I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 688 - Chapter 688 Nine Divine Grade Abilities. Ultimate Chaos Dao.

“Not very familiar. I met him in the lower realms through my avatar. This brat even played a trick on me.”

Ji Huangling looked back at Chu Mochen and shook his head with a smile as he replied with a thought-provoking tone.

Chu Mochen replied with mocking laughter, “You even sent avatars to the lower realm. Are you still holding on to your hopeless dream of monopolizing all Heavenly Laws?”

Monopolizing all Heavenly Laws?

Zhou Xuanji understood Ji Huangling’s intention immediately. No wonder this guy wanted the Heavenly Law Jade. It was to control all Heavenly Laws.

But why would Ji Huangling’s cultivation require Heavenly Laws?

“Brat, you are not bad. Continue to work hard, and when you reach Dao Ancestor, I will bring you around.”

Chu Mochen smiled at Zhou Xuanji loftily. Zhou Xuanji was not angry because Chu Mochen had the power to be prideful.

Soon, Ji Huangling and Chu Mochen left.

In their eyes, Zhou Xuanji was not mature enough to be a threat to them. He was not even qualified to talk to them at the same height.

Even so, Zhou Xuanji received much admiration.

The Superstar Competition was still continuing.

Kunlun Origin Court was still buzzing with liveliness. As competitions passed one after another, everyone had already forgotten about the hype brought by Zhou Xuanji.

The Dao Debate was not a real debate but more like entertainment. The reward for winning was apparently lower than the other competitions.

Time continued to pass.

In the blink of an eye.

The learning competition came.

Zhou Xuanji was sent onto the sacred platform along with hundreds of Fierce Thunder Sovereigns.

Everyone present was a genius and all were confident of their own studying ability.

It was not a test of bloodline talent but also comprehension.

There were 489 geniuses in the divine platform. Meng Shen, a 16-Star genius who ranked 3rd, and Chang Shengxiao, a 16-Star genius who ranked 4th, were also there.

16 out of 50 of the top rank on the Superstar Sacred Stele participated in this competition. All of them looked elegant as they waited with a proud look.

The Superstar Divine Official waved his hand, and a ball of light floated into the air in rows. The lower the rows, the more light balls there were. The geniuses could know what energy technique the light balls contained with their divine sense.

“The divine abilities are divided into nine Divine Grades. The first grade is the worst, and the ninth grade is the best. Demonstrate it after you have learned it. Other than first-grade divine abilities, the duration is given according to the grades of the divine abilities. Other than that, every participant can only learn one divine ability. Time starts now!”

The Superstar Divine Official did not waste any breath and gave the order to start immediately. Most geniuses went into action, and all the spectators were thrilled at the scene.

Zhou Xuanji had won one of the competitions after all. And as a rising star, he attracted the attention of many.

“This brat should be very good at learning,” the old beggar said with a smile as he stroked his long beard. But he did not try to guess Zhou Xuanji’s ranking because the other geniuses had even more devilish talents.

Yu Zhongxiu nodded, “He has already won one of the competitions. Even if he doesn’t participate in the other competitions, it will be enough.”

As she spoke, she could not help but glance toward Zhou Xuanji again, as though she spoke about a legend.

She bought Zhou Xuanji from the black market without expecting him to attain such accomplishments.

He was really awesome!

Xian Xianghua looked forward to Zhou Xuanji’s performance. She remembered his talent in learning sword techniques, which was totally horrifying.

At the same time.

Zhou Xuanji chose a 9th grade divine ability.

There were only 12 9th divine grade abilities, and only one of them was for swords.

Ultimate Chaos Dao!

After reaching Great Accomplishment, he could disrupt and even destroy 3,000 Great Daos with endless sword Qi!

He probed into the light ball with his divine sense and quickly obtained the cultivation technique for Ultimate Chaos Dao.

Fortunately, this divine ability had sword moves as well.

A divine sword ability could not be separated from swords after all. Especially those overwhelmingly powerful divine abilities, they were mostly utilized with swords.

Of course, for abilities such as Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep and Sword Fusion Technique, he did not need to practice the sword moves but only needed to understand their core principles.

Zhou Xuanji took out the World Fool Sword and began practicing. The scene caught the attention of all the geniuses.

“Is this brat dumb? How can one train divine ability like this?”

“Ignore him. He’s just attention-seeking!”

“Tsk tsk. A mere 12-Star dares to choose a 9th grade divine ability.”

“This competition is not about whose divine ability has a higher grade but how effectively one can learn the divine ability. If one can learn fast enough, he could even win it with a 1st grade divine ability.”

“Quick, Meng Shen and Chang Shengxiao have already begun meditating!”

The geniuses discussed amongst themselves, while Zhou Xuanji isolated everything around him as he trained.

The living creatures on the outside also thought that Zhou Xuanji was just attention-seeking.

This brat was really shameless.

Zhou Xuanji practiced his sword moves while learning the technique of channeling Qi.

Learning this divine ability depended on his insightfulness. After learning each divine ability, one could cast them with one’s conscious will.

But before that, one must practice the technique again and again to be familiarized with it.

Zhou Xuanji’s swords moved with extreme speed. He only used an hour to practice the Ultimate Chaos Dao once.

The second time, his speed grew.

The tenth time.

The fiftieth time.

The hundredth time!

Zhou Xuanji’s movements sharpened rapidly. His sword Qi pervaded his surroundings with great impetus. The other geniuses could not help but look toward him.

Those who were closest to him felt it even more. They all felt that something was wrong and could not enter their meditative state.

The World Fool Sword was working.

At this moment, someone had already mastered a 1st grade divine ability and demonstrated it toward the void outside the sacred platform. He distinguished himself and was brought away by the Superstar Divine Official.

The geniuses who chose 1st divine grade abilities fell into despair instantly.

Losing to someone with the divine ability of the same grade, there was no hope of winning.

But those who picked higher grades had the time to fight for it.

Zhou Xuanji also seemed to be spurred. His movement continuously grew quicker and shifted swiftly in his vicinity. The swift movement was not without order. He was domineering and handsome, and one could even consider his movements as poetic.

Slowly, those who mocked Zhou Xuanji began to change their minds.

“Seems like this guy is going to do it?”

“His sword technique is really good. Seems like he has a very high mastery over the Sword’s Way.”

“You can learn a divine sword ability like this? This is not a sword technique!”

“Tsk tsk. Is he going to win this as an underdog again?”

“This show is getting more spectacular!””

Each divine range and origin city was discussing Zhou Xuanji.

Compared to those who were learning their divine ability in meditation, he distinguished himself so much.

Most importantly, everyone could see that his movement was turning more rapid.

After 200 times, Zhou Xuanji’s movement speed reached a new height.

There seemed to be countless residual images at one glance, and no one could see him clearly.

The 250th time.

The 300th time!

The 350th time!

As Zhou Xuanji focused solely on practicing his sword technique, many geniuses finished learning their divine ability.

Meng Shen and Chang Shegnxiao each entered enlightenment mode and were not influenced by the outside world.

A Great Dao vortex was generated above them, giving off an impressive aura.

After a short while.

Zhou Xuanji finished the 400th practice of the Ultimate Chaos Dao.


A violent Great Dao gathered around him and dashed wildly along with his sword Qi, generating visible spatial ripples around him.

“That brat…”

Ji Huangling looked up toward the light screen with narrowed eyes, in disbelief.