own divine abilities, their Dao energy passed through the jaded plate and swept outwards.

  ”This is fate,” Xie Huoli mumbled, “I can’t escape this.”

  Everyone ignored him as they were all focused on their enemies.

  Zhou Xuanji was also prepared to fight. Once the Sword Fusion Technique and the Nine Soul Fusion Technique were activated simultaneously, his power would be enhanced tremendously.

  Along with the Great Li Avatars, he had a good chance of escaping.

  Booom! Booom! Boom…

  The jaded plate shook unceasingly as it was bombarded, and itwas as though it was going to crack at any time.

  Dao Guardian Dragon said with gritted teeth, “This is not good. I can sense an aura of Fourth Vast Heaven. It might be Ying Zhuge’s! ”

  His cultivation was merely at the First Vast Heaven and was totally not a match for Ying Zhuge.

  Ye Jun and the others were even more anxious. They were only Dao Ancestors and did not stand a chance against Ying Zhuge.

  Even if they worked together, Ying Zhuge could smash them with one hand.

  ”Take him and run! ”

  Ye Jun looked toward Zhou Xuanji suddenly and cried out with a deep voice. Next, he took out a red wooden door, and behind it was pure darkness.

  Without hesitation, he took Xie Huoli and entered it.

  The Dao Guardian Dragon heaved a sigh of relief, followed by a peculiar smile.

  Nangong Jiayin suddenly barged into the wooden door, and Ye Jun opened his eyes in great shock.