I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 686 - Chapter 686 Final Round of Dao Debate. The Genius Woman.

“Awesome!” Qiu Hu sighed in amazement. If it were him who sat opposite Wu Ya, could he be so sharp with his words?

The others were amazed too. Although they looked like they were fully confident in Zhou Xuanji, the opponent was a 16-Star genius after all. They heaved a sigh of relief for Zhou Xuanji.

But they did not expect Zhou Xuanji, the underdog, to overturn the competition!

Xian Xianghua laughed proudly, “Seems like my little husband will become the victor!”

Even the most powerful opponent was disqualified by him. He had great hope of becoming number one!

The others were looking forward to the rest of the competition excitedly too.

They could hear the entire Yu Clan’s exhilaration.

Everyone was crying out Zhou Xuanji’s name.

At the edge of a vast square surrounded by penthouses, countless living beings were shouting.

Empress Red Dragon stood before the railing and looked at the light screen on the sky, dumbfounded.

“That brat… This…”

Empress Red Dragon had almost forgotten about Zhou Xuanji. She did not expect to see him at the Superstar Competition.

How long had it been, and this brat became a Dao-Treading Saint!

Most terrifyingly, he disqualified Wu Ya, whom even she looked up to.

She could not believe her own eyes and ears.

Zhou Xuanji was that powerful?

Simultaneously, inside a building of an origin city, Old Ancestor Yinxin was almost shocked to death.

“Oh no… Oh no…”

Old Ancestor Yinxin was about to burst into tears. The more powerful Zhou Xuanji became, the nearer his death was.

He poisoned Zhou Xuanji and sold him to the Longbow Divine Range’s Yu Clan. The two of them had an unending grudge.

When he knew that Zhou Xuanji was a 12-Star genius, he quickly escaped and stayed far away from the Longbow Divine Range. He did not expect Zhou Xunaji to participate in the Superstar Competition. He felt like Zhou Xuanji was on his ass unrelentingly.

Now that Zhou Xuanji beat Wu Ya, he felt dizzy.

If Zhou Xuanji didn’t die, this 12-Star genius would become a huge troublemaker!

On the other side.

Xuan Mou’s Dao Ancestors were all cheering for Zhou Xuanji.

But this was only the first round of debate. The real winner was not yet determined.

After the first round was over, the Superstar Divine Official continued to split them into groups for the second round.

Zhou Xuanji lived up to Longbow Divine Range’s expectations. He managed to infuriate all his opponents to kill him.

And so, he beat six geniuses consecutively.

“Seems like the World Fool Sword does not only reduce one’s intelligence but also disrupts one’s rationality,” Zhou Xuanji said to himself in amazement. He was a Sword Emperor. It was natural to beat his opponent with a sword.

Until now, he had become the top choice to win the Dao Debate.

The other geniuses on the sacred platform were greatly pressurized.

It was too strange!

He always managed to enrage his opponents.

Around the Superstar Sacred Stele, over 2000 geniuses were all discussing Zhou Xunaji.

They were curious about where Zhou Xuanji came from.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji had secured one victory after another, Wu Ya felt much better. The more powerful Zhou Xuanji was, the less embarrassing his failure was.

Time passed quickly.

It was the final round of the Dao Debate.

Zhou Xuanji’s opponent was a 15-Star lady genius called Gu Hanyue.

She wore a blouse in blue and white, which covered her snow-white skin. Her face was delicately beautiful with sparkling eyes that were sizing Zhou Xuanji up.

Only the two were left on the entire platform.

“Zhou Xuanji, my friend, what do you want to debate about?”

Gu Hanyue asked with a gentle smile.

Facing such a beautiful lady, Zhou Xuanji would still do his best. He asked directly, “Of all the authorities in Kunlun Origin Court, how much should be occupied by women?”

Even in Kunlun Origin Court, female cultivators were still less than male cultivators.

The female cultivators with high cultivations were all vicious. Only with viciousness could they reach such heights.

“No matter how much, I would like some,” Gu Hanyue replied with a giggle.

Zhou Xunaji replied, “The question asks not how much you want, but whether you think the current distribution is reasonable.”

Gu Hanyue replied, “All distributions and proportions are reasonable. Everything is destined.”

“If I claim that all authority in the world should be equally possessed by both sides, what do you think?”

“Oh? Could it be that you want to become a female cultivator?”

“Of course not. I just feel that there should be more lady geniuses like you. Don’t you think so too? Or you feel that there should be as few lady geniuses as possible so that you can gain more attention?”

“How do you know I receive a lot of attention?”

“Seeing the naivety in your face and your innocent smile, it’s apparent that you grew up in a dotting environment. No matter how brilliant your smile is, I can see the disdain in your eyes, just like how you face your admirers. You are the moon that shines brightly in comparison to all the stars around it. How can there be more moons than stars?”

Gu Hanyue maintained her smile as she cursed in her heart. This guy was really despicable.

If these words were to spread out, everyone would think that she was very vain.

She refused to admit defeat just like that and began her retaliation.

The exchange of arguments between the two became faster and faster, and their tone grew more sharpened. Everyone spectating was holding their breath in anticipation.

Gu Hanyue had great fame. Her 15-Star talent was enough to prove her reputation, and moreover, she was a female cultivator.

Zhou Xuanji was so despicable to use female cultivators as the starting topic.

Many male cultivators despised him, but even more female cultivators were on his side. The reason was simple. Zhou Xuanji wanted all authorities to be equally shared and hoped there to be more female cultivators.

At the same time, women were likely to dislike each other.

Gu Hanyue quickly changed the subject and asked, “If so, do you think that the reason why I’m asked to stand here to compete against you today is that others lost to me intentionally? Did they have other agendas and put away their pride as powerful cultivators?”

What she said was a trap.

If Zhou Xuanji said yes, then all the geniuses would surely hate him.

“It’s not that they put away their pride. It’s precisely they had the demeanor of being powerful that they let you win. Those who lost to me did so too to help the weak. Wu Ya best exemplified this. With his power and qualification, he did not need the Dao debate to prove himself. If he won, it would make things boring. Letting me win is his greatest wisdom. How about you? As a 15-Star genius who enjoyed so much love, why do you compete with those from the lower divine ranges like me?” Zhou Xuanji replied genuinely. These words resolved Wu Ya’s embarrassment.

And now Wu Ya looked to Zhou Xuanji with favor. This guy really knew how to please people!


Gu Hanyue cursed in her heart. This brat really knew how to bullshit.

She tried to calm her mental state and suppress the indescribable rage in her heart. At the same time, she chanted to herself to stabilize her emotions.

She replied with a smile, “Aren’t you ashamed that as a man, you are asking me to let you win? This question is meaningless. Let’s change the topic.”

Zhou Xuanji immediately interjected, “Sure. Let me ask you, how do you determine good and evil?”

Gu Hanyue replied, “I am good. You are evil. Those who hurt others while saying kind words are just like you. The schemes in your heart are deep as the ocean. I wonder how many lives were lost because of your scheming words, which are surely evil. I’m greatly capable and have saved countless lives, so I’m good for sure.”

“If it is really as you said,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smirk, “then killing is evil, saving is good. Then the Sovereign is high and lofty and created everything good. But countless lives were lost because of the Sovereign’s rules, is that considered evil?”