I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 685 - Chapter 685 Argue Towards Fame

Wu Ya almost lost his cool because of Zhou Xuanji’s shameless words. Fortunately, he could still keep his emotions in control.

“If you say this,” he instantly replied, “doesn’t that mean everything you said is correct while everything I said is wrong? Then what’s the meaning of debating Dao? You are a Dao-Treading Saint, and yet you disregard your honor?”

Although he appeared calm, he was trying to calm the storm in his heart.

What was happening!

How was he enraged by such a shameless guy?

He instinctively glanced at the World Fool Sword at Zhou Xuanji’s waist and sensed no channeling of Dao energy.

If it was not the effect of Zhou Xuanji’s enchanted artifact, could it be that something was wrong with his mental state?

It seemed so. Ever since he began preparing for the Superstar Competition, his divine range had been pressuring him greatly.

“If you are unhappy about this, then it’s your turn to ask questions,” Zhou Xuanji replied with a smile. Seeing how shaken Wu Ya was, he knew that the World Fool Sword had affected his opponent.


A mere Amethyst legendary sword could influence someone who transcended Dao Ancestor?

Or was it because Wu Ya did not notice the effects of the World Fool Sword?

The World Fool Sword did not cost magic energy and had weak damage. The only ability it had was to reduce his opponents’ intellect. If there were other perks, this sword would have been given a higher grade.

Zhou Xuanji decided in his heart to give more importance to the World Fool Sword and think about how to upgrade it.

“Fine. Let me ask you, how many Great Daos are there?” Wu Ya asked while thinking in his heart about Zhou Xuanji’s sure defeat.

“There are as many as you believe there to be.”

“I’m asking you, how many do you think there are.”

“The Great Daos are endless and boundless. To ask such a question, my cultivation friend, does it mean that you have never left your divine range before?”

“Wrong, there’s a limit to the number of Great Dao, or else, why is there a need for Great Daos to perish?”

Wu Ya was infuriated by Zhou Xuanji. How dare this brat mocked him that he’s ignorant.


I must endure!

This is the first round. He must not lose!

The two continued their arguments. Because Wu Ya had greater fame, most spectators focused on the pair.

One could observe any geniuses on the sacred platform by touching the light screen in each realm with their divine sense.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji and Wu Ya were on equal footing, countless spectators were surprised.

“Who is this guy?”

“So shameless. This brat lived till this day because he was lucky.”

“Why does Wu Ya look a little shaken and so easily enraged?”

“Getting provoked by an ant, do you think you can remain calm?”

“He’s not bad already. If we were him, do we dare to face a 16-Star genius?”

Each divine range and origin city was discussing Wu Ya and Zhou Xuanji.

The Longbow Divine Range was even more elated.

“This brat is really like me!”

The old beggar was amazed.

Qiu Hu looked with admiration, while Si Mengyan, Sheng Tiandao, Gu TIanxia, and Xu Qing were speechless.

Yu Zhongxiu and Xian Xianghua looked toward Zhou Xuanji with glowing eyes.

The way Zhou Xuanji was casually dealing with Wu Ya was too attractive.

At the same time, the Dao Debate on the sacred platform entered its climax. Soon, some geniuses drew their swords out of anger and were sent out by the Superstar Divine Official.

Wu Ya was still bearing with Zhou Xuanji.

But he felt that he was about to reach his limit.

The guy in front of me is really irritating!

“My friend, do you think that the Superstar Competition is fair?” Zhou Xuanji chuckled.

The more Zhou Xuanji chuckled, the heavier Wu Ya’s murderous intent grew.

“Fair, and yet not fair,” Wu Ya replied with narrowed eyes.

This trick again!

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “My friend, your words are ambiguous and not sincere, and they do not fit a genius’s mouth. Own up to what you did and said. What are you afraid of? I think it’s fair. I can debate with a genius like you on Dao regardless of cultivation. If this is not fair, then what is? As for benevolence, if I lose to you, I will not be dishonored. But if I win you, then I shall be honored.”

“If you win against me, it’s only natural. Moreover, you will be seen as a bully. If you lose to me, isn’t it a shame for you?”


Wu Ya almost stood up and gave Zhou Xuanji a kick. This brat was definitely trying to provoke him!

He laughed awkwardly with bloodshot eyes, “My goal is to become first. After I beat you, no one will remember you in the end. If you don’t even know this, then why are you still here to debate on Dao?”

“Fundamentally, the Superstart Competition is not fair. Take the Dao Debate, for example. My stage of cultivation and understanding of Dao are all higher than yours. You cannot debate with me directly and openly but can only use shenanigans and shameful argumentation. Even if so, you shall still lose. Do you still think this is fair?”

Give him a dose of his own medicine!

Since you want to mock me, then I shall treat you with mockery too.

Zhou Xuanji did not lose his composure but replied, “No, not like that. The one who loses is you. As for me, this is still very fair.”

“Why do you think you can win?” Wu Ya chuckled.

Zhou Xuanji said, “This is like my initial answer. My heart believes that I can win, then I shall surely win. If I think you will lose, then you will surely lose. You know what’s the worst of it all? It’s not a nameless guy like me who has it the worst but all you geniuses under the top genius. You will always be the dim starlight around the bright moonlight, unimportant.”

These words hit a critical spot in Wu Ya’s heart!

Wu Ya almost vomited blood out of rage. Why does it sound like he was worse than the worst geniuses?

His hands began trembling inside his sleeves.

And Zhou Xuanji continued speaking, “I’ve always been observing. Seems like geniuses such as Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen never even looked at you in the eye before. It’s just like you have never looked me in the eyes and taken me seriously. If so, aren’t we treated fairly?”

Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen’s arrogant faces came into Wu Ya’s mind somehow, and an indescribable rage grew in his heart. He could not shake the thought that Zhou Xuanji had been sent by the other two geniuses to embarrass him.

He immediately took out a dagger and was prepared to end Zhou Xuanji’s life.

Next, he disappeared on the spot, having been transported away by the Superstar Divine Official.


Everyone was shocked.

A 16-Star genius was eliminated in the first round of the debate?

Wu Ya returned to the Superstar Stele. Under the peculiar gazes of everyone around him, he froze. He felt extremely shameful and even wanted to kill himself on the spot.

“Damn… Why couldn’t I suppress the urge to kill him? Why did this happen!”

After he was removed from the World Fool Sword’s effective range, Wu Ya hugged his head and was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Thinking back to just now, he felt like he was bedeviled.

Chu Mongchen smiled disdainfully and said, “Your opponent is only a new Dao-Treading Saint. How shameful!”

He spoke such words intentionally to provoke Wu Ya.

But Wu Ya could only bear the anger in his heart and replied with nothing.

On the sacred platform.

Zhou Xuanji sensed a divine sense sweeping past him, aiming toward the WOrld Fool Sword.

It must be the Superstar Divine Official inspecting to see if he was cheating.

But the Divine Official did not find anything suspicious.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but feel amazed. The Supreme Legendary Sword System was really awesome in creating treasures like the World Fool Sword.

He closed his eyes and began cultivating. He looked as though everything was easy for him, which awed the outside world even more.

Dao-Treading Saint defeated Jiu Hongtian in Dao Debate!

A 12-Star defeated a 16-Star with only his mouth!

Zhou Xuanji became famous instantly.

Each divine range began collecting intel on Zhou Xuanji. Many lost their bet on Wu Ya winning. Countless living beings were so angry that they vomited blood.