I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 694 - Chapter 694 - Always Lie Down and Go

Seeing Zhou Xuanji cast Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, turning the Great Dao into billions of sword shadows, the outside world was boiling.

For the sake of drifting along, this Kid is willing to do everything he can!

Only the Longbow Divine Range was very excited.

It seemed that Zhou Xuanji could still survive!

Maybe he would give them a pleasant surprise!

Gu Hanyue looked at Zhou Xuanji with a weird look and exclaimed, “You are really shameless, aren’t you?”

With so many sword shadows, it would be really hard to destroy all of them and eliminate his sword dao because these sword shadows were flying aimlessly. They could easily harm the other Great Daos.

And he was causing trouble!

Many of them were already flying closer to Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen.

Zhou Xuanji calmly said, “What’s wrong with being shameless? This kind of formation is a good sight for the spectators.”

It was indeed true.

Billions of swords filling the sacred arena was indeed quite spectacular!

Countless creatures might be cursing him for being shameless but it was an undeniable fact that when this divine ability made an appearance, the outside world was instantly ignited.

The Superstar Divine Official looked satisfied for a while.

If Zhou Xuanji made it to the top three, again, it might not be disgusting but theatrics instead.

The most important aspect about the Superstar Competition was theatrics.

If it was really about better aptitude and strength, why would they set up so many events?

This was a stage where the geniuses could show off their talents in all aspects and contribute to their fame.

The geniuses controlled their respective Great Daos to attack, destroying the sword shadows one by one. The entire sacred arena looked like fireworks exploding everywhere. It was extremely bright and spectacular.

Ji Huanglin and Gu Hanyu immediately stopped, looking up at the great battle above.

It might be called a great battle but it was basically many geniuses’ Great Dao’s encircling Zhou Xuanji’s sword dao.

Zhou Xuanji’s sword dao was divided into many parts. It might not be dangerous but it was too difficult to destroy them all.

The geniuses did not dare to let their Great Dao charge in with full power because they might accidentally injure other geniuses’ great daos. At that time, they could get attacked by all other geniuses.

The Great Dao Talent Competition had already come to an end. They had to be careful.

After Chu Mochen was infuriated by Ying Zhuge, the two seventeen-star geniuses fought more and more violently. The scope of their battle was also expanding rapidly.

Even though they were far apart, Zhou Xuanji was still shocked.

So strong!

He even suspected that the Superstar Divine Official had not suppressed their Great Daos to the level of Dao-Treading Saints.

No matter how confident Zhou Xuanji was, he felt that he had no chance of winning against these two geniuses head-on.

Very soon, another genius was eliminated.

When he was chasing the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, he accidentally got hit by another genius.

In a flash, about half of Zhou Xuanji’s Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows were wiped out. But the number of remaining sword shadows was still huge. They were roaming above the sacred arena like a tornado with a diameter of ten thousand feet and an endless height.

“What are you gawking at? Attack, don’t worry about harming my sword dao!” Zhou Xuanji reminded his teammates, taking the stance that he would rather sacrifice himself for justice.

Gu Hanyue and Ji Huanglin nodded and immediately made their moves.


The battle above became more intense. Intense gales blew everywhere, flapping Zhou Xuanji’s white clothes to flap.

After half an hour…

Except for them, Ying Zhuge, and Chu Mochen, there were only two geniuses remaining.

The tangled fight finally stopped.

Rulai Fu, staring at Ji Huanglin, asked in a serious manner, “Are you really going to let yourself be deceived by him?”

He might have Rulai in his name but he was no Buddha. On the contrary, he was handsome and had long hair.

[TLN: Rulai is the name for Buddha.]

Ji Huanglin, maintaining his expressionless face, said, “I will eliminate you first then him, won’t it be fine then?”

Rulai Fu was furious. A Dao-Treading Saint could survive until now but he, a sixteen-star genius, was being targeted!?


He scolded Ji Huanglin in his heart.

At this moment, untold creatures were cursing Ji Huanglin.

Because Zhou Xuanji had been first place twice in a row before, most creatures believed that he would enter the top three this time because there had never been such a precedent.

They had placed many bets on this.

In their eyes, Ji Huanglin was no different than their mortal enemy who had killed their parents.

The other genius was also angry. He was ready to team up with Rulai Fu to deal with Ji Huanglin.

“Wait a minute!” Zhou Xuanji stepped up and stopped them.

Before the two could say anything, he spoke first, “Think about it, even if we are eliminated, can you compete with the top two!?”

The two furrowed their brows. They understood what he was implying but they still didn’t want to be fooled.

“After coming to this step, don’t you want to go any further?”

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and said, “In the end, the two of you have a better chance of winning against the three of us. You know how powerful they are better than me. Besides, the two next to me will not allow me to enter the top three. I’ll be famous if I make it to fifth place!”

The outside world was in an uproar when Zhou Xuanji was done speaking.

“This Kid is too shameless!”

“Are these geniuses stupid!? I can’t stand this anymore!”

“Nonsense, if you think about it, if it’s you there, don’t you want to go one step further!?”

“Yes, Zhou Xuanji is really too weak. If he is left to survive till the end, he will be the best opponent for them.”

“Why do I have a bad feeling…” the vast majority of the creatures were cursing Zhou Xuanji for being shameless but there were many creatures who were impressed by him.

He had wits and intelligence!

If his strength wasn’t enough, he would rely on his brain to survive!

Every time Zhou Xuanji spoke, he did in a very casual manner as if he didn’t really care about the rankings. And coupled with the World Fool Sword, the ambitions of the geniuses shot through the roof.

Ji Huanglin and Rulai Fu glanced at each other before turning and looking at Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen in the distance.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji sent millions of sword shadows flying straight at the distant Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen’s Great Daos.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji taking the lead, Rulai Fu completely believed him.

Zhou Xuanji’s stance gave the impression that he wasn’t thinking of the top three, he was only thinking of surviving for an extra moment. So, he was willing to be the cannon fodder.

Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen’s Great Daos promptly transformed into huge oceans, reaching a diameter of a thousand meters and enveloping them inside.


The two Great Dao oceans blocked the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows as the other four geniuses immediately rushed up as their Great Daos followed up with their attacks.

“Hmph! F*** off!” Chu Mochen let out a cold snort as he shouted in a reverberating voice.

His Great Dao immediately transformed into a fire dragon, blocking the joint attack of four geniuses.

Only Ying Zhuge could be his opponent!

He couldn’t tolerate others’ intervention!

Even if the other party was his own best friend!

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, stood in the distance and watched the show, sighing in his heart.

Why do I think that I can really slip into the top three!?

In fact, he was just giving it his all.

But before he knew it, he had already slipped into the top seven.

It was really interesting.

While Chu Mochen was distracted, Ying Zhuge immediately took advantage of it. His blue Great Dao fiercely ballooned, swallowing Chu Mochen’s Great Dao. It was really shocking.

“Damn it!”

Chu Mochen’s expression changed drastically. His Great Dao was already forced into retreating.

The four geniuses, including Ji Huanglin and Rulai Fu, promptly followed with their offenses. At this time, Chu Mochen was besieged by five geniuses. His situation wasn’t looking good.

How did this happen!?

Chu Mochen’s expression turned ugly.

Rulai Fu saw hope and immediately put in more effort.