I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 700 - Chapter 700 Evil Sky Divine Range

Zhou Xuanji knew nothing about the Longbow Divine Range and Beast Sovereign’s trade. He was too immersed in the Great Dao Tempering Pool.

At this moment, his mental state was in a profoundly mysterious state.

His consciousness was empty, but he was still present.

Such a feeling was mystical, or it might be what the old immortal termed as absolute peace.

He instinctively channeled the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique and began cultivating.

Time passed quickly.

Sometime later.

Zhou Xuanji felt his soul shake, and he woke up instantly.

He realized that he was deeply immersed in the Great Dao Tempering Pool and was surrounded by his materialized Sword Dao. It looked like a few dozen silver swords circling around him, the scene spectacular.


To Zhou Xuanji’s great surprise, he found that his Sword Dao had grown more than a hundred times more powerful.

He immediately stilled his mind and began devouring the Dao energy around him to help him grow rapidly.

There was endless Dao energy around him without any strong resistance. This allowed him to continuously absorb it like a sponge.

It felt good!

It felt so good!

Zhou Xuanji wanted to roar his heart out. But it was difficult to do so inside the pool because it would easily interrupt others who were cultivating too.

Time continued to pass.

This day.

He finally welcomed a breakthrough!

The intermediate stage of Dao-Treading Saint!

The channeling of Dao energy became like a massive river rushing over him with unstoppable impetus.

The violent Dao energy caused the Great Dao Tempering Pool water to surge and form into massive waves that crashed against each other. It was as though the entire pool was boiling. Fortunately, there was no noise, and everything seemed calm and peaceful on the surface of the water.

Zhou Xuanji continued cultivating in such a state.

He was improving his Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique endlessly and unstoppably.

No wonder the Great Dao Tempering Pool was the most attractive reward for the Superstar Competition.

It was really awesome!

If he could cultivate here without stopping, he did not even dare to imagine how powerful he would become.

The rate of cultivation here was simply beyond comparison for the 4-Star Dao Room.

But unfortunately, time passed quickly.

Two years ended in the blink of an eye.

While Zhou Xuanji was cultivating, he was teleported out of the pool by an extremely strong force. When he opened his eyes again, he came to a gigantic gate, and the Guard General was standing beside it.

“You reached the intermediate stage of Dao-Treading Saint in just two years. If you are allowed here for a hundred years, you might even become a Dao Ancestor! A 700-years-old Dao Ancestor… Hmmm.”

The Guard General sighed in amazement. Zhou Xuanji got up and paid his respects.

“Senior, how can I obtain the serendipity to cultivate in the Great Dao Tempering Pool?” Zhou Xuanji asked with cupped fists. There was a strong sense of longing in his eyes.

The Guard General could not help but burst out laughing. He said forthrightly, “Go back to Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan. He has already arranged some missions to nurture you.”

Zhou Xuanji noticed his weird expression. The soldiers around him looked the same too.

There was a tinge of reverence in their eyes. This was not the case when he was entering the Great Dao Tempering Pool.

Without overthinking, he quickly left.

After returning to the Void Boundary Palace, he did not seek out Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan first but went home straight away.

Two years had passed. He must return to take a look.

He was worried about Xian Xianghua even though she was under Longbow Divine Range’s protection.

Along the way, everyone who saw him cried out in shock.

“It’s him! Zhou Xuanji! He’s out of the Void Boundary Palace!”

“18-Star genius! Too horrifying!”

“No wonder he was the champion for three events in the Superstar Competition! Those who mocked him have all disappeared.”

“The Original Court is a joke. How did they mistake an 18-Star genius to be a 12-Star? They almost buried Zhou Xuanji’s talent.”

“He has reached the intermediate stage of Dao-Treading Saint?”

Hearing these commotions, Zhou Xuanji felt odd.

How did news about him being an 18-Star genius spread so quickly?

Was it done by the Original Court? Or was it publicized by Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan?

Not only so, but he also heard about the trade between Longbow Divine Range and Evil Sky Divine Range.

Longbow Divine Range finally gave up under the great pressure and gave him away.

Evil Sky Divine Range was a super divine range that ranked 19th. Ji Huangling belonged to it as well.

As for this, Zhou Xuanji did not feel disappointed but looked forward to it.

Suppose he were to enter Evil Sky Divine Range. Would he obtain more opportunities to cultivate in the Great Dao Tempering Pool?

He was addicted to the Great Dao Tempering Pool!

He loved the feeling of growing in power rapidly!

At the same time, he needed to complete his missions as soon as possible and become a Dao Ancestor within 1,000 years!

Then, he would be able to use the Wish-Fulfilling Sword.

His goal was to wish for a Golden Treasure Basket so that he could double his legendary swords, which would increase his power exponentially. Just the thought of it made him happy.

He went back to the Yu Clan in the Longbow Divine Range happily.

After he returned to the courtyard, Zhou Xuanji only saw Yu Zhongxiu.

She sat in the stone pavilion, gorgeous and elegant, like a beautiful drawing.

“Why are you here?” Zhou Xuanji asked curiously, “Where are the others?

“They are all cultivating in the Dao Tower,” Yu Zhongxiu said faintly. The expression in her eyes looked complicated.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, her emotions were in a mess.

Zhou Xuanji became someone she could not dream of matching up with.

She was filled with regret.

She should have been more active in grasping the heart of the man before her.

In the future, she might never see him again.

The thought of this filled her heart with sorrow.

“Ms. Yu, what are you waiting for me here for?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He sensed her feelings for him, but he was not too sensitive for it.

It was too easy for him to get more women.

His experiences and relationship with Yu Zhongxiu were not enough to touch his heart.

“Evil Sky Divine Range wants to take you away. Are you willing?” Yu Zhongxiu asked. Old Ancestor Longbow was too ashamed to come, so he sent her.

He thought that no matter what Zhou Xuanji’s temperament was, the young genius would not vent it on a lady.

Zhou Xuanji nodded calmly.

“When shall I move?” he asked.


Just when Yu Zhongxiu wanted to reply, Ji Huangling had already walked into the courtyard.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and saw him. “You are the one who asked the Beast Sovereign to take me?” he asked curiously.

He had a good impression of Ji Huangling, who was forthright and decisive. He would never bully the weak and had the demeanor of a powerful cultivator.

Ji Huangling shook his head and said, “There’s no divine range that does not want someone like you. But ever since your 18-Star aptitude was revealed, more divine ranges came. Longbow Divine Range must be filled with regret by now. If they waited a few days longer, they might have been rewarded multiple times more.”

He burst out laughing as he spoke.

Yu Zhongxiu felt embarrassed, and she remained silent.

Longbow Divine Range was still considered a lower-tier divine range. They had no choice but to give up on a super genius.

“Then let’s move out after my people return,” Zhou Xuanji said. He had heard some news about the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Although there was “evil” in the name, the divine range had a rather positive reputation.

No matter who it fought with, the Evil Sky Divine Range was always domineering and was never sly about it.

Especially the Beast Sovereign. He had a great reputation in Kunlun Origin Court, and he was boundlessly powerful.

“Let my men inform them,” Yu Zhongxiu spoke. Some of them do not know your recent involvements and might be in closed door cultivation for years or even longer.”

Since she could not keep Zhou Xuanji back, she could only leave a good impression in his heart before he left.

What if they could meet again?