I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 691 - Chapter 641 Great Dao Talent

Fierce Thunder Sovereign took hold of his jaw, and with a loud “Kraak” he turned his head around.

And throughout this process, his face appeared calm, as though there was no pain at all.

He looked at all the geniuses and said calmly, “Okay. With the help of Original Court War God, that old demon should not be able to do whatever he wants. Let’s continue to enjoy the Superstar Competition.”

He waved his right hand, and the light screens appeared in the sky again.

The competition was still continuing uninterrupted on the sacred platform.

The geniuses calmed themselves down with much difficulty. Old Demon Soulmover and Original Court War God were still in their minds.

It was the same for Zhou Xuanji too.

He was curious about which cultivation stages the Old Demon Soulmover and Original Court War God were in.

He felt that those Nine Vast Heavens geniuses were so small in front of them and dared not to do anything.

“The path of cultivation is long indeed,” Zhou Xuanji sighed in amazement. He looked forward to the end of the Superstar Competition even more.

After the Superstar Competition ended, he would start closed door cultivation before receiving Void Boundary War God missions.

He planned to grow more powerful through battles.

If it’s possible, he would also create his own divine range and help Emperor Sword Court be rooted in Kunlun Origin Court.

As for Longbow Divine Range, he would continue to help them.

Yu Shenzhong mentioned this long ago because it’s impossible to keep Zhou Xuanji in the Longbow Divine Range in the long run. After all, no one wanted to submit to weaker ones.

With Zhou Xuanji’s talent, he would surpass the Longbow Divine Range eventually.

In Kunlun Origin Court, the divine ranges helped each other. Otherwise, it would always be the weaker divine ranges that were eliminated.

Zhou Xuanji began planning ahead.

Competition after competition finished.

In an instant, three years passed quickly.

Kunlun Origin Court was still buzzing with liveliness while the Great Eliminations continued.

After cultivators passed through the trial of life and death, they vented their emotions through the Superstar Competition.

The Great Dao Talent Competition was drawing close.

Zhou Xuanji did not have too much hope for this competition.

After all, his Great Dao was merely a newborn. Those geniuses had such great talent because of their Great Dao.

Zhou Xuanji heard from the geniuses around him that all the super-geniuses who ranked top were reincarnations of ancient powerhouses. Their Great Dao began to be nurtured even before they reincarnated. The height of their talent was unimaginable.

It was so because when the powerhouses hit their bottlenecks, they had to restart.

The further they went, the more prominent the narrowness of their base talent.

Of course, there were exceptions.

Some geniuses were enough to surprise everyone the first time they were born.

But there were no such geniuses in this Superstar Competition.

They were some who had appeared before and created much more impact than Zhou Xuanji.

Since he had nothing to do, Zhou Xuanji began chatting with the Sword Spirit.

“Sword Spirit, where is the primordial serendipity that the system came from?”

“The Sword Spirit is not sure either.”

“Then what do you know?”

“The Sword Spirit only knows that the system grows more powerful along with the Sword Owner. The two help each other, and they will grow without end.”

The Sword Spirit’s words eased Zhou Xuanji’s heart.

He wanted no limit for the system and himself.

Or else, it would be very discomforting if he were like the powerhouses who needed to restart their cultivation.

No wonder those super-geniuses were either arrogant or indifferent. They are like smurfs coming into a beginners’ village.

Time continued to pass.

Finally, the Great Dao Talent Competition was here.

Zhou Xuanji entered the sacred platform again. This time, he received a lot of attention.

In the entire event, there were only a few who won two times.

Most importantly, his cultivation was at the bottom of the entire Superstar Competition, which made his performance more dramatic and attractive.

“This time, how will he do?”

“I’ve lost enough. I’m going to bet that he will get first!”

“Are you crazy? Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen are also participating. How can he win first?”

“Too powerful! This will be awesome!””

“Ying Zhuge. I really want to see his full performance.”

“Zhou Xuanji will not win this round. You should stop talking rubbish.”

The frenzy of each divine range reached an unprecedented height. Meanwhile, the Longbow Divine Range was rather at peace because it was enough for them that Zhou Xuanji had already won two competitions.

Zhou Xuanji looked around and realized that there were over 400 geniuses in this round of the competition.

Six out of the top ten cultivators on the Superstar Sacred Stele were here.

They were Ying Zhuge, Chu Mochen, Meng Shen, Dabei Momo, Rulai Fu, and Wu Ya.

Ji Huangling and Gu Hanyue were around too. It was filled with powerful cultivators.

“The Great Dao Talent Competition is a free-for-all battle. Whoever endures to the last will be the winner. Everyone’s Great Dao will be reduced to the stage when each one of you was an Early Dao-Treading Saint. You must not depart from the sacred platform or attack the original person. After your Great Dao leaves your body, it cannot be returned. Transgressors of these rules will be disqualified.”

The Superstar Divine Official instructed loftily. Next, light screens appeared by the sacred platform’s edge, which separated the platform from the void.

Zhou Xuanji immediately sensed many hostile eyes.

If an underdog like him continued winning, it would be a humiliation to all the other geniuses, so he became the first target for many competitors.

Zhou Xuanji sighed before releasing his Sword Dao.

The most difficult thing in this competition was to prevent collateral damage to the geniuses, or one would be disqualified straight away.

Zhou Xuanji immediately controlled his Great Dao to revolve around himself at high speed. The geniuses who wanted to attack him immediately turned bitter.


At the same time, Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen’s Great Daos crashed into each other.

The sacred platform had some kind of mechanism, which colored each person’s Great Dao.

Ying Zhuge’s Great Dao was blue, pure, and majestic, while Chu Mochen’s Great Dao was fiery like a fire dragon, hideous and mighty.

The two Great Daos clashed violently and pushed back the surrounding Great Daos.

Gu Hanyue walked over toward Zhou Xuanji and suddenly burst into evil laughter.

Zhou Xuanji glanced toward her and immediately understood what she wanted to do.

He did not lose his composure but continued to revolve his Great Dao around him with extreme speed.

Hit me if you dare!

If you don’t kill me, you lose!

The other geniuses could no longer be bothered with him and began attacking each other’s Great Dao.

Most geniuses were prideful. They would rather lose with a fight than lose shamelessly.

But Zhou Xuanji did not care. He was a foreigner, after all, and did not know many people in Kunlun Origin Court.

“You still want to go on like that? Are you still a man?”

Gu Hanyue snorted coldly. Her Great Dao was like a crescent moon, slashing toward Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao.

Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao was a silver sword. Facing the incoming Great Dao, it soared up into the sky before plunging into Gu Hanyue’s Great Dao.

This move was similar to Heavenly Sword Descent.

Gu Hanyue smiled disdainfully. She controlled her Great Dao to clash with Zhou Xuanji’s Sword Dao.


Their clothing danced loudly under the violent gale while their Great Daos battled each other fiercely.