I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 697 - Chapter 697 Blowing Away All the Participants

When he returned to the Superstar Sacred Stele, Zhou Xuanji got the attention of every genius. Even Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen were looking at him.

Ying Zhuge’s eyes were filled with a little curiosity. He had been piqued by Zhou Xuanji’s experience.

Chu Mochen had a complicated look on his face. He was very angry but he knew that he should not vent his anger out on Zhou Xuanji because that would make him look weaker.

All he could do was transfer his hate on all the super geniuses who had eliminated him.

Gu Hanyue quickly made her way to Zhou Xuanji and asked angrily, “You are really something! You got first place. Did you deliberately prepare for it!?”

Zhou Xuanji won first place by accident. It was so dramatic that Gu Hanyue was envious of it.

She originally had a bad impression of Zhou Xuanji but seeing him get first place, she couldn’t help but change her opinion.

No matter what, the result mattered.

It wasn’t simply a matter of luck for a Dao-Treading Saint to come first in the Great Dao Talent Competition.

And coupled with the Superstar Divine Official, she looked at Zhou Xuanji in a new light. She always felt that he was surrounded by a halo.

“If it was really deliberate, that would be even better,” Zhou Xuanji, wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth, said helplessly.

To be honest, he really hadn’t expected the things to end like this.

Other geniuses came to congratulate Zhou Xuanji, one after another.

After having listened to the Superstar Divine Official, they all felt that there was more to Zhou Xuanji’s twelve-star aptitude than he met the eye.

Such a genius should be made friends with!

Fierce Thunder Sovereign in the sky sized up Zhou Xianji. He too was secretly shocked.

He hadn’t expect such a character to appear in this year’s Superstar Competition.

Previously, he thought that this year’s Superstar Competition wouldn’t be that exciting. Because he had hosted many Superstar Competitions, he felt that this year’s Superstar Competition was just a contest between Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen.

After having lived for untold years, he had even seen eighteen-star geniuses. Naturally, the two seventeen-star geniuses would not arouse much interest in him.

“This Kid is really interesting. I think Sovereign will like him,” the corner of Fierce Thunder Sovereign rose as he mumbled in his heart.

Since the Strength Competition was the last event, the Superstar Competition gave the participants a break for the final excitement.

At the same time, it was also an opportunity for all the divine ranges and Origin Cities to open the gambling market.

Zhou Xuanji became the most popular existence. Almost all the geniuses came to make friends with him.

Those who had lost to him also took the initiative to show their good will.

They weren’t stupid. Zhou Xuanji would definitely rise to fame after the Superstar Competition and become someone high and mighty. And coupled with his growth rate, God knows what kind of existence he would become in the future.

He wasn’t even six hundred years old and yet he came first thrice in the Superstar Competition. More importantly, he came from the mortal world, paving his way with a mortal body.

They even cursed in their heart.

Who on Earth assessed Zhou Xuanji as a twelve-star genius!?

It’s simply tricking them!

Outside world…

Hong Yuan, the senior examiner who tested Zhou Xuanji’s aptitude was sweating buckets at this moment. He couldn’t sit still.

“This kid…”

Hong Yuan also suspected himself. Why couldn’t he see through Zhou Xuanji?

Was there really a problem with his assessment?

He was lost in confusion. He was unable to extricate himself.

On one hand, Zhou Xuanji was healing his wounds, while on the other, he was waiting for the Strength Competition to start.

It was also very time-consuming and tiresome to be courteous to more than two thousand geniuses. Furthermore, he still had to endure the pain.

About half a month had passed…

The Strength Competition finally began. This time, all the top hundred geniuses participated in it.

Just like the Great Dao Talent Competition, it was a battle royale!

However, the Strength Competition was all about competing with all their strength. They didn’t have to worry about hurting others. The Superstar Divine Official would try his best to save others. But if by some fluke of bad luck someone died, it was normal that the Divine Range would not contest it.

The huge Sacred Arena seemed so small at this moment. A bunch of terrifying battles between super Dao Ancestors had broken out. The aftermath caused the light shield of the Sacred Arena to distort crazily as if it would shatter at any time.

Zhou Xuanji was also watching the battle. He found that his eyes couldn’t keep up with these geniuses.

They were simply too fast for him.


Zhou Xuanji was amazed. But he had heard that none of the top hundred geniuses were older than ten thousand years.

In all of the Superstar Competition held till this date, the oldest of the participant was not older than a hundred thousand years.

A hundred thousand years of age was still considered young in the Kunlun Origin Court.

This battle lasted for a long time.

And the outcome wasn’t far from anyone’s expectations.

The winner was Ying Zhuge!

With his full power attack, Ying Zhuge blew all the participants out of the arena. He fought all the geniuses alone. All the geniuses under sixteen-star could not even take a single move.

He blew everyone away with strength!

This battle was the least suspenseful. Before, Zhou Xuanji believed that Chu Mochen had 50% chances of beating Ying Zhuge but he didn’t expect Chu Mochen to be slammed down on the ground with a single hammer strike.

Even if someone teamed up to deal with Ying Zhuge, they were still powerless to resist.

Zhou Xuanji slowly got up and watched the geniuses descend from the cortex of the sea of clouds.

His eyes locked on to Ying Zhuge.

Ying Zhuge, sensing his gaze, couldn’t help but look at him.

Their eyes met as their gazes clashed in the air.

If it was before the Great Dao Talent Competition, Ying Zhuge would have definitely not paid any attention to Zhou Xuanji.

“Zhou Xuanji, work hard to grow. I want to fight with you in the same realm,” Ying Zhuge, looking down at Zhou Xuanji, said. His voice was loud and resounded under the sea of clouds.

All the geniuses heard it. They turned their gazes at Zhou Xuanji, looking at him with surprise.

Zhou Xuanji nodded gently but didn’t give an answer.

It wasn’t that he was scared but he wasn’t qualified to make any beautiful declarations now.

He could only prove himself with his actions!

“The Superstar Competition is over now. The Great Dao Tempering Pool can open anytime now. Everyone can head back to Void Palace, where there is a teleportation array,” Fierce Thunder Sovereign said before a number of portals rose from the ground like virtual projections.

At this point, the Superstar Competition was over.

Zhou Xuanji turned around, ready to leave.

Gu Hanyue promptly rushed over. Her face was covered in blood and her hair was a mess. But she still appeared excited as she said, “Zhou Xuanji, when will you go to the Great Dao Tempering Pool?”

Zhou Xuanji gave her a glance and asked, “Why? Do you want to take a bath with me together?”

Gu Hanyue’s face immediately turned colder upon hearing him. She snorted and said, “Fat chance! I just want to know more about you. If possible, you can come over to our Divine Range. In any case, we are one of the top hundred Divine Ranges.”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and rejected her, “I don’t have any intention of going to other Divine Ranges for the time being.”

He then continued walking towards the portal where he came from.


Gu Hanyue’s pretty eyes widened in anger. She was rendered speechless.

This guy cheated her and yet didn’t want to chat with her for a moment.

No wonder his aptitude is so terrifying. He must spend all his time cultivating!


“After one month, go to the Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan at the Void Boundary Palace. He will take you to reassess your aptitude,” Fierce Thunder Sovereign’s voice suddenly rang in Zhou Xuanji’s ears.

Zhuo Xuanji looked back but he couldn’t find even the shadow of Fierce Thunder Sovereign.

He smiled and turned around, walking into the portal before disappearing.

Back in the Sacred Competition Building in the Origin City, just as Zhou Xuanji walked out of the teleportation array, he was met with deafening cheers.

He opened his eyes and found the entire Sacred Competition Building jam-packed. Everyone was looking at him excitedly and enthusiastically. Some even knelt down on the spot, kowtowing to him.