I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 698 - Chapter 698 Top of the Universe

“Zhou Xuanji, you are too strong!”

“Admire! How did you do it? Your performance in the Great Dao Talent Competition was simply heaven-defying!”

“You are really so young!”

“Even after seeing with my own eyes, it still feels so unreal. In this Superstar Competition, he is the most popular figure besides Ying Zhuge!”

“Did he really came from the lower world!?”

Seeing everyone’s excitement, Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a smile and then disappeared into thin air.

Cheng Jiu, Longbow Ancestor, Yu Shenzhong, and a crowd of Longbow Divine Range people were already waiting ourisde.

“So many people! How do we go in!?”

Yu Shenzhong stomped his feet anxiously. He couldn’t do anything as he would make too many enemies.

Longbow Ancestor was still in a state of excitement. He had no idea what Yu Shenzhong was going on about.

At this time, Zhou Xuanji appeared in front of them. Surprised, everyone swarmed towards him.

Everyone was extremely excited and speaking incoherently.

Surrounded by everyone, Zhou Xuanji returned to the Longbow Divine Range. Along the way, they encountered many creatures. Each of those creatures were very excited when they saw Zhou Xuanji.

The Superstar Competition was a grand event for the entire Kunlun Origin Court. All the creatures had seen Zhou Xuanji, so they recognized him in one glance.

Zhou Xuanji was now a well-known face in the Kunlun Origin Court!

Popular in the entire universe overnight!

After returning to the Yu Family, Zhou Xuanji returned straight back to his courtyard. Xian Xianghua, the Old Beggar, Yu Zhongxiu, and the others happened to be waiting for him there. They immediately rushed to him upon seeing him.

Xian Xianghua, taking the lead, hugged him, pinched his face, and said with a smile, “Husband, you are so amazing!”

This time, she didn’t add ‘dear’ before the husband.

Others followed suit and swarmed him with questions and congratulations. Zhou Xuanji had no idea who to answer.

He had already guessed that he would be facing this kind of situation, so he wasn’t taken aback by this.

The Superstar Competition was conducted before everyone’s eyes. Zhou Xuanji didn’t need to introduce the process. He only talked about his own state of mind.

Having come to know that Zhou Xuanji was very calm throughout the Superstar Competition, everyone couldn’t help being speechless.

In fact, it was normal. The participants couldn’t feel the excitement of the sentient beings in the sacred arena.

After chatting for an hour, Zhou Xuanji finally got to return to his house.

Xian Xianghua followed him into the house.

They were already husband and wife. Usually, Xian Xianghua would return and live with him in his room, so Yu Zhongxiu would look away every time she saw this.

Returning to Skyfall, the two gathered the upper echelons of Sword Emperor Court. Xian Xianghua informed everyone about the matter first, shocking everyone.

How long has passed!?

“Father, is what Aunt Xian said true?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan gulped nervously. She had no idea how strong a Dao Ancestor was, not to mention how high was Nine Vast Heavens. But even his own daughter didn’t believe that Zhou Xuanji had conquered the peak of the universe.

Jiang Xue stared at Zhou Xuanji in admiration. She hugged his right arm, acting all cute and spoiled.

Old Man Daoya heaved a sigh and said, “Monster… Monster!”

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Lin Changge, and the others were even more happy and excited for him. They kept waving their fists.

So overbearing!

So amazing!

Even the ceiling of the top of the universe couldn’t stop Zhou Xuanji’s sharpness!

“You guys, focus on cultivation. I will let Xian Xianghua take charge of the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. When your cultivation is sufficient, I will take you to the Kunlun Origin Court. I will try my best to cultivator and fight for the day when my Emperor Sword Court can establish a Divine Range so that we don’t need to depend on anyone,” stated Zhou Xuanji with a smile. Everyone was excited upon hearing this.

Establish their own Divine Range!

Compete with Origin Court!

Thinking of Great Eliminations, vocations, and various competitions in the Kunlun Origin Court, everyone couldn’t hold their excitement.

This was really a big stage!

On the same day, Emperor Sword Court held a banquet as the entire court celebrated.

The disciples of the Emperor Sword Court thought that they were celebrating because their founding father was back. All of them were very happy and excited. As for the existence of the Kunlun Origin Court, it was not disclosed to the public.

Knowing about the existence of the Kunlun Origin Court would not be a good thing for the Emperor Sword Court’s disciples. Everyone tended to be ambitious. They might get dissatisfied with their current achievements.

Just like a person who knows that his grandfather is a billionaire. He usually earns 2,000 bucks. But when his grandfather throws him 10,000 bucks, he feels that 10,000 bucks is normal pay. He finds it difficult to have a sense of accomplishment.

After a few days of celebrations, Zhou Xuanji preached to Emperor Sword Court’s disciples, using Sword Master Haki and Great Dao voice to lead the cultivation of hundreds of thousands of disciples.

After twenty days, he finally left the world in the lotus and handed the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus to Xian Xianghua.

At the same time, he gave ten million merit points so that she would be able to go on fewer missions and usually stay in the Kunlun Origin Court to cutivate.

With Xian Xianghua’s current strength, it was too dangerous to leave the Kunlun Origin Court.

Xian Xianghua had no opinion on this. After seeing the Superstar Competition, she also wanted to cultivate hard. At least, raise her cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji left the Yu Family, preparing to head to the Void Boundary Palace and then enter the Great Dao Tempering Pool to practice.

Just as he was about to fly out of the Longbow Divine Range, Longbow Ancestor suddenly stopped him.

“Junior Brother Zhou, are you thinking of going to the Great Dao Tempering Pool?” Longbow Ancestor asked with a smile but he looked a little nervous.

Over the last month, the Longbow Divine Range had been visited by envoys of various Divine Ranges.

These Divine Ranges were stronger than the Longbow Divine Range, making it harder for him to neglect any of them. Even the envoys of the top thousand Divine Ranges had paid him a visit.

“Yes, is something wrong with you?” Zhou Xuanji nodded and agreed. He had pretty much guessed the other party’s intention for coming.

Today, he had no shortage of merit points. As long as the Longbow Divine Range dared to keep him, he would remain here.

“You have become famous already. You need to be careful now. Some Divine Range will do whatever it takes to win you over,” Longbow Ancestor said, sighing.

He had once put hopes on Zhou Xuanji but now, he was a little unable to bear it.

The conditions that those giants had offered him were too generous.

With those conditions, the Longbow Divine Range would be out of the danger and even reach a higher level. Furthermore, if Zhou Xuanji became stronger, he would leave sooner or later anyway.

But he really couldn’t bear to part with Zhou Xuanji.

With Zhou Xuanji, the Longbow Divine Range would be popular. Not only could they earn a lot of merit points but countless creatures would flock to the Longbow Divine Range.

Now who didn’t know that the Longbow Divine Range had found a super genius from the black market!?

Looking at history, such deeds were extremely rare.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and asked, “Senior, if you have any difficulties, you can come out and say it. I can only have today’s achievements because your Longbow Divne Range took me in. No matter where I am in the future, the Longbow Divine Range will always have a position in my heart. If someday I can roam freely in the Origin Court, I will definitely support the Longbow Divine Range.”

Zhou Xuanji was completely sincere.

If other Divine Range had bought him, he might still be a slave. He wouldn’t have reached his current position.

The Longbow Ancestor was moved upon hearing this. Even tears appeared in his eyes.

Patting Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder heavily, he said, “I will try my best to keep you. But if you encounter a Divine Range that will really allow you to develop better, I will let you go. Whether you will go or stay, you can be rest assured that even if I hand you over, I will choose the Divine Range that will truly suit you.”

When he spoke of this, his words were very clear.

Zhou Xuanji made some polite talk with him before heading to the Origin City.

No matter where he went, his strength was the most important.