I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 687 - Chapter 687 Victory! Fame All Across Kunlun


Everyone was shocked. This brat was definitely too bold. How dare he talk about the Sovereign when everyone could hear?

Was he sick of living?

Everyone in the Longbow Divine Range was shocked too. They did not want to be pulled into the conflict.

At this moment, countless people felt that Zhou Xuanji was trying to get himself killed.

Gu Hanyue was also in shock. Had this brat gone crazy?

She said, “Nature should not be considered evil. Everything has its own principle, and without principle, there is no order. Without sacrificing some, there would be no hope for the future.”

“Wrong!” Zhou Xuanji bellowed firmly.

“Nature is evil!” he said uprightly.

“But the Sovereign’s evil is not good and evil in the literal sense. His evil transcends the comprehension of mortals like us. Good and evil were created by him. He created us for good, but for the sake of creating those who would come after us, he took the responsibility of all evil to eliminate those who were created first. His willingness to sacrifice himself was the reason why he became the Sovereign!”

“A powerful person can bear all things. Therefore, the Sovereign can bear everything in Kunlun Origin Court!”

“No matter how everything thinks, his evil is glorious. It’s for a greater transformation. We cannot deny his evil because doing so would be to deny the transformation he makes.”

“There’s both good and evil, and that’s the reality. There is no absolute good and absolute evil in the world. The Sovereign is so, and so are we, as well as the Kunlun Origin Court. Sovereign took upon himself an unimaginable load so that we can live peacefully. Although it’s evil, it’s also the greatest good.”

Gu Hanyue was stunned by his words. After he finished speaking, she immediately came back to herself.

This brat was such a boot-licker!

The entire Kunlun Origin Court fell into dead silence.

Everyone thought that he was reasonable. Somehow, a sense of admiration welled up in their hearts.

But after some thought, they felt that something was wrong.

This brat was just trying to lick the Sovereign’s boot!

Such a shameless person!

Zhou Xuanji stared at Gu Hanyue and said, word by word, “You did not dare to point out the Sovereign’s evil. It seems like you are afraid of him. Why are you afraid? Could it be that you believe in your heart that the Sovereign’s evil will harm you? Don’t you feel sorry for the transformation of the vast Kunlun? If there was no Sovereign, there would be no divine ranges, and you would not have grown up in a loving environment. Don’t you feel sorry toward the Sovereign and your divine range?”

His words were cutting into Gu Hanyue’s heart like sharp knives.

Gu Hanyue’s mind was greatly shaken, and the World Fool Sword took the opportunity to take effect.

She immediately lost her cool and felt that Zhou Xuanji humiliated her and put her in a dangerous situation.

The moment she thought about the entire divine range dying because of her, she was enraged. Jumping up, she charged toward Zhou Xuanji with a palm strike.

“Full of rubbish! You shall die!”

After that…

After that, she disappeared.

The Dao Debate was over, and Zhou Xuanji remained as the last person laughing.


The entire Kunlun Origin Court was in shock. The ending was too abrupt!

When Zhou Xuanji’s tone changed, he immediately dug a trap for Gu Hanyue. This move forced her to lose her cool, and she was immediately disqualified.

It was just too spectacular!

“The winner of this Dao Debate is Longbow Divine Range’s 12-Star genius, Zhou Xuanji!”

The Superstar Divine Official cried out with exhilaration. His voice stirred the hearts of everyone.

The Longbow Divine Range almost exploded in excitement.

Even the Great Dao Wall could not hold within it the clamor of commotion. The deafening commotion reverberated through the entire Kunlun universe.

Zhou Xuanji became famous in an instant!

Even as he stood on the sacred platform, he could sense the Great Dao trembling.

He heaved a long sigh of relief. He had really won.

“Congratulations, Zhou Xuanji. You are rewarded with 20 billion credit points and the opportunity to spend seven days in the Great Dao Tempering Pool!” the Superstar Divine Official shouted. Next, he came up to Zhou Xuanji and signaled him to take out his identity medallion.

After that, he transferred Zhou Xuanji 20 billion merit points and said, “After the Superstar Competition, you can head over to the Great Dao Tempering Pool at any time. You can enter it with your identity medallion.”

He looked at Zhou Xuanji, very pleased.

An early Dao-Treading Saint could win the Dao Debate. This brat was quite awesome!

Zhou Xuanji bowed respectfully before he was transported out by the Superstar Divine Official.

And the next competition began.

After returning to the Superstar Sacred Stele, Zhou Xuanji received the attention of all the geniuses.

Even Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen were looking at him.

He maintained his cool and sat down to cultivate. Turning his eyes toward the light screen, he appeared to be rather relaxed.

Gu Hanyue walked over with sore eyes as she bit her lips.

“Zhou Xuanji,” she said, “now that we know each other, whether we are friends or enemies will depend on how fast you grow.”

She almost offended the Sovereign because of Zhou Xuanji. How could she pretend nothing had happened?

“I will do my best to become more powerful,” Zhou Xuanji replied with a smile. He had no hostility toward Gu Hanyue. After all, he would feel no sense of accomplishment arguing with a lady.

Gu Hanyue looked at him intently before turning around and leaving.

As the next competition began, all geniuses’ attention turned away from Zhou Xuanji.

Although Zhou Xuanji won, he was not considered powerful in their eyes.

No matter what, Zhou Xuanji’s name became well-known in the entire Kunlun Origin Court.

Old Ancestor Longbow was elated. He ordered to distribute spirit wines for the entire divine range to celebrate.

He could boast about Zhou Xuanji’s victory for ten billion years!

While Zhou Xuanji was cultivating, another person flew up to him. Opening his eyes and seeing the person beside him, he had a weird expression.

Wasn’t this Ji Huangling?

Back then, in the Heaven Fiend Realm, Ji Huangling brought him into the Heaven Fiend Star Island, in which he obtained the Heavenly Law Jade. After fusing the jade into the Thunderclap Sword, the sword upgraded.

Back then, JI Huangling was already bold enough to fight Buddha Yang Ling. What a mysterious person.

Zhou Xuanji did not expect him to come from Kunlun Origin Court.

Looking toward the Superstar Sacred Stele, he saw Ji Huangling’s name indeed.


He did not see Ji Huangling’s name the first time he came here. Since then, he did not observe it carefully and only did a rough count.

If Ji Huangling had not appeared before him, he would have already forgotten his name.

He did not notice Ji Huangling’s appearance previously too.

Ji Huangling was wearing a long silver robe, looking prestigious. He looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complex expression in his eyes.

“Seems like that Heavenly Law Jade did not choose you by chance,” he said.

Zhou Xuanji felt a little sorry toward him. After all, he stole the Heavenly Law Jade, which made Ji Huangling’s efforts futile.

Looking at Ji Huangling, he realized that Ji Huangling’s aura had become even more mysterious than before. The mysterious man before him grew even larger in size, and his face became more stern.

Ji Huangling, who seemed to know Zhou Xuanji’s doubts, said calmly, “The one in the Heaven Fiend Realm was only an avatar of mine. Back then, I conversed with you with my original consciousness. If not for this, you would have already been killed by my avatar.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled in reply, “Then I must thank you for not killing me.”

Ji Huangling snorted coldly, “Remember, you owe me a debt. You consumed my Heavenly Law Jade. You took too much from me back then.”

In the Heaven Fiend Star Island, he was the one who helped Zhou Xuanji gather countless treasures and cultivate.

“Yo, brother Ji, are you familiar with this guy?”

Chu Mochen flew over suddenly and asked mockingly.

Everyone turned their attention to Zhou Xuanji as the two super geniuses spoke to Zhou Xuanji.