I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 693 - Chapter 693 - Chaos at the End

Time went by bit by bit.

Zhou Xuanji, Ji Huanglin, and Gu Hanyue seemed very relaxed. Having teamed up with each other, everything became very relaxed and easy.

This had also led to a little increase in the number of small teams, the biggest of them having six geniuses.

They all belonged to the weaker group, so they were not a threat for the time being, and the stronger geniuses didn’t want to form a team, except for Ji Huanglin.

His goal was too big. Even if he won with Zhou Xuanji and Gu Hanyu, no one would gossip because in their eyes, he was just carrying two kids.

Another half a day had passed.

Only seventy-one geniuses remained in the sacred arena.

Except for Zhou Xuanji, the worst of the remaining geniuses were still fourteen-star. Only Zhou Xuanji among them was the odd man out.

The great battle was still going on.

Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen were still fighting each other.

It seemed that the two had thrown the results of the Great Dao Talent Competition to the back of their mind and just wanted to defeat each other.

After all, they were the only ones with seventeen-star aptitude, and their divine ranges were ranked extremely high already. Rewards weren’t that important to them at all.

They just wanted to prove themselves.

As the geniuses in the sacred arena grew fewer and fewer, the air outside became more heated.

This was the second-to-last event. Putting bets aside, their magnificent and magical Great Daos and divine abilities were also very enjoyable to watch.

“This kid still hasn’t been eliminated!”

“Hahaha! I feel like I’m gonna be rich!”

“Brother, you bet on Zhou Xuanji, didn’t you!? Let’s have a drink together at the back!?”

“Is it reasonable for a Dao-Treading Saint to get first three times in a row?”

“What is Ji Huanglin thinking?”

“I have a feeling that Ji Huanglin and Gu Hanyue will be stabbed in the back by this kid!”

All the sentient beings exclaimed. They all felt unreal watching Zhou Xuanji walk on the sacred arena in such a relaxed and easy manner.

This is really absurd!

Didn’t this Kid come from the Longbow Divine Range? How could he make friends with two super geniuses!?

And Ji Huanglin and Gu Hanyue, can’t they maintain the dignity of the strong even a little?

Ji Huanglin and Gu Hanyue didn’t know about the reaction of the spectators outside. They had their own plan and goals.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t look at them. He was also very curious.

These two wouldn’t be affected by the World Fool Sword, would they?

After three days…

There were only thirty-two geniuses left in the sacred arena. Except for Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen, everyone else did not dare to act rashly.

“Who shall we fight?” Gu Hanyue asked in a soft voice. Her eyes flickered with a little excitement as she looked around.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Don’t worry, they can’t hold on anymore.”

The people, who could hold on to this extent, were all powerful experts, except for Zhou Xuanji. Most of them were in the Nine Vast Heavens Realm. Even if their Great Daos were suppressed, their divine abilities were still strong.

Ji Huanglin glanced at Zhou Xuanji thoughtfully.

In their team of three, the weakest person was the one actually organizing their actions.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Gu Hanyue had already started trusting Zhou Xuanji. Ji Huanglin, on the other hand, didn’t care about this. He was observing Zhou Xuanji instead.

“This Kid ain’t simple.”

Ji Huanglin raised the corner of his lips as he withdrew his gaze.

After about an hour, the geniuses finally couldn’t hold back and started attacking Zhou Xuanji’s team.

The team had two sixteen-star geniuses and one fifteen-star genius, and they were led by the sixteen-star genius Meng Shen.

They couldn’t stand watching Zhou Xuanji walking around them anymore. It was too cheap!

“Hmph!” Ji Huanglin let out a cold snort.

Ji Huanglin’s golden Great Dao promptly turned into a giant, blocking the four Great Daos attacking them. He alone was blocking the powerful offense. It was quite a majestic sight.

Gu Hanyue followed with her own attack. Whereas Zhou Xuanji turned around because other geniuses were also preparing to attack them.

“You have to think straight. If I stay until the end, you will have a chance of winning. If you change it to another genius, you will be under greater pressure. I have won first place twice, I don’t need to be first again. I just want to stay a little longer. Do you understand!?” Zhou Xuanji pointed out the alternatives with a smile.

The two geniuses who were attacking him suddenly came to a halt.

He is right!

No matter how crafty Zhou Xuanji is, he will have to fight eventually.

This Kid’s Great Dao isn’t that strong. He’s very easy to deal with!

They glanced at each other before they turned and started attacking Ji Huanglin and Gu Hanyu’s enemies.

“Are you crazy?” Meng Shen lashed out in anger. He was almost angered to death.

However, the other party didn’t answer him.

After the battle broke out, the other geniuses followed suit. A huge tangled battle broke out.

Zhou Xuanji controlled his sword dao and coiled it around him, forcing those geniuses not to dare to attack him out of fear of accidentally hurting him.

Gu Hanyue secretly despised this but didn’t say anything.

They were indeed safer with Zhou Xuanji because those geniuses were so stupid that they believed his nonsense.


It seems that I also believed him.

Gu Hanyue furrowed her brow. She always felt that something wasn’t right. But when she recalled that Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao wasn’t strong, she dispelled her worries.

Zhou Xuanji put his right hand on the World Fool Sword hanging on his waist, feeling happy.

“A bit closer, the closer the better.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled triumphantly in his heart. He had hidden himself quite deeply.

Unknowingly, except for Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen, all other geniuses were within a kilometer of him.

The World Fool Sword was secretly playing a role. But because there were no power fluctuations originating from it, everyone ignored its existence.

Other geniuses also had various accessories. The Superstar Divine Official could tell who was using an artifact.

If everyone could use an artifact, how could Zhou Xuanji not use one.

In fact, the effect of the World Fool Sword wasn’t that great. It only gave a little push but sometimes a little psychological push could make people change their decisions.

What’s more, the situation of the sacred arena was changing rapidly. It didn’t give anyone the time to consider things calmly.


The Great Dao of a sixteen-star genius was blasted into pieces before he was pulled out from the sacred arena by the Superstar Divine Official.

“Ying Zhuge, it seems it’s going to be very difficult to tell the winner between us,” stated Chu Mochen as he pursed his lips into a grin. His grin was incredibly hideous.

Yin Zhuge had no change in his expression and didn’t utter a word.

His eyes glanced at Zhou Xuanji from time to time. Chu Mochen noticed this and was immediately annoyed.

This guy dares to be distracted when fighting me!

Chu Mochen couldn’t stand this.

Chu Mochen instantly urged his Great Dao to attack with all his strength.

On the other side, Ji Huanglin grew stronger as he fought. His golden Great Dao was like a bright sun. It was particularly eye-catching in this chaotic fight.

Gu Hanyue’s Great Dao was as bright as a moon, defending their flank.

Zhou Xuanji would attack from time to time. And if he encountered a group attack, he would immediately withdraw his Great Dao and wrap it around himself.

One by one, the geniuses kept on getting defeated. The battle grew more and more serious over time.

When there were only fifteen geniuses remaining in the sacred arena, apart from Chu Mochen, Ying Zhuge, Ji Huanglin, and Gu Hanyue, the other ten geniuses attacked Zhou Xuanji, one after another.

Almost all of them had been persuaded by Zhou Xuanji.

But at this point, how could they stand seeing him alive!

If we let this Kid go on anymore, we will really become a joke!

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow. He immediately controlled his sword dao to deploy Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, which transformed into billions of sword shadows floating in the sky, layer upon layer reaching the void at the top.

Every genius’ eyes bulged out in shock.

“Motherf*****! This is too disgusting!”

“Shameless! Let’s attack him together!”

“This Kid will really do anything to survive!”

“So many! They might be very weak but it won’t be easy to destroy all of them!”