I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 696 - Chapter 696 Legend!

Top three!

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath as a smile appeared on his face. He was already happy with this result.

As for what came next, he was fine with anything!

He cracked his neck. He looked at ease and relaxed.

Meanwhile, Ji Huanglin and Ying Zhuge were at each other’s necks.

They didn’t attach any importance to Zhou Xuanji as his Sword Dao was pitifully weak.

Furthermore, if they made a move on Zhou Xuanji, they would make themselves open to the other party’s attack.

“Ji Huanglin, I admire you very much. Admit defeat or else, it will affect your performance in the Strength Competition,” Ying Zhuge suggested in a calm and unperturbed manner, like an aloof king. He really didn’t attach any importance to Ji Huanglin.

Ji Huanglin, on the other hand, pursed the corner of his lips into a smile and replied, “There aren’t many chances to fight one-on-one with you. Furthermore, I am really not your opponent in the strength aspect. But now, you and I should fight!”

The nearby Zhou Xuanji timely proposed, “Ji Huanglin, shall I help?”

As he had taken advantage of Ji Huanglin multiple times, he wanted to return the favor.

As for whether he would win or not, he didn’t care at all.

Third place is enough!

A sharp edge is too easy to break!

“No need, you can watch from the sidelines. If I win, you will have a chance for first place. And if I lose, second place is meaningless to me,” replied Ji Huanglin. His eyes never left Ying Zhuge.

Just as he finished speaking, he controlled his Great Dao to attack right away, crashing straight into Ying Zhuge’s Great Dao giant.

Another great battle had erupted!

Zhou Xuanji was left blinking his eyes. Second place was gifted to him just like that!?

He heaved a sigh. This time, he really wasn’t trying to be second.

His sigh was seen by all creatures. All the creatures could pour their divine wills into the screen of light and heard their conversation.

“Utterly shamelessness! This is too…”

“My God, he still has a helpless expression!?”

“This guy is a total opportunist and eager-beaver!”

“Are all super geniuses so strange!?”

“Why didn’t I encounter geniuses like this when I participated in the Superstar Competition!?”

Everyone was amazed. Ji Huanglin’s words caused countless beings to vomit blood.

Especially those beings who bet on him to be second.

They lost their shirts!

The Longbow Divine Range was in an uproar. The Longbow Divine Ancestor’s laughter spread down from the top. Even with his high cultivation, he was unable to hide the cheers of the entire Divine Range.

Even though Zhou Xuanji had won first place twice, no one had expected him to enter the top three.

And by the looks of it, he could still be second!

Once he came second, the Longbow Divine Range would really be flipped!

Ever since Zhou Xuanji got first place in the Dao Debate, the Longbow Divine Range had gained a lot of friendship and business with the other divine ranges. And coupled with the merit points they had bet on Zhou Xuanji, they had made a lot of money.

It would not be an exaggeration to call Zhou Xuanji the hero of the Longbow Divine Range. Even other nearby divine ranges called him as such.

Zhou Xuanji sat cross-legged on the ground with his hands crossed before his chest. He was calmly watching Ji Huanglin’s fight with Ying Zhuge.

By the looks of it, Ji Hunaglin really wasn’t Ying Zhuge’s opponent.

Ji Huanglin’s forehead was drenched in sweat. In contrast, Ying Zhuge looked completely relaxed and easy.

“Who was this guy in his previous life!? He is really strong,” Zhou Xuanji marveled in his heart. In his eyes, Ying Zhuge’s aura was no different than a Dao Ancestor’s.

It’s hard to imagine how terrifying this guy would be in a fight when he is no longer restricted.

Ying Zhuge asked, “Ji Huanglin, are you sure you want to continue?”

Ji Huanglin remained unmoved and continued to attack.

Ying Zhuge shook his head. His eyes suddenly focused as the Great Dao giant suddenly raised its hand high and cut furiously at Ji Huanglin’s Great Dao.

A deafening explosion shook the sacred arena as a dazzling flash of light blinded everyone’s eyes.

Ji Huanglin retreated twelve steps. His face had lost all blood.

He wasn’t defeated yet. He held on.

His Great Dao was like leaves of a tree in a storm, able to be dispersed at any moment.

“It’s about to be finished!?” Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrow. He couldn’t wait for it to end.

The Great Dao Talent Competition was followed by the Strength Competition. Very soon, the Superstar Competition would come to an end. He could then cultivate in peace and grow stronger as soon as possible.

What he was looking forward to most was the Great Dao Tempering Pool. If it could strengthen his sword dao, that would be great.

While Zhou Xuanji was wrapped up in his thoughts, Ji Huanglin’s Great Dao suddenly glowed brightly.

A heaven-shaking explosion immediately through the sacred arena!

Zhou Xuanji was sent rolling on the ground by the resulting shockwave. He crashed into the light shield at the edge of the sacred arena and coughed up a mouthful of blood immediately, dying the ground red.


Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart as he felt his internal organs flip all over.

He even saw stars before his eyes.

He fell on the ground but supported himself before his knees could touch the ground.

“The Great Dao Talent Competition has ended. Longbow Divine Range’s twelve-star genius, Zhou Xuanji wins first place! He will receive 1.4 billion merit points and a chance to enter the Great Dao Tempering Pool for half a year!” the Superstar Divine Official’s voice spread from the sky as the sacred arena sunk into silence.

All the geniuses floating in the sky were tongue-tied.

They really hadn’t this kind of result.

Ying Zhuge and Ji Huanglin on the other corner of the sacred arena also stopped. They too looked a little surprised.

Ying Zhuge furrowed his brow. There was a displeased look in his eyes.

Ji Huanglin was stunned and fell into a trance.

Zhou Xuanji was also stunned.

Happiness came too fast. He didn’t have the time to react.

Did I win just like that!?

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Ying Zhuge and Ji Huanglin in confusion.

The Kunlun Origin Court’s shouts had already shaken the universe.

“What the f***!? Is this really true!? Are you kidding me!?”

“Can you win like this!? Isn’t he pretending to be injured!?”

“This is all staged! I protest!”

“Won! A dark horse won!”

“My merit points! I don’t believe it! Someone must be pulling strings in the Superstar Competition!”

“After a million years, I must warn my children and grandchildren to never place a bet on anyone in Superstar Competition! Absolutely not!”

The divine ranges and Origin Cities were all in an uproar, jeering, cheering, shouting, screaming, etc, etc could be heard together. It was deafening.

“1.5 billion… I’m rich…” Zhou Xuanji smiled. He looked calm on the surface but he would laugh his heart out later.

In this Superstar Competition, he had gained a total of 2.7 billion merit points!

2.7 billion!

Some small divine ranges could only earn so many merit points in a year!

Next, the Superstar Divine Official sent everyone out of the sacred arena.

“Zhou Xuanji is the first person under a thousand years of age to win first place three times in a Superstar Competition. He is also the one with the best performance under fifteen-star geniuses. Remember, he is not even six hundred years old! He is not a native of Kunlun Origin Court. He is not a reincarnation of a powerful being either. He came from a mortal world and paved his way by himself!”

“Remember his name, he will shine in the entire Kunlun Origin Court!”

The Superstar Divine Official’s voice was so high that it brought countless creatures back to their senses, only to shake them up again.

In the eyes of most creatures, Zhou Xuanji was a dark horse.

But they hadn’t expected his history to be so legendary…

He wasn’t even six hundred years old. Furthermore, he came up from a mortal world!

The Superstar Divine Official’s words changed Zhou Xuanji’s image.

He became a hard-working and inspirational legend from an unscrupulous and obscene villain.