I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 692 - Chapter 692 - The Alliance of Two Geniuses

Gu Hanyue had a contemptuous attitude towards Zhou Xuanji at first but she didn’t expect Zhou Xuanji’s swordsmanship to be so tenacious that she couldn’t easily defeat him.

“It seems that he really is not just a twelve-star genius.”

Gu Hanyue narrowed her eyes as ripples of surprise shook her heart.

Zhou Xuanji pursed his lips and said with a smile, “Fairy, what advantage would you gain if you eliminate me? Can you get to the top three alone?”

Only the top three would be rewarded.

Gu Hanyue said disdainfully, “The thought of being in the top three never crossed my mind. So, let’s settle our differences first, then we will talk.”

Top three, has this kid gone crazy!

Didn’t you see how many sixteen and seventeen-star geniuses are participating.

“I have the guts to think of getting anything, just like the two first I won before. If I don’t even have the guts to think, how would I get it? First, we can’t be delusional. You get second, and I get third. As for Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen, by the looks of their battle stance, how can they coexist?” Zhou Xuanji said in an earnest tone. When he spoke, he deliberately drew the World Fool Sword and pointed it at the sky to show his determination.

Gu Hanyue suddenly found his every word to be reasonable.

If I can get into the top three in the Great Dao Talent Competition….

Her heart was immediately hooked but she was still a little hesitant. She asked, “How would I know that you are not scheming against me?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and stated, “If people have no faith in others, there is no point for us. If I was a villain like that, would I have made it to my level today?”

Gu Hanyue was impressed. Aside from the Dao Debate, Zhou Xuanji didn’t have an inferior character.

“Okay! Let’s join hands!” Gu Hanyue agreed. But as soon as she agreed, she regretted it.

How could I be persuaded so easily?

Is it because I want to get to the top three so much?

So far, she hadn’t won the top three in the previous two events she participated in.

Zhou Xuanji withdrew his sword dao away from Gu Hanyue’s Great Dao and said, “Let’s see if we run into someone we don’t like. We will kill them one by one and develop slowly. We will let those super geniuses fight with each other and wait for our opportunity.”

Gu Hanyue nodded in agreement before leaving with Zhou Xuanji to look for trouble.

Zhou Xuanji’s sword dao might not be very strong but it was the dao he created by himself at any rate. It was a perfect fit for him, and together with Gu Hanyue’s Great Dao, the two didn’t run into any trouble when joining hands to fight a single enemy.

One after another, Great Daos were destroyed by them. Those geniuses looked at Zhou Xuanji and Gu Hanyue with bitter hatred but they didn’t dare to speak harshly to them.

A loss was a loss. How could they lose their grace again?

After having fought together with Zhou Xuanji again and again, Gu Hanyue began to look at Zhou Xuanji in a new light.

“You are quite smart,” praised Gu Hanyue, looking at Zhou Xuanji and curling the corner of her lips into a smile.

Zhou Xuanji smiled back in return but didn’t say anything.

When this scene fell into the eyes of the spectators outside, it gave them quite a bit of a shock.

“This kid is going to stage another wave of dark horses, again!?”

“Gu Hanyue is being so stupid! Don’t be fooled by this kid!”

“What is their relationship? Isn’t Gu Hanyue a cold beauty, and yet she allied herself with Zhou Xuanji?”

“I’ll be damned! It looks like he is going to enter the top three!”

“That’s so not gonna happen! This one doesn’t believe that he can still make it to the top three!”

The Longbow Divine Range was completely stirred. They suddenly looked forward to seeing Zhou Xuanji and Gu Hanyue allied with each other.

Is Zhou Xuanji going to counterattack again?

This is the Great Dao Talent Competition!

Inside the Yu Family…

The Old Beggar broke into laughter, “This Kid has truly inherited my ability to pick women!”

Xu Qing and Gu Tianxia rolled their eyes at him. They were too lazy to pull the rug from under his feet.

Qiu Hu winked at Xian Xianghua and asked, “World Master Xian, are you angry?”

Xian Xianghua tilted her head and said, a smile on her lips, “This only proves that my husband is quite charming. Why should I be angry? I wonder if you have ever been blessed with such grace?”

Qiu Hu immediately choked on his words. He hurriedly justified himself, “Of course I have!”

Unfortunately, no one believed him.

“Young Master Zhou is an extremely talented and charming individual. It’s natural for him to draw prideful girls,” Yu Zhongxiu added with a smile. Her smile was a little bitter but fortunately, it was hidden by her veil.

Everyone continued to pay attention to the Great Dao Talent Competition.

There was no doubt that Gu Hanyue was indeed very strong. She had a good grasp over her Great Dao and could display all kinds of divine abilities. Zhou Xuanji’s sword dao was responsible for the coordination. The two had defeated many geniuses, one after another, making other geniuses also to follow suit.

Only Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen were still alone.

Ji Huanglin looked for Zhou Xuanji and Gu Hanyue, and he proposed, “Let’s team up.”

Zhou Xuanji agreed, beaming with a smile, “Okay!”

It seemed that Ji Huanglin didn’t hold a small amount of ambition. He wanted to be first.

With Ji Huanglin’s ability, it was quite likely that he would enter the top three even if he had been alone.

Gu Hanyue furrowed her brow and asked using voice transmission, “If he joins us, I will be pushed to third. You won’t be ranked.”

Zhou Xuanji replied with voice transmission, “That’s not necessarily true. What if he is first!? Don’t worry, I never put myself at a loss.”

Seeing him being so confident, Gu Hanyue could only give up.

The tempo of the Great Dao Talent Competition was quite fast. Within just half a day, about two hundred geniuses had been eliminated. Some of them got eliminated because their Great Dao couldn’t touch other geniuses.

It was very difficult for the Great Dao of the Dao-Treading Saint to injure other geniuses. But the rules were restricted, so this was their loss.

Suddenly, Wu Yan came looking for Zhou Xuanji with one of his little brothers.

“Brother Ji, come and work with us. Let’s eliminate this kid first,” proposed Wu Yan with a smile hanging on his lips.

He was eliminated by Zhou Xuanji in the Dao Debate’s first round. It was so shameful that he came back for payback.

Ji Huanglin, maintaining a straight face, said, “Cut the crap and let’s fight!”

Just as he said his piece, his Great Dao was the first to attack.

Zhou Xuanji, controlling his sword dao, deployed the Ancestor Dragon Sword, turning it into a five-clawed silver dragon.

Gu Hanyue wasn’t one to fall behind. The three of them fought against Wu Ya and his teammate.

Wu Ya hadn’t expected Ji Huanglin to be so decisive. He was left with no time to retreat and had no choice but to fight.

In the end, Wu Ya and his companion were eliminated under the strong leadership of Ji Huanglin. On their trip back to the Superstar Divine Official, they shed a mouthful of saliva of remorse and resentment.

Well, they were cursing.

“So easy,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile. Then, he gave an eye signal to Ji Huanglin, making him look at Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen.

The battle between these two seventeen-star geniuses was still inextricably difficult. Their momentum was still strong but it was a little weaker than what it was at the beginning.

It would be very beneficial for Ji Huanglin if the two continued to exert themselves like this.

Ji Huanglin sent a voice transmission to Zhou Xuanji, asking, “What is your goal?”

Zhou Xuanji promptly replied, “Third, I have already gotten first place twice. I don’t need to be first again.”

He was speaking the truth. It was too difficult to get first place.

Of course, if everyone was eliminated and there was only one guy waiting for him, hanging by a breath, he didn’t mind making history.

The first genius to get first three consecutive times in the Superstar Competition was under the age of a thousand!

After giving it a thought, he realized that it was quite unlikely.

After getting Zhou Xuanji’s answer, Ji Huanglin seemed more at ease. He took the initiative to walk towards the other geniuses.

The three continued to fight.

During this period, Zhou Xuanji kept paying attention to the competition’s situation.

He chose to fight with geniuses of intermediate strength. He let the weak remain, raising them as pigs.

And as for stronger geniuses, he let them tire each other out. He planned on attacking them later.