I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 704 - Chapter 704 Growth in Talent

While Zhou Xuanji was sizing Chang Xiyan up, the servant girl was observing Zhou Xuanji as well.

She had watched the Superstar Competition too, and Zhou Xuanji left her with a deep impression.

She was pleasantly surprised when she knew that she’s going to serve Zhou Xuanji.

A girl like her would eventually follow a genius. None of the girls like her had ever left the divine range. They had not even gone to an origin city before. They were gathered together to cultivate and to learn all kinds of knowledge. At the same time, they were to keep their virginity so that their future owner would not dislike them.

This was Chang Xiyan’s first time out, so she was very nervous. She could only pretend to be calm and indifferent.

Xian Xianghua appeared nearby and was inspecting her from head to toe as well.

The servant girl knew that Xian Xianghua was her master’s woman, so she had to be respectful.

“All the miscellaneous things will be tasked to you from now on. My subordinates are also in Pure Sword Heaven. You can introduce yourself to them too. This is to prevent future misunderstandings. Settle those slaves down, and don’t come to me unless I instruct you to do so,” Zhou Xuanji said, nodding his head. He was pretty pleased with Chang Xiyan.

At least he had no repulsion toward her.

“Yes, master! ”

Chang Xiyan went ahead with her tasks immediately, to settle the 6,000 slaves down.

Zhou Xuanji did not think further but closed his eyes and cultivated.

Once everything settled down, he was going into enclosed cultivation.

Xian Xianghua shook her head with a smile and found a place to cultivate too.

News about Zhou Xuanji joining Evil Sky Divine Range was spread like wildfire in the divine range. And a huge commotion erupted after everyone knew about the resources allocated to Zhou Xuanji.

Beast Sovereign was really investing his life into Zhou Xuanji!

As the lord of the divine range, Beast Sovereign could not use the entire divine range’s resources as he pleased. There were many eternal beings pulling strings at the back. Each of them had their own share of authority and resources. Since Zhou Xuanji obtained such abundant resources, it was naturally Beast Sovereign who paid the bill.

No matter what, Zhou Xuanji was the most fabulous and reputed person in the Evil Sky Divine Range now. Everyone knew about him.

News spread further and further, even into the other divine ranges and origin cities. It became the topic of common chatter.

In the blink of an eye.

Half a year passed quickly.

Ji Huangling came visiting Zhou Xuanji again with a cage in his hand, which held Barbaric Ultimate God. It was like an obedient cat curled up adorably.

Seeing Barbaric Ultimate God, he wanted to burst out laughing.

“Don’t pretend to be asleep, ” he said, “Isn’t it good to be free?”

Having heard him, Barbaric Ultimate God opened its eyes awkwardly. Still, it did not dare to look into Zhou Xuanji’s eyes.

Although it had hoped Zhou Xuanji to rescue it, it did not expect to become his underling!

It was struck by the news with exhilaration, followed by despair.

It did not believe that Zhou Xuanji was capable of getting Beast Sovereign to release it.

After that, it got to know from those who escorted it that Zhou Xuanji won three events in the Superstar Competition and was discovered to be an 18-Star genius.


It almost cursed Heaven.

Why is it that this brat can be an 18-Star?

It had been walking on a tough path so far.

It’s excruciating!

“Humph… Call him master now! ”

Ji Huangling snorted coldly, and Zhou Xuanji found it humorous.

Barbaric Ultimate God seemed to be under torment as it said powerlessly, “Master…”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said to Ji Huangling, “Thanks. ”

Barbaric Ultimate God was sent to him within half a year. Beast Sovereign was really capable.

Barbaric Ultimate God had a unique identity after all and was also imprisoned in the Great Elimination. How many strings were pulled to get this done?

“Small matter. From now on, cast your ownership seal on it in case it rebels against you. ”

Ji Huangling took out a white talisman with red glyphs and passed it to Zhou Xuanji.

Barbaric Ultimate God sighed heavily in bitterness.

Whenever it remembered itself digging Zhou Xuanji’s heart out, it felt even more bitter.

From now on, it was going to be a dark and bitter period under Zhou Xuanji.

With Ji Huangling’s guidance, Zhou Xuanji fused the white talisman into his body and created a bond with Barbaric Ultimate God.

He felt that he could torture Barbaric Ultimate God or even kill it with just a thought.

It’s simply awesome!

Thinking about how proud Barbaric Ultimate God was, he could not help but grin.

Seeing his grin, Barbaric Ultimate God felt no place to hide.

After that, Zhou Xuanji exchanged some words with Ji Huangling, and the latter departed.

Zhou Xuanji introduced Barbaric Ultimate God to Xian Xianghua and Chang Xiyan and ordered the feline god to not harm any creature in this realm.

Barbaric Ultimate God was cast with a spell and dared not to try going against it.

If it did not dig Zhou Xuanji’s heart out previously, it might still dare to be a little mischievous. But now, it could only cowardly obey.

After knowing Barbaric Ultimate God’s identity, Chang Xiyan was surprised.

After all, she grew up in Kunlun Origin Court, and she heard the legends about the Five Ultimate Gods. She did not expect such a legendary character to be still alive and now a slave to Zhou Xuanji.

She was really excited. Beast Sovereign was really going to nurture Zhou Xuanji with full force!

She would be Zhou Xuanji’s servant for life. The more powerful Zhou Xuanji became, the better her life would be.

Barbaric Ultimate God joined the Pure Sword Heaven.

While Zhou Xuanji cultivated, he would ask the feline god to teach him the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

To please Zhou Xuanji, Barbaric Ultimate God tried its best.

20 years later.

Zhou Xuanji reached the 3rd level of the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique. He could create up to 2,370 Great Li Avatars, thanks to Barbaric Ultimate God’s guidance.

Barbaric Ultimate God was surprised to see that Zhou Xuanji had become a completely different person. He was extremely talented at cultivation and could learn anything with just pointers from it.

Not only the feline god noticed this but Zhou Xuanji also noticed it.

Back then, he did not cultivate as quickly as he currently was.

Initially, he thought it was because of Pure Sword Heaven, but later, he realized it’s not. His talent grew indeed.

He suspected that it had to do with the Great Dao Tempering Pool, or else why would he undergo such a transformation?

He saw no other possibilities.

Dao-Treading Saint Late Stage was drawing close.

No wonder those geniuses had such terrifying cultivations. Super divine ranges’ spiritual Qi and Dao energy were really overpowering.

Ever since he came to Pure Sword Heaven, he felt that he would become a Dao Ancestor real soon.

Xian Xianghua, Qiu Hu, and the others were cultivating. They had not left Pure Sword Heaven at all.

This day.

Zhou Xunaji was awakened by his identity medallion. He opened his eyes and took out the medallion.

“Brother Zhou, Xuan Mou’s next mission is about to begin. Are you free? ”

Ye Jun’s voice came from his identity medallion. Although he said it with laughter, there was urgency in his tone, and he was not as carefree as he used to be.

Now, Zhou Xuanji was enough for him to show reverence.

“Anytime is fine. Let me know, ” Zhou Xuanji replied.

After cultivating for so long, he needed to check his power.

Blindly cultivation was not a good thing.

“Very good, then let’s do it a month later. We shall go early and return early. Don’t worry. This mission’s reward will not disappoint you. ”

Ye Jun said excitingly. Zhou Xuanji acknowledged him, and they ended the conversation.

Putting back his identity medallion, Zhou Xuanji looked expectant.

After hardworking for 20 years, it was time to show his power!