I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 699 - Chapter 699 Eighteen-Star Aptitude

Eighteen-Star Aptitude

Zhou Xuanji arrived at the Void Boundary Palace through the Vocation Palace at the Origin City, waiting on the floor where Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan had appeared before.

Sure enough, Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan appeared within ten breaths.

Fierce Thunder Sovereign had once said that if he came for the Great Dao Tempering Pool, he should first look for Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan to reassess his aptitude.

“You did very good in the Superstar Competition. We have used our relationship to allow you to stay in the Great Dao Tempering Pool for a year. Make out the best of it,” Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan said in a kind voice, smiling.

He was acting completely different from the past. It was quite clear that the surprise Zhou Xuanji had given him was really too big.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and thanked, “Thank you very much, Heavenly Sage.”

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan said while smiling, “You don’t need to thank us. You just focus on maintaining your edge. The better you perform, the more benefits we can get, better yet, the greater face we will have.”

Next, he brushed past Zhou Xuanji, dropping a sentence, “Follow us, we will take you to reassess your aptitude.”

Zhou Xuanji followed him right away.

Now that he had created his own Sword Dao, he believed that his aptitude would be higher than before.

However, he didn’t expect to have improved too much.

He still knew himself pretty well.

Under the leadership of Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan, Zhou Xuanji came to the First Space Hall. Many primitive patterns were carved on the walls. They were quite vivid and lifelike, giving the impression that all these divine beasts would charge out.

Just as they walked in, a golden light mirror rose from the ground. It was one foot wide and three feet high.

“Stand in front of it. Your aptitude will be completely displayed, including your hidden potential,” ordered Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan. His eyes were filled with some expectations.

Zhou Xuanji made his way to the front of the golden mirror, curious.

He kept his gaze at the golden mirror but he didn’t find any change happening on it. It was still very calm.

Zhou Xuanji waited patiently. He wasn’t the least bit anxious.

Time went by bit by bit.

After half an incense worth of time had passed, a frown appeared on Zhou Xuanji’s brow.

This thing isn’t broken, is it?

Just as he was about to turn to ask Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan, lines of text started appearing on the mirror.

Heavenly Law Heart of Good Fortune.

Exterminating Divine Eyes

Map of Luck

Serendipity of the World’s Beginning

Great Dao of Swords

Zhou Xianji’s eyes widened in surprise.

Isn’t this a little too detailed!?

It can even detect the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning.

“The aptitude cannot be determined but it might be eighteen-star aptitude,” an indifferent voice reverberated from the golden mirror, which shocked Zhou Xuanji.


Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan’s eyes bulged in shock and surprise.


Just twelve-star aptitude opened the back doors for him. What would eighteen-star aptitude do for him?

Even Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan couldn’t say. At this moment, his mind was totally blank.

He was surprised, confused, and even felt deep dread.

Such a genius was destined to be out of his control. If nothing happened, Zhou Xuanji would catch up with him in ten thousand years.

The more he thought about it, the more complicated his emotions became.

Zhou Xuanji turned to look at him with a little complicated look in his eyes.

At this moment, all his cards were exposed in front of the Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan. He was naturally a little unhappy.

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan exclaimed, “Eighteen-star… incredible!”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but ask, “Did you see it just now?”

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan immediately broke into laughter when he heard this.

“Only the examinee can see their potential clearly, while others can only hear the report from the mirror. This can be considered protection for the genius. If I’ve to make a guess, only the Sovereign can see your hidden potential. But the old man is in closed-door cultivation. Where would he have the time to pay attention to your mirror?” Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan shook his head and explained, laughing.

After having said this, he became excited again.

Eighteen-star aptitude!

How many years has it been since a genius of such caliber is born in the Kunlun Origin Court?

And this Kid is not a reincarnation of some ancient figure!

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan immediately said, “You should go to the Great Dao Tempering Pool and dive into cultivation with every effort!”

Having said this, he personally took Zhou Xuanji to the Great Dao Tempering Pool.

The Great Dao Tempering Pool was located above the Void Boundary Hall. It was on an another plane and was heavily guarded.

Just the ordinary soldiers guarding this place had the cultivation of Dao Ancestors. The Guard General stationed here was even more unfathomable. Even Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan had to bow and greet him.

Dense dark clouds were billowing before a giant door. And above this giant door was pure darkness.

“This Kid has eighteen-star aptitude, I hope you can give him as much time as possible,” Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan cupped his fist and said.

As soon as he said this, all the soldiers looked at Zhou Xuanji in shock and surprise.

The Guard General was a hundred feet tall and was wearing thick, black armor. His breast plate was like a dragon head. His face was covered by a big beard like the godly version of Zhang Fei. He gazed down at Zhou Xuanji and said, clicking his tongue in surprise, “Eighteen-star aptitude, no wonder his performance was so good in the Superstar Competition.”

“Okay! Go in, you can stay inside for two years!”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. I got two years, just like this!?

It seems the Kunlun Origin Court really gives preferential treatment to geniuses.

He immediately bowed to the Guard General and Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan before walking into the giant gates.

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan bowed and cupped his fists to the Guard General and hurriedly took his leave.

Presumably, Zhou Xuanji’s qualifications would spread through the Kunlun Origin Court in a short time.

On another side…

Zhou Xuanji was walking on the sea of clouds. Along the way, he saw many hot springs of all shapes and sizes hidden in the clouds, most of which were already occupied.

This place was dead silent. Only after walking further did he realize that there were many powerful cultivators.

He didn’t make a single noise. Very soon, he found an unoccupied Great Dao Tempering Pool.

He walked straight into it. In the next moment, he felt cold all over his body.

He promptly sat cross-legged in the pool, circulating the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.


Zhou Xuanji felt that he was in the middle of Great Daos. As soon as he started cultivating, he felt dao energy swarming at him from all the directions, making his consciousness fall into chaos.

And his eyes opened unconsciously. His pupils were purple in color and looked extremely strange.

Longbow Divine Range, Ancestral Hall…

The Longbow Ancestor and a group of high-level figures were standing in the hall. And the one sitting on the seat of honor was an evil man. He was wearing black purplish dragon robes and two fangs could be seen peeking out over his lower lips. There was a phoenix-feathered crowd on his head, and he sat there in a lazy manner.

There was one person standing by his side. Surprisingly, it was Ji Huanglin.

“Have you made up your mind?” the dragon-robed man asked in an indifferent manner. His eyes might look calm on the surface but they were filled with majesty.

Longbow Ancestor gritted his teeth and said, “Sovereign, your conditions are really good but you must ensure that when Zhou Xuanji goes with you, you will train him with all your strength. He will not be left out cold.”


The man in the dragon robes was exactly the Range Master of the nineteenth-ranked Divine Range. His name was Beast Sovereign, and his strength was unfathomable.

Beast Sovereign let out a snort and said, displeased, “If this Sovereign doesn’t value him, will he come personally?”

Normally, Longbow Ancestor didn’t even have the qualifications to meet him.

Just the fact that he was replying to him was already respectful enough.

Longbow Ancestor heaved a sigh and agreed, “I agree.”

Ji Huanglin rolled his eyes at him and said, “You got enough resources. You struck gold this time and you are still showing an expression of being bullied. Don’t you think you are being a bit rude?”

Longbow Ancestor looked embarrassed. He hurriedly apologized.

The other senior members of the Longbow Divine Range were happy.

This was a deal that had satisfied them all.

It could even be said that it gave them a pleasant surprise.

There was a hidden danger for a genius like Zhou Xuanji staying in the Longbow Divine Range. It was really cool to have such a pleasant surprise while sending him away!