I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 705 - Chapter 705 Rely On Great Power

A month later.

Zhou Xuanji left Pure Sword Heaven and flew toward an origin city near the Evil Sky Divine Range.

No one stopped him, but he could sense some divine senses scanning him. Although Kunlun Origin Court was safe, Beast Sovereign was still worried that something bad might happen to him.

Even though he’s worried, Beast Sovereign would not stop him.

No matter how powerful a genius was, he needed the baptism of real battles.

Coming into a foreign origin city, Zhou Xuanji asked around and found the Vocation Palace.

His appearance created huge excitement in the origin city.

Everyone from that origin city was from a prominent divine range nearby that was greatly influential. But they were still filled with excitement and curiosity at the sight of Zhou Xuanji.

The Superstar Competition had successfully made Zhou Xuanji famous. The revelation of his 18-Star Aptitude meant that he had even more potential than Ying Zhuge.

Zhou Xuanji tried to avoid contact with everyone until he reached the Vocation Palace.

He found the annex hall for Void Boundary War God and was teleported to the Void Boundary Palace. He went straight to the 98th floor.

The portal from each origin city led to a different location in the Void Boundary Palace. Normally, the more powerful the origin city, the higher floor the teleportation would go.

Soon, he came to the building where Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan was. Nangong Jiayin, Ye Jun, Xu Huang, and the others had been waiting for a while already.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, the cultivators from Xuan Mou crowded around him to congratulate him.

Now that Zhou Xuanji had climbed to a higher position than them, they were envious of him for receiving the Evil Sky Divine Range’s seemingly infinite resource. But they dared not covet his possessions.

If they tried to harm Zhou Xuanji, the Evil Sky Divine Range would risk everything to hunt them down.

This was why the Evil Sky Divine Range told everyone how they showed their hospitality toward Zhou Xuanji.

It was to make it clear to Kunlun Origin Court how much they cared about the 18-Star genius.

“Okay, stop the chatter. You will have more opportunities in time. Come here, let me give you the details for this mission. This mission involves a divine range, so you cannot go there abruptly.”

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan spoke and gathered everyone in front of him.

“This mission is to capture a Dao-Treading Saint. Although he is not powerful, he used to be from the Emperor Divine Range. He was never on the wanted list of the Emperor Divine Range. Void Boundary Palace suspects that the Emperor Divine Range wants to cover up for him because there’s a great ancient demon soul inside his body.

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan spoke without ceasing, and Zhou Xuanji raised his brow in suspicion.

Emperor Divine Range?

He suddenly felt that something was odd. Could this be Beast Sovereign’s arrangement?

It was too coincidental, and no one from the Evil Sky Divine Range asked about his movements while he was on the way here.

It seemed like a test to see what he would do when facing the the Emperor Divine Range.

The Evil Sky Divine Range was the arch-rival of the Emperor Divine Range after all.

The target was named Xie Huoli, who had a very special bloodline and 17-Star talent. Yet, he easily loses control over himself.

After Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan stated the mission objective, Xuan Mou departed through the spatial tunnels.

“Brother Zhou, your clothing is really something!” Ye Jun saw Zhou Xuanji’s Purple-sky Stardust Shirt and said in amazement. His tone was filled with admiration.

The others were so as well.

“Given by my divine range, ” Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a smile, “I cannot even afford what you guys are wearing yet.”

A Dao Ancestor asked about the Purple-sky Stardust Shirt’s price, and everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air after hearing his reply.

It seemed like the rumors were true!

Zhou Xuanji had received more than 500 billion merit points worth of resources the first day he entered the Evil Sky Divine Range.

“Brother Zhou,” Nangong Jiayin said, “You made so much progress in just one day. Don’t cut your ties with us in the future! ”

The others also joked about this. Unknowingly, their demeanor turned more humble than before.

“I only treat people based on relationships, not social status,” Zhou Xuanji shook his head in reply. He had a good impression of Xuan Mou. They did not have any internal conflicts and were united in achieving their mission objective with high efficiency.

The group chatted as they traveled toward the universe where Xie Huoli was.

It was a high-end universe that had its overlord destroyed by a divine range. Now, the universe was a great mess. Xie Huoli thought that he could hide here, but he underestimated Void Boundary Palace’s intel capability.

Even without any spy, it could divine his position, which was a horrifying thing.

They encountered no danger along the way.

Three days later, they came to their destination.

“Xu Huang, you bring these six to collect intel. I will wait here,” Ye Jun instructed. Having heard him, Xu Huang and the other six nodded and left swiftly.

This mission involved Emperor Divine Range, so they had to be careful.

Zhou Xuanji immediately sat down in mid-air and began cultivating.

Seeing that he was so hardworking, everyone looked at each other in dismay.

The more talented a genius was, the more tirelessly they cultivated.

Nangong Jiayin asked Ye Jun, “There’s a rumor that Ying Zhuge may come. If we encounter him, we must flee, especially for Zhou Xuanji. We must rescue him even if we risk being imprisoned.”

Ye Jun nodded. The other Dao Ancestors had no objections either.

They still have hope for survival if captured. But if Zhou Xuanji was captured, the Evil Sky Divine Range will not let them go alive.

The super divine ranges were all domineering.

Hearing their conversation, Zhou Xuanji did not open his eyes.

It was reality. It was no use to pretend to reject them.

It was not that Xuan Mou valued him that much. They were merely afraid of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

In the blink of an eye.

Seven days later.

Xu Huang and the rest came back one after another. Two of them were even injured.

There were many local cultivators in this universe. The most powerful one was at Greater Nine Vast Heavens.

“There are really traces of the Emperor Divine Range. Information about Xie Huoli has been fully hidden. Fortunately, other Void Boundary War God parties are here for a mission as well. We might be able to contact them,” Xu Huang said with a solemn look, and Ye Jun frowned at his report.

The target was only one person. If they were to work together with the other parties, they would eventually fight toward the end.

But it was better to fight among the Void Boundary War Gods than offending the Emperor Divine Range.

Ye Jun looked toward Zhou Xuanji and seemed to be thinking about something.

They could use Zhou Xuanji to intimidate the other Void Boundary War Gods.

“We can do that. After we complete the mission, if the other parties want to take our reward, we can use Zhou Xuanji to intimidate them,” Ye Jun said.

Looking toward Zhou Xuanji, he asked, “Brother Zhou, do you mind? ”

“I don’t,” Zhou Xuanji replied without opening his eyes.

How could he not leverage his status?

Moreover, the more domineering he was, the more glory the Evil Sky Divine Range would receive.

This was not Wanshen Great Thousand. The Evil Sky Divine Range’s influence was more than the Divine Cliff could compare to.

Even the top few super divine ranges could not easily eradicate the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The group heard his reply and began crafting the plan in excitement.

A while later.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes suddenly, and his purple pupils were extremely strange.

“Someone is here, ” he muttered.

The Exterminating Divine Eyes had powerful sensory capabilities, which enabled him to be more aware of his situation than others.

Hearing his warning, the others took out their enchanted weapons for battle.

And they saw a beam of light coming from the deeper regions of the universe. It came with a powerful impetus, warping space around it.