I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 690 - Chapter 690 Old Demon Soulmover. Original Court War God.

After returning to the Superstar Sacred Stele, Zhou Xuanji became the center of attention again.

Today, all the geniuses looked toward him with respect.

Even Ying Zhuge was sizing him up curiously.

The expression in Ji Huangling’s eyes turned complicated.

If he killed Zhou Xuanji back then, he would have killed a super genius.

More importantly, he could have easily crushed Zhou Xuanji, but he did not do so for some reason.

Or it could be Heaven’s will.

If a person was destined to rise to power, no one could stop him.

“From today onwards, the Kunlun Origin Court gained another prominent figure.”

“Tsk tsk. Is he really 12-Star? Could the evaluator be mistaken?”

“Possible. Such learning capacity should earn him 15-Star.”

“Could he be the reincarnation of a certain ancient powerhouse? Did any sword cultivator powerhouse reincarnate recently?”

“Thinking about it, it has been a long time since an overwhelmingly powerful sword cultivator appeared.”

The geniuses discussed amongst themselves. Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji began cultivating as usual.

Now that he had turned wealthy with his 120 billion merit points, he could really make some big changes to the worlds inside the lotus and help Emperor Sword Court grow quickly.

He felt very pleased by the thought of that.

At the same time, he was very interested in the Great Dao Tempering Pool.

He heard that the pool could boost his Great Dao tremendously, and he could even go through a metamorphosis. But he did not know if the rumor was credible.

The next competition had already begun, but the impression Zhou Xuanji left on everyone was not as easily forgotten as before.

The top-1,000 divine ranges had made Zhou Xuanji their target.

The reason was simple. In their eyes, the Longbow Divine Range was not fit to have Zhou Xuanji.

Such a genius needed a better environment!

Time passed.

Zhou Xuanji would open his eyes to observe the Superstar Competition occasionally. But he was looking forward more to the Great Dao Talent Competition.

He could not wait for the Superstar Competition to be over, and then he could continue growing.

He loved the feeling of growing in power. The more rapid he grew, the better he felt.

Half a year later.


Zhou Xuanji felt that the entire world was shaking. Opening his eyes, he saw a blood-colored tear at the dim horizon of the sky.

“Everyone, be careful! Enemy attack!” Fierce Thunder Sovereign bellowed. All the geniuses turned around in shock.

Zhou Xuanji was curious.

Who dared to do this during the Superstar Competition?

Was he sick of living?

The other geniuses had the same thought. They all felt that it was unbelievable.

The Superstar Competition was created by the Sovereign. Disrupting the competition was equal to offending the Sovereign. It was definitely seeking death!

A gigantic hand in the shape of a knife extended out from the bloodied tear. It hacked and slashed all-around to expand the tear. The scene made everyone shudder.

It was because the hand was too massive — as massive as a divine range. Even hundreds of miles apart, they still feel like they were looking up at a gigantic mountain.

“Why is he here?

Fierce Thunder Sovereign mumbled to himself with narrowed eyes. Fear could be seen in his eyes.

He immediately cast spells of communication.

The Superstar Competition had been held multiple times, and none of them were disrupted by enemy attacks.

Although the Sovereign was supremely at the top, there were other very powerful beings that the Sovereign could not kill too.

Soon, a massive face appeared from the bloodied tear. It was an old and cold face. One could even see it as sinister. His hair was like withered grass, dangling before his forehead, while his eyes were filled with lightning-like wisps of blood.

“So many delicacies…” he said hoarsely, and his tone was filled with murderous intent.


The dim sky in front of him shattered suddenly, and endless icy wind blew. A massive godlike figure appeared.

The massive figure had a bare top and was wearing ebony short pants. Many vines intertwined around his calf, and his feet were disproportionately large for his legs. His refined and muscular torso was visually stunning.

After taking a step, he bent down and stepped into this independent universe. All the geniuses were shocked because that guy was carrying on his shoulder a mountain that was even larger than him. Only Heaven knew how large it was. Looking at it carefully, countless indignant spirits and living creatures were imprisoned on its bare pinnacle.

Those spirits and creatures were half-sunken into the mud. Fear and hatred were written all over their faces. They twisted and turned, struggling endlessly.

The strangest thing was everything was silent.

Even Ying Zhuge, Chu Mochen, and Ji Huangling could not help but frown.

“Old Demon Soulmover!” someone cried out shockingly. He apparently felt fear.

All the geniuses were aghast, while Zhou Xuanji was confused.

Who was Old Demon Soulmover?

Fierce Thunder Sovereign flew up straight ahead and stood face to face against the intruder.

“Old Demon Soulmover, you are here to disrupt the Superstar Competition again. Do you really think the Sovereign will not kill you?”

Old Demon Soulmover smirked, “This time, I’m going to eat you too!”

After that, he raised his left hand and grasped toward Fierce Thunder Sovereign.

Fierce Thunder Sovereign raised his arms and generated countless lightning bolts, which formed into a lightning net that veiled over the sky, and they bombarded Old Demon Soulmover.

Old Demon Soulmover was totally unaffected by it. His left hand sped up suddenly and slammed Fierce Thunder Sovereign away.


Fierce Thunder Sovereign was smashed underground. The ground shook violently, and no one was sure whether he was dead or alive.

All the geniuses opened their eyes in shock, including Zhou Xuanji.

What bullshit was this?

Fierce Thunder Sovereign was so weak?


Old Demon Soulmover moved too quickly. No one caught a clear glimpse of his slap just now.

Old Demon Soulmover opened his mouth wide and breathed in. The ground shook while the mountains far away shattered under the suction force. The mountains turned into a dust storm that was sucked into Old Demon Soulmover’s mouth along with the sea of clouds.

The geniuses backed off to stay away from Old Demon Soulmover. But even so, the violent suction force gave them a difficult time.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used the Sword Fusion Technique and Nine Soul Fusion Technique. But even so, he was not able to back off.

The suction was just too powerful!

“What cultivation stage is he in?”

Zhou Xuanji felt afraid. A breath of his was already this powerful. It was hard to imagine what kind of destructive power Fierce Thunder Sovereign undertook just now.

Looking from his perspective, Old Demon Soulmover was enormous. It was as though the old demon was going to swallow the universe whole. The gigantic mountain on his shoulder was like a place to gather hatred and indignance. Countless hateful spirits swayed like a bunch of demons dancing.

At this moment!

A golden beam of light descended from the heavens. A spear-wielding man thrust his spear toward the intruder.

The golden flame turned into a pillar that occupied the heavens and the earth. It clashed with Old Demon Soulmover and pushed him backward.

“Original Court War God! You son of a b*tch, you are here again!” Old Demon Soulmover cried out. His deafening voice made Zhou Xuanji dizzy.

Wrapped in golden rays, Original Court War God was silent. He swept his spear horizontally with massive impetus, and Old Demon Soulmover disappeared into the darkness.

Next, the War God pursued into the darkness.

The world was silent again. The spatial tear was quickly stitched up.

All the geniuses looked at each other in dismay. They could see the fear and awe in each other’s eyes.

They feared Old Demon Soulmover.

They were awed by Original Court War God.


Fierce Thunder Sovereign jumped out from underground suddenly and flew up to the Superstar Sacred Stele, and everyone had a strange expression on their face.

It was because Fierce Thunder Sovereign’s head was twisted to his back because of the slap just now. He looked hideous.