I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 684 - Chapter 684 The Dao Debate Begins

Chapter 684 - Chapter 684 The Dao Debate Begins


The Superstar Divine Official had extremely high cultivation. His divine sense could cover the entire Kunlun Origin Court. He could determine who was the winner of the Aesthetic Competition based on his hearing.

Not only so, although the Superstar Divine Official was intimidating, his tone could also stir the emotions, which never left the audience in awkward silence. Everyone was exhilarated.

His voice reverberated through endless light screens and throughout the entire Kunlun Origin Court.

Soon, the Aesthetic Competition began.

Numerous geniuses used their respective abilities, and all sorts of impressive and elegant divine abilities were displayed.

They could ask for the environment they wanted, and the Superstar Divine Official would create it for them.

Different environments resulted in different effects.

For example, someone slashed open the earth and sky, revealing the universe around it.

Some sprinkled flowers and billions of stars turned into golden lotus and exploded like fireworks. It was so visually impressive.

Another genius used his palm as a saber, flashing billions of saber lights, illuminating the entire dim universe.

All sorts of exaggerated divine abilities were displayed, which stirred everyone’s emotions in the Kunlun Origin Court. Almost all the audiences were thrilled.

Zhou Xuanji felt the same way too.

He had many divine abilities that were highly aesthetic, but he did not participate.

It was mainly because the Aesthetic Competition was too early in the line-up. Although it could create an exciting opening, by the time the Superstar Competition was over, who would remember?

This was one of the reasons why Zhou Xuanji chose the competitions that were scheduled in the middle.

Three months passed, and the Aesthetics Competition was finally over.

The top rank earned ten billion merit points and a host of treasures. Many looked at the winner with envious eyes.

The second competition came next.

Zhou Xuanji no longer watched the competition and cultivated.

In the entire place, only he was cultivating. Because for the other geniuses, to cultivate now was too late for any good.

The surrounding geniuses felt that Zhou Xuanji was trying to act lofty and disdainful.

Time passed quickly.

The gambling houses of Kunlun Origin Court were buzzing with business. After all, the Superstar Competition was considered a party for the entire Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji’s first competition was Dao Debate.

It was the 23rd competition.

Most of the competitions before that were not really competitive until the Enchanted Artifact Competition.

This competition was a game for the filthy rich.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and looked over. He saw those enchanted artifacts crushed into pieces, and his heart ached.

It was worth mentioning that Ying Zhuge and Chu Mochen had not appeared at all. All the top-ten ranking geniuses were all unmoved.

Half a year later, the Dao Debate had finally begun. The eighth-rank genius flew up. His name was Wu Ya, a 16-Star cultivator.

Zhou Xuanji felt an unstoppable force envelop himself and bring him upwards into the vortex in the cloud sea. He immediately took out the World Fool Sword and hung it by his waist.

Looking upward, he realized that there were only 127 geniuses who participated in the Dao Debate.

The Dao Debate was just a competition of arguments. One must not use any Dao energy, or else one might shatter his or her image in the eyes of the public.

They shuttled through the vortex and landed on the sacred platform. Longbow Divine Range and its nearby ranges and origin cities were all boiling with excitement.

It was finally Zhou Xuanji’s turn!

The Superstar Divine Official introduced each and every one of them. After knowing that there was a 16-Star genius participating in the Dao Debate, Yun Zhongxiu and the others were worried for Zhou Xuanji.

If Zhou Xuanji encountered the 16-Star genius in the first round, it would be such a tragedy.

“Now, it’s time to pick your opponent. Amongst you, there will be one group of three. Each person takes turns to speak. There must be no interruptions, and there will only be one winner.”

The Superstar Divine Official spoke. He waved his hand, and the 127 light balls flew toward the sacred platform.

The geniuses began to snatch the light balls, but Zhou Xuanji was not in a hurry. He only took the remaining ones.

After all the geniuses received their light balls, they were pulled by the light balls toward their opponents.

And with much luck.

Zhou Xuanji’s opponent was the 16-Star genius, Wu Ya.

Wu Ya looked like a scholar. He wore a smile on his handsome and energetic face

They sat opposite each other, and the other geniuses did so too.

Each pair was a mile apart and would not disturb each other.

“What do you want to debate about?”

Wu Ya looked at Zhou Xuanji as he asked, smiling.

Somehow, he really disliked Zhou Xuanji, whom he felt was despicable. However, he still maintained the demeanor of a powerful cultivator.

Zhou Xuanji was unsure whether the World Fool Sword was effective against Wu Ya. The World Fool Sword could reduce the opponent’s intellect. Since this ability did not cost magic energy, it was not against the rules.

“How did the Sovereign come about?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a calm face.

“By the birth of Kunlun Origin Court, of course.”

“How did Kunlun Origin Court come about?”

“Created by the first-ever Sovereign?”

“How did the first-ever Sovereign come about?”

“Dao exists in correspondence to fate, and so was the Sovereign.”

Wu Ya answered Zhou Xuanji’s questions with ease.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow slightly, realizing that he had underestimated his opponent.

He wanted to ask about the chicken-and-egg problem. However, this guy answered his questions face-on, and Zhou Xuanji had no way of continuing.

It was time to be serious!

Zhou Xuanji asked with narrowed eyes, “In a lifeless Void Boundary, a watchtower collapses, will there be sound?”

Despise could be seen in Wu Ya’s eyes as he replied, “Of course.”

Isn’t this common sense?

“How do you know?”

“There’s sound for sure. This is something that everyone knows.”

“But no one is there.”

“After the debate, I will show it to you.”

“But you still answered incorrectly just now. If you had not witnessed it personally, how can you make such a premature conclusion?”

Facing the barrage of questions, Wu Ya felt irritated. He felt that Zhou Xuanji was just trying to be unreasonable.

But he could not voice vent his frustrations. If he did so in a Dao Debate, he would lose the competition.

Before Wu Ya could answer, Zhou Xuanji asked further, “Do you think that some things are real and nothing can change that?”

Wu Ya replied, “There are somethings like that, but it’s not absolute.”

“You are Wu Ya. This is real, isn’t it?”

“Of course!”

“If the Sovereign says that you are not Wu Ya, and everyone else believes in the Sovereign, are you still Wu Ya?”

“Just the name?”

“Is there a difference? When everyone thinks that you are someone else, do you think you are still yourself?”

Wu Ya frowned at the question. He felt that Zhou Xuanji was trying to press him down with the Sovereign.

The powerful become Sovereign. Such an analogy was not logical.

He immediately changed from the answer to the questioner, “If it’s you, do you think you are still you?”

Zhou Xuanji smiled, “Of course. My existence depends on my heart-mind. If my heart-mind changes, I’m no longer me, but if it does not change, then I’m still me.”

Wu Ya grew increasingly frustrated.

Is something wrong with this brat’s brain?

How is that different from what he said just now?

“Then, since you are sure that the watchtower’s collapse produced no sound, that means your answer is there’s no sound?” Wu Ya asked further with narrowed eyes.

Zhou Xuanji replied with seemingly a smile, “That’s mine, not yours.”

Wu Ya immediately began cursing in his heart. A murderous intent was welling up.

He asked coldly, “Then since you are not me, how can you say that my answer is wrong?”

“Because I’m the one who asked this question,” Zhou Xuanji replied calmly.

Wu Ya, “…”