I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 683 - Ying Zhuge and the Nine Vast Heavens

Chapter 683 - Ying Zhuge and the Nine Vast Heavens



Dao Debate!

Great Dao Aptitude!

Zhou Xuanji promptly submitted his choice as the light screen before him disappeared.

Other geniuses also signed up, one after another. Most of them looked excited, but no matter how excited they were, no one yelled. All of them were calm.

Zhou Xuanji glanced around a bit. Apart from the high-profile Chu Mochen, he had no idea about any other geniuses.

In the field, his cultivation could be considered at the very bottom.

He sat cross-legged, floating in the air as he began to cultivate and wait.

Meanwhile, geniuses walked out of their respective transmission arrays, one after another. Their number was still rising. They promptly signed up and then either sat on the ground or floated in the air, waiting.

After five days, an immense pressure came bearing down at everyone.

All transmission arrays instantly shut down. Zhou Xianji immediately opened his eyes and saw the dark, dense clouds form a huge vortex. The next moment, a figure surrounded by lightning arcs descended from the vortex. He was a hundred feet tall and wore a dragon-helm and qilin-scaled armor. His black cloak was dancing along the wind and two giant hammers could be seen in his hands.

His face was quite dark. One could only see a pair of shining purple eyes, gazing down on everyone.

“I am Fierce Thunder Sovereign. 2,936 participants will participate in this year’s Superstar Competition. The venue of the Superstar Competition is just above my head. As always, we will still be hosting various events one after another. The Aesthetic Competition will be first, and battle royale will be the last. It will take several years in total. I hope everyone is ready. Now, it’s the preparation time for the Superstar Competition. All the Origin Cities and Divine Ranges are connected with each other…” Fierce Thunder Sovereign began to give introductions to the events.

The three events that Zhou Xuanji had signed up for belonged to the latter half of the events. Great Dao Aptitude Tournament ranked second from the bottom, showing its importance.

There were rewards for the top three of each event, like merit points, cultivation treasures, etc.

The rewards for the battle royale were the most generous.

Zhou Xuanji could only sign up for the battle royale in the next Superstar Competition. In this competition, half of the geniuses had already reached the Dao Ancestor Realm. It made it quite obvious how high everyone’s strength was.

The Fierce Thunder Sovereign disappeared immediately after finishing his introduction, but the vortex in the sea of clouds had still not subsided.

The geniuses started to chat with each other in groups of twos and threes.

Through their conversations, Zhou Xuanji finally came to know about the realm above Dao Ancestor.

Nine Vast Heavens!

He inexplicably thought of the legendary-grade sword, Vast Sky.

Did those two have some kind of connection!?

[TLN: Heaven and Sky have the same word in Chinese.]

In addition, he also came to know of the levels in the Dao Ancestor Realm. The Dao Ancestor Realm was divided into thirty-six flowers. Every additional flower would cause a qualitative change in one’s Dao Power.

Judging by this, how big of a gap is there between the geniuses who have reached the Nine Vast Heavens and me?

Zhou Xuanji’s thoughts ran wild but he wasn’t discouraged.

He was still young. He was going to reach the Dao Ancestor Realm, sooner or later. He had no shred of doubt that he would surpass the Nine Vast Heavens one day.

While they were waiting, the outside world was already in an uproar.

In the Origin City of the Yu Family, nine monuments were erected in the central square. They were shooting intense rays of light, forming a screen of light in the sky and projecting the situation around the Superstar Sacred Stele. Meanwhile, all the residents of the city were looking up.

“Have you seen Zhou Xuanji?”

“How are we projecting ahead of time?”

“Because our Longbow Divine Range also has a genius participating. We don’t have to wait for the official start of the Superstar Competition.”

“All these geniuses look so strong!”

“Look! Zhou Xuanji is calm and unafraid.”

All the streets were bustling with all kinds of discussions. Everyone was extremely excited.

Even if Zhou Xuanji appeared very small, they could see him clearly with everyone’s sharp vision.

Xian Xianghua, the Old Beggar, Qiu Hu, and the others could also see him. They were sitting in the courtyard, eating spirit fruits, and waiting.

Yu Zhongxiu had also joined them. She chuckled and said, “It’s all good as long as he can show his talent. He doesn’t have to be ranked. This is a good opportunity to become famous.”

This was the Superstar Competition. Only God knew how many creatures were watching.

As long as Zhou Xuanji displayed his brilliance, the Longbow Divine Range’s prestige would rise along with Zhou Xuanji’s fame, which would in turn attract countless creatures to join them.

“This kid can definitely do it!” the Old Beggar, shaking the wine glass, said with a smile. Others also nodded their agreement.

Zhou Xuanji could not be underestimated just because of his low cultivation. They believed that Zhou Xuanji could definitely make a big splash.

This kind of situation, with there being a large gap between the enemy’s and his strength, was pretty normal, and one could even say it was a basic rule for Zhou Xuanji.

Xian Xianghua held her chin and said, smiling, “I wonder which three events he signed up for.”

The Old Beggar pursed his lips and said, “What is it called, something like Dao Debate, right!? He had definitely registered for that. This guy is a slick talker!”

Everyone couldn’t help but break into laughter.

At the same time, various Origin Cities and Divine Rangers were also discussing the Superstar Competition in full swing.

Although the nearby Origin City and Divine Ranges were also paying attention to Zhou Xuanji, compared to the entire Kunlun Origin Court and the Superstar Competition, Zhou Xuanji’s reputation was still ranked at the bottom.

Time continued to pass.

After half a month…

The Superstar Competition, that untold creatures of the Kunlun Origin Court were paying attention to, officially started. The first event was the Aesthetic Competition. Fierce Thunder Sovereign appeared again.

“The Aesthetic Competition starts!”

Fierce Thunder Sovereign waved his hand as hundreds of geniuses rose into the air. The ID imprints on their bodies glowed as they were quickly sucked into the vortex of clouds.

A screen of light appeared on the Superstar Sacred Stele, projecting a huge stone platform. It was square in shape and ten thousand feet wide. It was surrounded by a sparkling starry sky. And at the edge of the stone platform stood a soldier in gold armor.

Sacred Arena!

Hundreds of geniuses descended on the Sacred Arena. The atmosphere here was silent but the outside world was already boiling.

All the divine ranges and the Origin Cities broke into sky-piercing cheers. Everyone was rooting for their favorite geniuses. Even if the other party couldn’t hear them, they sure were venting their emotions.

Zhou Xuanji could clearly feel the change in the surrounding atmosphere, particularly the geniuses stronger than him. All of them looked serious and straightened up their acts.

There was one among them who had no one around him within a hundred feet of him.

He was wearing silver clothes inlaid with pearls and sitting on a rosette. His eyes were as straight as swords and shining like stars. He was particularly handsome and wearing a phoenix-shaped silver crown, and he had an indifferent look hanging on his face.

He sat there like the brightest star in the night sky. Even if didn’t want to, he could draw the attention of many people.

He was Ying Zhuge!

A seventeen-star genius!

Legend had it that he was an ancient god of Kunlun Origin Court, who had reincarnated for some reason. He had a body of dao that he had cultivated for a long time. In less than ten millennia, he had reached the Nine Vast Heavens, surpassing the ancients and amazing contemporaries.

Zhou Xuanji too was paying attention to him. After all, he ranked first on the Superstar Sacred Stele.

Ying Zhuge was staring at the screen, watching the Aesthetic Competition.

“This King is Superstar Divine Official, acting as the mainland for all the beings for the Aesthetic Competition. Next, this King will read the names one by one. You will show your most magnificent divine abilities. After the first round, this King will judge the top 100 based on the number of cheers in the Kunlun Origin Court!”

A sphere of light that looked like a sun appeared around the Sacred Arena as an excited and magnetic voice came from inside.

The Superstar Divine Official had existed throughout the ages. He could not be bribed. If he was found to, he would be directly obliterated by the Supreme.

That was how the last Superstar Divine Official had died!