I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 703 - Chapter 703 Third Vast Heaven. Chang Xiyan.

After obtaining the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage, Pure Sword Heaven, and Purple-sky Stardust Shirt, Zhou Xuanji was greatly satisfied. But the surprises had yet to end.

Ji Huangling brought him to choose his boots, crown, slaves, and so on.

Beast Sovereign was very thoughtful in taking care of him. Such treatment was totally unexpected.

He was merely protected in the Longbow Divine Range and had obtained few merit points.

In contrast, the Evil Sky Divine Range gave so generously and manifested how a super divine range did things.

Zhou Xuanji’s identity medallion was also switched to the Evil Sky Divine Range’s identity medallion.

The identity medallions of different divine ranges differed to distinguish their identities. If all the identity medallions were the same, there might be conflicts.

After half a day, Zhou Xuanji returned to the golden cruise, full of goodies.

Next, they were heading toward Pure Sword Heaven.

“Master, how was it? What kind of treatment did they give you? ” Qiu Hu asked curiously, looking forward to Zhou Xuanji’s answer.

The more richly Zhou Xuanji was provided for, the better their lives would be.

The old beggar nodded and said, “I can see how much the Evil Sky Divine Range values you. ”

Before Zhou Xuanji could even speak, Ji Huangling shook his head and said, “Stop asking. You will know later. ”

His tone was filled with helplessness.

These guys totally did not know what it meant to be an 18-Star genius.

Any divine range would do their best to nurture 18-Star geniuses. They might even be able to become the lord of the divine range.

Beast Sovereign was also an 18-Star genius previously. He was recruited by the Evil Sky Divine Range and took over the divine range when he became powerful enough. And now, he was also looking for his successor.

Divine ranges were like this. Being the lord of a divine range was not the best position. After a long time, one would be bored and desired rest.

How many things required the attention of the divine range lord to take care of?

No matter how great one’s ambition was, it would be ground to nothingness over time.

Especially for these super divine ranges that had firm foundations. It was rare to encounter big troubles, and it was also difficult to cause trouble for other super divine ranges.

After that, the golden cruise began its journey toward Pure Sword Heaven.

Everyone was curious about their next destination.

Xian Xianghua could not help but ask Zhou Xuanji telepathically, and Zhou Xuanji hid nothing from her. He told her everything about what happened earlier, which shocked her.

Aside from Pure Sword Heaven, the total value of Zhou Xuanji’s items was more than 500 billion merit points.

She spent some time in the Longbow Divine Range after all, and she knew how astronomical that number was.

It seemed like the Evil Sky Divine Range was really taking Zhou Xuanji as their treasure — the guardian treasure of their divine range.

After half an hour.

They came to a vast ocean. Ji Huangling asked Zhou Xuanji to take out the token for Pure Sword Heaven.

“Channel your Dao energy into it and shoot it in front to create an opening in the barrier. ”

Zhou Xuanji did accordingly, and an opening of a dozen meters wide appeared in front of him like a vortex.

The golden cruise sailed into it, and it entered a massive and vast world with green seas and blue skies. It was extremely abundant in spiritual Qi.

There were many creatures here, but none of them had gained self-consciousness. They were like animals in the mortal realm.

The golden cruise sailed ahead and toured around Pure Sword Heaven.

“From now on, this realm belongs to Zhou Xuanji. This is absolutely the best auspicious cultivation realm in the Evil Sky Divine Range. A person can only enter with Zhou Xuanji’s approval. Trespassers will be slain. You guys are greatly fortunate to follow him,” Ji Huangling introduced with laughter. His auspicious cultivation realm was not as high-leveled as Zhou Xuanji’s.

Although he admired it, he was not envious. He always wanted to become the lord of the Evil Sky Divine Range. Zhou Xuanji was in the same generation as him, who might become a good helper by his side. He did not want Zhou Xuanji to grow too slowly.

Qiu Hu, Sheng Tiandao, the old beggar, Si Mengyan, Xu Qing, Barbarian God Huangluo, and the others were astonished by sight.

Such immense spiritual Qi and a vast world. All of this belonged to Zhou Xuanji?

Those who were brought here from the Demonic Realm by Xian Xianghua were also trembling in excitement. Their realm lord’s husband was so blessed. They would surely enjoy a rise in their status.

After they toured around.

Ji Huangling moved them out of the cruise and said to Zhou Xuanji, “Those slaves will arrive in a few days. At the same time, you are assigned a girl to take care of your administrative things. You can give her any tasks and trust her fully because she’s under a spell that will kill her if she rebels against her master or the Evil Sky Divine Range. ”

After that, Ji Huangling left on his cruise.

Xian Xianghua looked toward Zhou Xuanji and said intently, “My husband, it seems like you are going to enjoy this. There’s even a girl to serve you. ”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her and did not bother to reply.

After that, they began picking their own living quarters.

Zhou Xuanji had the most lovely location for sure.

And so, the group dispersed, while Zhou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua came to the highest peak. The spiritual Qi here was the most abundant, and the entire mountain were covered with precious natural resources.

“Are you going to bring out Emperor Sword Court next? ” Xian Xianghua asked. Although Pure Sword Heaven was massive, it would still be drained dry if an entire faction were to be rooted here. Conflicts would easily occur and destabilize the realm.

Evil Sky Divine Range gave him Pure Sword Heaven to focus on cultivation, not for him to waste time or other matters.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “They cannot take such spiritual Qi. They must be at least Connecting Heaven Level Ten to be qualified here. Moreover, it’s not good to develop here. What would Beast Sovereign think if he hears of this? ”

Divine Ranges had countless factions under them. Most of them were scattered at the bottom of the edge of the divine ranges or the Kunlun Universe.

In terms of population number, the divine ranges were strictly controlled to prevent enemy infiltration or imbalance in the divine range.

Xian Xianghua nodded.

Zhou Xuanji sat down and immediately started cultivating.

Meanwhile, Xian Xianghua started building houses around the place.

The old beggar, Qiu Hu, and the rest also found their own locations to stay. They were quite a distance from each other to not disturb each other.

Seven days passed very quickly.

A group of powerful creatures was flying over from the horizon. They came to the mountain that ZHou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua were staying on.

The leader was a girl in a red dress who had a beautiful face and a charming figure. She looked cold but luxuriously dressed. There were living beings behind her that were lined up in two columns according to their gender. Each column had 3,000 of them. All of them looked expectant.

They were naturally curious about the recently famous Zhou Xuanji.

“I’m Chang Xiyan, here to report to you, my master, with 6,000 slaves,” the red-dressed girl said with cupped fists respectfully.

“Come over here, ” Zhou Xuanji said.

Having heard him, Chang Xiyan immediately went over Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating on a boulder, looked at her and asked, “What’s your cultivation? ”

Chang Xiyan half-knelt in mid-air and said, “Third Vast Heaven. These slaves are all at Saint Realm, and they are tasked to take care of Pure Sword Heaven. ”

Third Vast Heaven?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow doubtfully. Such a powerful cultivator became his servant girl?

Nine Vast Heavens was the general term of a cultivation stage. It consisted of the First Vast Heaven, Second Vast Heaven, Third Vast Heaven, and so on. The most powerful of them all was the Ninth vast Heaven.