I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 70 - Vibrant Raindrops Sword

Chapter 70 - Vibrant Raindrops Sword


Chapter 70: Vibrant Raindrops Sword

In the Sword Library, every bookshelf was a dozen meters high. There were at least 50 bookshelves and each of them was as long as 15 meters, with countless ancient books and jade tablets. They were like glittering jewels that delighted the eyes.

It was difficult to calculate how many techniques were kept here.

No wonder Sword Conference attracted so many people.

“What a joke. Do you want to learn everything here?”

A voice from an old man came from the side. Zhou Xuanji glanced over and saw an old man with a head of white hair, who stood below the stone pillar, sweeping the floor.

Zhou Xuanji laughed with disdain. What could an ant know about an eagle’s ability?

He stepped forward, quickly got hold of a sword technique, and began to read.

“Sword Spirit, remember everything for me.”

“Sure, Sword Owner.”

With the help of the Sword Spirit, Zhou Xuanji rapidly read one book after another.

The white-haired old man began to sneer.

So the legendary Sword God Zhou was not very extraordinary after all.

Zhou Xuanji was totally focused on the task at hand and disregarded his mockery.

With his extraordinary talent in the Sword’s Way and the help of the Sword Spirit, he could almost complete learning a sword technique in one minute.

He remembered each move and form.

He realized that most of these were Yellow Grade sword and energy techniques, which he considered to be rubbish.

He only found a Black Grade Low Tier sword technique after he finished an entire shelf.

His face became black.

Damned Xie Sect!

If you fool me, I’m going to obliterate you!

Zhou Xuanji tried to endure his anger and continued reading.

Outside the Sword Library, Xie Wuyou stood for a long while and did not leave.

He turned around and asked the Elder beside him, “Did I suppress too much?”

The Elder replied, “At least you left him with 2 Earth Grade Low Tier sword techniques. ”

Xie Wuyou nodded and said, “Although it was a little petty, the Sword Library could still be considered to live up to its name. I think Sword God Zhou will not say much, either.”

Although he offended Sword God Zhou, he was not afraid.

His supreme teacher was the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou!

Moreover, the 2 Earth Grade Low Ter sword techniques were already considered top treasures of Xie Sect.

Other than that, the Black and Yellow grade sword and energy techniques were not kept away. It was not considered a loss for Sword God Zhou.

He shook his head and left because he did not want to wait any longer.

Time passed quickly.

Three days later, Xie Wuyou and Xie Sect Elders came to wait outside the Sword Library. When the gate opened, they immediately wore smiles on their faces and looked very cordial.

Zhou Xuanji walked out with no expression on his face.

Zhou Chengxin walked up from a small path beside the Sword Library. He cupped his fist and smiled, saying, “Congratulations Sir Zhou, I wonder how much you have learned?”

“Everything.” Zhou Xuanji replied.

The eyelids of Xie Wuyou and the others were trembling, but they still kept their awkward yet polite smiles on their faces

Zhou Xuanji walked to Xie Wuyou and said, “You are really generous.”

After that, he walked past Xie Wuyou.

During his visit to the Sword Library, he learned 2 Earth Grade Low Tier, 2 Black Grade Advanced Tier, and 3 Black Grade Top Tier sword techniques. The rest of the sword techniques were of other grades and tiers, which he did not fancy but left them for the Sword Spirit to remember and organize.

For the Sword Library that was popular and honorable across the entire Great Zhou, it was barely satisfactory.

Xie Wuyou did not know what to say but only forced a smile.

After that, Zhou Xuanji immediately flew away on his sword and left Xie Sect immediately.

Looking in the direction of his departure, Xie Wuyou sighed.

This brat is really greedy!

Are 2 Earth Grade Sword Technique really not good enough?

However, previous victors of the Sword Conference had learned Earth Grade Intermediate Tier sword techniques. Back then, they received praise for that. In contrast, the Sword Library appeared to be somewhat petty this time round.

Zhou Chengxin walked over and asked, “How come I feel that Sir Zhou is not feeling happy?”

Xie Wuyou smiled and said, “Maybe his expectations were too high. He already mastered some very advanced sword techniques after all.”

Dual Sword Wills and Ten Swords Mode. Even the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou did not know those techniques!

Zhou Chengxin nodded and said goodbye to Xie Wuyou before he chased after Zhou Xuanji.

Back at Zhang Clan Residence, Zhou Xuanji gathered everyone and told them what happened.

Beixiao Wangjian slammed the table and said furiously, “What a bully! Could it be because Master rejected the Sword Monarch’s offer?”

Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin appeared to be angry as well.

Zhao Congjian snorted coldly, saying, “Xie Sect Sword Library was no that good after all. Fortunately, I did not agree to take the Sword Monarch as my master.”

After this was said, Little Jiang Xue and the other two looked at him with surprise.

* The Sword Monarch tried to recruit Zhao Congjian as well?*

Then how was it that he took Zhou Xuanji as his master, but rejected the Sword Monarch?

Although Zhou Xuanji’s talent in the Sword’s Way was devilish and he knew techniques that even the Sword Monarch did not know, he was very far off from the Sword Monarch in terms of real power.

Having felt the doubt from the rest, Zhao Congjian said calmly, “I do not like the Sword Monarch. His pursuit of power is relentless. He is deeply intertwined with the Great Zhou’s politics and tries to draw people to his side. He is not fit to be the Sword Monarch. ”

His tone was full of despise toward the Sword Monarch.

If this were to spread, it would inevitably cause a huge commotion.

Zhou Xuanji drank his tea silently with an expressionless face.

He could see the pride in Zhao Congjian’s heart. Although Zhao Congjian was his underling now, if he did not teach him a proper sword technique, he would surely leave.

Zhou Xuanji immediately stood up and took out the Swineculling Sword and began training.

The sword technique that he was training was an Earth Grade Low Tier one, called Vibrant Raindrops Sword!

Even Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword was a merely a Black Grade Top Tier sword technique, one could see how powerful the Vibrant Raindrops Sword would be.

Everyone turned their attention toward Zhou Xuanji when they realized that he was training his sword technique.

As Zhou Xuanji’s body had grown quite significantly, along with his cultivation, he quickly finished the first round of the sword form.

Zhao Congjian frowned. “Could it be the sword technique he learned from the Sword Library?” He asked.

At the moment, he could still not call Zhou Xuanji his Master yet.

No one answered him.

Zhou Xuanji began to practice one round after another.

After 50 rounds, he attained Small Accomplishment for Vibrant Raindrops Sword.

Zhao Congjian’s was a little moved.

At this moment, Zhang Tianjian came visiting with his sons. But when they saw that Zhou Xuanji was training, they were stunned and did not dare to disrupt him.

They wanted to leave initially, but they were so deeply attracted by Zhou Xunaji’s sword technique. So, they stood there in awe and watched.

After 100 times, he attained Great Accomplishment for the Great Accomplishment.

Zhao Congjian was aghast.

Zhang Tianjian and his sons’ jaws dropped.

Next, Zhou Xuanji’s swung his sword with extreme speed and completed one round within two breaths time.

When he finished the 500th time, he realized the Sword Will of Vibrant Raindrops Sword


The entire courtyard was silent. One could even hear a pin drop.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword, before turning around to look and Zhao Congjian. “This sword technique is called Vibrant Raindrop Sword. What do you think of it?” He asked.

Turbulent waves were swirling up in Zhao Congjian’s heart. He tried to suppress his awe and nodded, saying, “Not bad.”

Vibrant Raindrops Sword was a sword technique that emphasized speed. Raindrops were the mirage produced by the extreme speed of the sword, just like the rapid raindrops.

“Do you want to learn?”

Zhou Xuanji asked calmly, and Zhao Congjian nodded instinctively.

Although he already had Earth Grade sword techniques, who would not like more?

Vibrant Raindrops Sword was very suitable for him because his Way of the Sword was speed!

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “If you accomplish the mission I give you, I will also teach the Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword to you. ”

Without the Supreme Legendary Sword System, it would already take years for Zhao Congjian to attain Great Accomplishments for the 2 sword techniques, much less the Sword Wills.

Wait until he attained Great Accomplishment, Zhou Xuanji would already become a different beast, having new and more powerful sword techniques. So, Zhou Xuanji was not worried about his newfound sword slave surpassing him.