I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 695 - Chapter 695The Top Three!

Facing the joint attacks of five geniuses, Chu Mochen’s Great Dao kept retreating. His situation was quite miserable.

Judging by his current condition, he would lose for sure.

After all, the four geniuses weren’t that easy to deal with, and coupled with Ying Zhuge’s explosive attacks, how could Chu Mochen beat them.

Zhou Xuanji wasn’t that far away from the four. When he moved closer, it looked like he was advancing and retreating with the four.

At this moment, the Divine Range backing Chu Mochen were probably blowing their tops.

Zhou Xuanji could imagine the scene of countless creatures cursing him.

But he didn’t care.

In the Kunlun Origin Court, the divine ranges could not fight directly. They could only fight through the Great Eliminations.

And in the Great Eliminations, everyone’s strength was similar. Zhou Xuanji wasn’t really afraid of anyone.

Anyway, he and Chu Mochen would never come face to face with each other.

After the time that it takes half an incense to burn…

Chu Mochen finally couldn’t bear it. His Great Dao was blown into nothing before he was eliminated.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and the others with hatred, grinding his teeth

Gu Hanyue breathed a sigh of relief. She walked to Zhou Xuanji and sent a voice transmission, “You really are a trickster!”

If Zhou Xuanji hadn’t taken the shot first, they probably would have taken longer because the deterrence of Chu Mochen and Ying Zhuge was too great.

After Chu Mochen was out, the other geniuses turned their claws at Ying Zhuge.

As long as they could eliminate Ying Zhuge, they all would have the qualifications to be first!

“All of you can come at me together!” Ying Zhuge calmly said.

Immediately after, his blue Great Dao transformed into a giant and let out a roar toward the sky, exuding tremendous pressure.

The four geniuses immediately made their move at the sight of this, attacking Ying Zhuge at the same time.

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes. He was struck with an enlightenment and his heart was at absolute peace. Everything around him disappeared. All that he could feel were the Great Daos. In addition to the Great Daos of the five geniuses, he also perceived the existence of the other Great Daos, stabilizing the sacred arena.

He controlled his sword dao to absorb the Great Daos.

There were no rules that said that it was forbidden to cultivate in the arena. The only rule was that an artifact couldn’t be used. Otherwise, he would have directly taken out the Tianxia Map to have a steady flow of dao energy.

Of course, other geniuses also had similar methods.

When the creatures outside saw Zhou Xuanji enter the cultivation state, everyone’s emotions were immediately lit aflame.

“He can still cultivate in this situation!?”

“Rulai Fu! Look behind you!”

“It’s not that they can’t see, they are busy dealing with Ying Zhuge!”

“Motherf*****I feel that Zhou Xuanji has better chances to launch a counterattack more and more.”

“You are not alone!”

Everyone was very excited because the victory or defeat of the Great Dao Talent Competition was in sight.

The creatures of Longbow Divine Range were also very excited.

As long as Zhou Xuanji could slip into the top three, he would have made history!

He would be the only twelve-star genius to get first in two events and enter the top three in the third for the first time.

To be precise, no genius with fifteen-stars or fewer stars had gotten first place twice in the Superstar Competition!

“This Kid…”

The Old Beggar’s eyes widened in shock as a big drop of cold sweat trickled down his forehead. His eyes were completely glued on the screen of light in the sky, praying for Zhou Xuanji.

The same was true for other people. Qiu Hu, who always kept talking, had shut his mouth, watching the battle nervously.

Xian Xianghua’s eyes were filled with hope. She believed that Zhou Xuanji would give everyone a pleasant surprise.


The five Great Daos clashed thunderously and wildly. Every clash was extremely strong, and they caused the sacred arena to shake violently.

Gu Hanyu looked back and when she saw Zhou Xuanji in a calm state, she was immediately infuriated.

She sent him a voice transmission, asking, “What are you doing? Are you thinking of quietly recovering when we are fighting and then attack us all at once!?”

Zhou Xuanji replied in a calm and unperturbed manner, “Even if I am at my peak, can I still beat anyone here?”

“I don’t care, come and join us right this instant!” Gu Hanyue’s tone was filled with impatience. She felt that if she listened to Zhou Xuangji again, he might really get first!

She couldn’t take it anymore!

Rulai Fu and the genius by his side cast a threatening glare at Zhou Xuanji too. Zhou Xuanji breathed a helpless sigh. He had no choice but to attack with his sword dao.

He once again resorted to the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, turning the Great Dao into billions of sword shadows. He immediately used a billion swords shadows to take the vanguard.


The five Great Daos were hit by his billions of sword shadows and crashed into the light shield at the edge of the sacred arena. It looked as if they would break through the light shield.

“You…” Rulai Fu was furious but stopped his next words.

Although Zhou Xuanji had accidentally injured their Great Daos, they couldn’t put the blame on Zhou Xuanji.

Who asked him to be so weak.

In addition, once any Great Dao approached Ying Zhuge, the Great Dao would definitely be shattered into nothing.

The Great Dao giant directly pushed away a billion sword shadows with the shake of his arm. It was extremely domineering.

Immediately afterward, the Great Dao giant raised its arms as two blue rays appeared in its palm, shooting straight toward the sky. They then merged into one and formed a five thousand feet long blade of light before the giant slashed the blade downward, giving rise to intense gales.

The four geniuses promptly controlled their Great Daos to cast divine abilities to block this blade.


Gu Hanyue and the other genius’s Great Daos were directly cut off.

Ji Huanglin and Rulai Fu’s Great Dao couldn’t resist it either; they were pushed away, one by one.


Gu Hanyue’s pretty eyes widened in shock. She couldn’t believe it.

The Superstar Divine Official immediately dragged them behind him with the wave of his hand.

Gu Hanyue turned her head to look, looking at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji appeared to be regretting. He shook his head regretfully, causing her to almost cough blood in anger.

This was completely different from what she had expected!

She suddenly felt that she had been tricked by Zhou Xuanji!

But after giving it a thought, Zhou Xuanji hadn’t targeted her. She lost at Ying Zhuge’s hands.

At this moment, Ying Zhuge let out a shout as he began to actively attack Ji Huanglin and Rulai Fu.

“Damn it!” Rulai Fu’s expression immediately changed as he quickly retreated.

He wanted to get into the top three.

At this moment…

Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao transformed into a silver sword as he quickly rushed to the back of Rulai Fu’s Great Dao, slashing frantically.

Rulai Fu was caught off-guard. He had no time to resist because Ying Zhuge was attacking from the front.

He quickly dodged, distancing himself from Zhou Xuanji.

Ji Huanglin promptly attacked from the other side.

“Damn you!” Rulai Fu broke into curses.

How did I become everyone’s target!?

Rulai Fu’s Great Dao could no longer escape the interception of Ji Huanglin’s Great Dao.

Zhou Xuanji controlled his own sword dao to cast Void Instant Kill.


Rulai Fu’s Great Dao was immediately pierced through. Rulai Fu’s face turned hideous at the sight of this.

Fortunately, his Great Dao was strong enough to hold on.


Ying Zhuge’s Great Dao giant appeared behind him and slashed down, slashing through Rulai Fu’s Great Dao.

And just like this, a Sixteen-star genius, Rulai Fu, was eliminated!

Only Zhou Xuanji, Ji Huanglin, and Ying Zhuge were left in the sacred arena!


The entire Kunlun Origin Court was stirred!

Everyone had gone crazy!

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

A Dao-Treading Saint had actually entered the top three in the Great Dao Talent Competition using just his wits!

“My Origin Court! You are not tricking me, are you!?”

“F***, this is definitely staged! I don’t believe it! There must be a divine range controlling the bettings!”

“My merit points… once they are gone… I won’t be able to survive anymore…”

“These damn idiots, you must have thrown your brains in the gutter! You actually let Zhou Xuanji slip into the top three, I can’t take this! I really can’t take this!”

“Tell me it’s not true!?”