I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 702 - Chapter 702 Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage. Pure Sword Heaven.

“Ying Zhuge? ”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. He could not help but ask, “The Evil Sky Divine Range has a grudge with his divine range? ”

During the Superstar Competition, Ying Zhuge left him with the deepest impression.

How long must be cultivate to catch up to such a powerful genius?

Most importantly, while he cultivated, Ying Zhuge would be cultivating too.

As a 17-Star genius who belonged to a super divine range, Ying Zhuge’s cultivation speed would be terrifying.

“You are right. The Evil Sky Divine Range is the arch-enemy of the Emperor Divine Range. We fight to the death during each Great Elimination. Now that you became part of the Evil Sky Divine Range, they will surely go against you. So, I need you to defeat Ying Zhuge and give the Emperor Divine Range a painful blow,” Beast Sovereign said with a nod. His expression appeared cold when he mentioned the Emperor Divine Range.

“I will try my best,” Zhou Xuanji had no choice but to agree.

Since he joined the Evil Sky Divine Range, he should do his part for his new allegiance.

Beast Sovereign opened his palm, and a fist-sized red flower with green petals flew up to Zhou Xuanji.

“This Bodhi Flower is 80 million years old. After you consume it, your body will be strengthened. Your recent growth in cultivation was too rapid, which weakened your body. ”

Zhou Xuanji took over the flower, but he was sent out by the Beast Sovereign even before saying thanks.

Ji Huangling was waiting outside the gate. Seeing that Zhou Xuanji flew out, he said, “Let’s go. Next, you will need to be registered. You will choose your treasures and your auspicious cultivation realm.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He stored the Bodhi Flower in the Supreme Storage.

The place he was in seemed barren. Thunderclouds billowed in the sky, and no vegetation could be seen on the moist ground. The place looked like a gathering place for strayed ghosts.

Following Ji Huangling’s lead, he came up to a stone gate. Ji Huangling tapped his identity medallion, and the stone gate glowed in brilliant colors.

They stepped into the gate, and in an instant, they entered a prosperous city.

Standing on a tall platform that was a few thousand meters above ground, they saw a platitude of mountainous buildings that stood tall and majestic. Countless people were flying up and down, riding on numerous rare mounts and flying treasures. The entire city was buzzing with liveliness.

Zhou Xuanji could sense the immense spiritual Qi in this place, which was even more than the realm that the Superstar Sacred Stele was in.

Longbow Divine Range was totally incomparable to this city.

At one glance, the massive city was greatly impressive and awesome.

Ji Huangling flew in a certain direction, and Zhou Xuanji followed closely behind.

Along the way, many people greeted Ji Huangling with a respectful bow before turning their eyes toward Zhou Xuanji. Everyone who saw him was stunned.

“Sssss— Zhou Xuanji! He’s Zhou Xuanji! ”

A man cried out shockingly. His voice was extremely loud and far-reaching.


Countless eyes turned toward Zhou Xuanji from all directions.

After the Superstar Competition, who could forget Zhou Xuanji’s face?

“It’s really him! ”

“Mighty is our Beast Sovereign. He really pulled the 18-Star genius over! ”

“Damn. I lost all my merit points because of him, and now I cannot even hate him. ”

“Personally led by Ji Huangling. Seems like Beast Sovereign is going to prioritize Zhou Xuanji’s growth. ”

“Of course. He’s an 18-Star genius. Would you not nurture him? ”

All kinds of commotion came to Zhou Xuanji’s ears, but he remained calm.

He went through numerous situations like this. Although none of them were of such a big scale, he got used to it.

However, Evil Sky Divine Range was much more welcoming than he expected.

After half an hour.

Ji Huangling brought Zhou Xuanji to a floating silver palace.

There was much human traffic along the corridor, and they were all beings that Zhou Xuanji could not see through.

They came to an annex hall, in which many wooden crates were put out. On the crates were numerous flying treasures that looked like mere models. The biggest one was shorter than Zhou Xuanji.

“You can choose one among all these treasures. They are all used for flying. You can control them with spirit stone instead of your Dao energy,” Ji Huangling introduced, and Zhou Xuanji acknowledged with a nod.

He began looking around the hall. Since he was asked to pick, he would pick the one with the highest grade and cost.

A wooden plate was placed before each enchanted treasures to indicate their price.

The cheapest required 50 million merit points, which amazed him.

The difference between the divine ranges was so great.

Soon, he came to a phoenix carriage.

The body of the carriage was covered with glowing gold, and it looked prestigious and grand. It was driven by three fire phoenixes, and two fire Qilins stood by its side. These creatures hovered with flying wings as though they were alive.

The price was 130 billion merit points.

This was even more expensive than Ji Huangling’s golden cruise.

“This is the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage. All the five divine creatures are at the Nine Vast Heavens cultivation stage. This is the only one in the entire divine range, and it was freshly out of the crafting table. Your arrival is timely. Another person might not be able to buy it even if he has enough merit points,” Ji Huangling walked up to Zhou Xuanji and introduced the carriage to him. There was a tinge of admiration in his tone.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and said, “Then this shall be my pick! ”

Ji Huangling nodded. After that, he waved at a man near them.

As expected, everyone here knew Zhou Xuanji. Beast Sovereign had already instructed to give Zhou Xuanji whatever he wanted.

Of course, he could only pick one from each category of treasures.

And so, Zhou Xuanji obtained the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage, which was sealed in a scroll. Ji Huangling told him that the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage would acknowledge Zhou Xuanji as its owner after reaching Dao Ancestor.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt a little disappointed.

He needed to hide this handsome ride in the meantime.

But once the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage recognized him as the owner, he would have five Nine Vast Heavens divine creatures as pets. It felt so awesome.

Next, Zhou Xuanji would be choosing his auspicious cultivation realm, which was also done in a palace. Each piece of land was marked by its grade and price, along with brief introductions. He could inspect the auspicious realm with his divine sense.

Finally, Zhou Xuanji chose a place called Pure Sword Heaven, which was a vast independent realm. The spiritual Qi there was the best in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Ji Huangling suddenly felt tormented.

This brat had a big appetite!

He picked all the best options without reservations.

After that, Zhou Xuanji picked divine clothes that cost 100 billion merit points.

The one he chose was the Purple-sky Stardust Shirt, which could automatically adjust to fit his body. It contained mechanisms to resist fatal damage and was immune to the spatial electrical current’s damage. It can also be used to overcome tribulations. Simply put, it had a variety of useful abilities.

After Zhou Xuanji put it on, his aura and appearance transformed greatly. Together with his purple eyes, he looked like a divine god, handsome and majestic, domineering and confident.

Standing beside Ji Huangling, Zhou Xuanji appeared to be even slightly more powerful than him.

Ji Huangling, on the other hand, did not have such expensive divine clothing. Even if he had enough merit points, he would not spend so lavishly on this.

It was important to be well-dressed. Zhou Xuanji was extremely glad that he became so rich right after he joined the Evil Sky Divine Range.