I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 701 - Chapter 701 Beast Sovereign’s Promise.

“Thanks, Ms. Yu. ”

Zhou Xuanji looked at her and said, “You are the one who bought us back from the black market. It’s an unpredictable fate. If you are in trouble in the future, come and look for me. ”

Although he was bought back by Yu Zhongxiu, he had not suffered anything under her command. His experience was totally different from those slaves.

Hearing his words, Yu Zhongxiu’s emotions surged within her. She wanted to say so much, but everything came to a simple nod.

She left quickly to gather Xian Xianghua and the others for Zhou Xuanji.

Ji Huangling looked toward Zhou Xuanji and asked, “You are a Void Boundary War God, right? There’s a mission that we can do together. It’s great serendipity, and I will do my best to protect you. ”

“What serendipity? ” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Other than the Great Dao Tempering Pool, there was nothing else that he considered serendipity.

“A divine fruit that appears every 100 billion years. We need to fight for it. I will give you more details when the time comes. The reward for this mission is massive, which also contains time in the Great Dao Tempering Pool,”

Ji Huangling said mysteriously, which caught Zhou Xuanji’s interest.

He was not worried that Ji Huangling might harm him.

If it were so, Ji Huangling had no need to come to the Longbow Divine Range personally.

Moreover, the mission would not start immediately.

The two began chatting in the courtyard. Ji Huangling was curious about Zhou Xuanji’s life, while Zhou Xuanji was interested in knowing about the Evil Sky Divine Range. The two conversed joyously.

On the day itself, Xian Xianghua, the old beggar, Qiu Hu, and the others returned.

“18-Star Aptitude…Evil Sky Divine Range!” Sheng Tiandao said in exhilaration, “I submit to your awesomeness! ”

He felt fortunate to follow someone as powerful as Zhou Xuanji before he left the Heavenly Law Universe.

The others were so as well.

Especially the old beggar.

After knowing Zhou Xuanji was an 18-Star genius, he began worrying about his personal gain and loss.

All the while, he thought that he was the one who brought Zhou Xuanji up. But after hearing this news, he was rudely awakened.

He was not the giver but the receiver of Zhou Xuanji’s benefits.

“No wonder that guy threw everything away for the brat. ”

The old beggar sighed in his heart. Gu Tianxia and Xu Qing were all in admiration of Zhou Xuanji.

Their talents were incomparable to Zhou Xuanji’s.

When someone surpassed them by too great a margin, they could not even envy that person.

The difference was simply too huge.

Xian Xianghua did not speak, but her eyes were filled with admiration.

A long time ago, she was the one who protected Zhou Xuanji.

Now, she looked up to Zhou Xuanji.

The switching of positions and the increasing of their difference did not disappoint her. She enjoyed it.

Which woman did not want a trustworthy man to rely on?

Just like any capable man would want a warm home to return to.

Zhou Xuanji smiled, “Let’s pack up and leave. ”

They nodded and returned to their rooms.

That day, Zhou Xuanji left with a warm farewell from the Longbow Divine Range.

Old Ancestor Longbow came personally in shame to say goodbye to Zhou Xuanji. This guy acted as though he had just given up his own children with tears in his eyes.

It was only half genuine.

His heart was really aching.

But he was also really embarrassed.

After departing the Longbow Divine Range, Ji Huangling took out a golden boat, which quickly expanded into a massive cruise for them to land on.


The golden cruise tore through space and disappeared into the sky. It passed through the divine ranges as though it was teleporting.

On the gigantic cruise, Zhou Xuanji and the others did not feel any discomfort.

“Such a divine boat requires at least ten billion merit points. It can withstand the attacks of Dao Ancestors, ” the old beggar commented in amazement.

The others were in awe.

But Zhou Xuanji raised his brow doubtfully. Should he buy a divine boat like this too?

So that he can escape if attacked by Dao Ancestors.

He had 270 billion merit points. The divine boat was definitely affordable to him.

Ji Huangling looked back with a smile. “With Zhou Xuanji’s talent, he could just pick one of the divine boats from the Evil Sky Divine Range. Not only so, but there will also be many divine clothes, treasures, and countless items. Things are more than you can imagine. ”

An 18-Star genius was considered extremely rare in Kunlun Origin Court.

After Beast Sovereign knew about it, he was elated. His unhappiness toward the Longbow Divine Range was dissolved instantly, and he felt like he just found a great treasure.

Now that he firmed up the plans to nurture Zhou Xuanji, he shall do it personally!

Even in Evil Sky Divine Range, there was only one 18-Star genius.

That genius had lived countless years and had become one of the ruling figures in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The golden cruise moved with extreme speed.

About an hour later, they arrived at the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The Evil Sky Divine Range was hundreds of times more vast than the Longbow Divine Range. They could not even see its top.

After they flew into the Evil Sky Divine Range, they saw a vast and boundless land. The golden cruise rose into the air without slowing.

Soon, they came to the top and landed in a wilderness.

“Wait here. I will bring him to the Range Lord. ”

Ji Huangling left these words before bringing Zhou Xuanji away. They turned into a stream of gold and disappeared into the horizon.

Being enveloped by Ji Huangling’s Dao energy, Zhou Xuanji could not see anything outside.

A while later.

The golden light dissipated, and Zhou Xaunji landed. It was a palace brightly-lit by something that resembled a brilliant sun on the ceiling. The temperature was extremely high, and anything below Saint Realm would not be able to withstand it.

The Beast Sovereign sat on a crystal throne. When he saw Zhou Xuanji, he grinned evilly.

“Ji Huangling, you can leave now. ”

Beast Sovereign spoke slowly. Having heard him, Ji Huangling left.

Zhou Xuanji walked up to him and cupped his fists, “Thank you, Beast Sovereign, for your favor. ”

Since he was already in the Evil Sky Divine Range, he had to show the right attitude.

He must not become too proudful and point his fingers at the Beast Sovereign. If so, he would die for sure, even if he was a 18-Star genius.

“I really like you. From today onward, you will have my imprint on your identity medallion. If you encounter danger, you can take out your identity medallion. Also, I will send someone to help you pick your resources,” the Beast Sovereign gazed at Zhou Xuanji and said with a light smile.

The more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the more he was satisfied with him.

This young man had devilish talent and good manners. He was neither too proud nor too humble. Such a genius could go far.

The Beast Sovereign had the same temperament before he rose to power.

He could only do as he pleased after becoming powerful enough.

“Thank you. ”

Zhou Xuanji expressed his gratitude again. At the same time, he looked forward to seeing the resources available to him.

The Beast Sovereign continued, “Your Exterminating Divine Eyes have a powerful origin. I can find an Ultimate God to teach you. ”

Zhou Xuanji was suddenly reminded of the Barbaric Ultimate God.

“Could you rescue Barbaric Ultimate God?” he asked.

With the Beast Sovereign’s capabilities, it should not be difficult.

“Barbaric Ultimate God? Piece of cake. He shall become your subordinate in the future. With your talent, he’s not qualified to be your senior. ”

The Beast Sovereign shook his head in laughter. He did not take Barbaric Ultimate God seriously at all.

Taking a pause, he continued speaking, “Focus on your cultivation. The Evil Sky Divine Range will do our very best to nurture you, but you have to contribute back to our divine range as well. Your first target is to defeat Ying Zhuge!”