I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 680 - Superstar Sacred Stele

Chapter 680 - Superstar Sacred Stele


“Any wish!? Can I have the Jade Gold Treasure Basket!?” Zhou Xuanji asked in his heart. He dreamt of it after having used the Jade Gold Treasure Basket. He couldn’t forget about it.

The Sword Spirit replied, “It should be possible.”

“What about becoming a supreme, will it be possible?”

“It should not be. For you, it’s equivalent to asking for invincibility.”

“I want to have endless luck. Would it be possible?”

“This is the request of invincibility. With infinite luck, who can kill you?”

“Then, what if I want to have an immortal body?”

“It’s possible. But only your body. If your soul is destroyed, you can still be killed.”

“Then what about an indestructible soul?”


The Sword Spirit was rendered speechless by Zhou Xuanji’s questions.

The Wish-Fulling Sword had yet to appear but the Sword Master had already begun to conjecture, leaving the Sword Spirit at a loss.

Zhou Xuanji then stopped thinking about it and began to adjust his dao energy.

There was a huge difference between before the breakthrough and after the breakthrough.

Dao energy and saint energy simply could not be compared.

He felt that his own strength had risen by a hundred fold.

No wonder the minimum requirement to enter the Superstar Competition was the Dao-Treading Saint Realm.

Now he could truly feel the existence of his Sword Dao. If he used the Sword Dao principles again, it would be extremely lethal.

After seven days…

Zhou Xuanji finally left the room and arrived at the first floor of the Dao Tower. The women behind the stone desk looked at him with admiration.

“Senior, you have become the first in the citywide breakthrough rankings. You have won 13 million points,” the cold and elegant receptionist reported in a respectful manner. She had a complicated look on her face.

Zhou Xuanji had been cultivating in the Dao Tower for so long but his merit points had only been increasing. This left them speechless and in admiration at the same time.

This was twelve-star aptitude!

Zhou Xuanji immediately handed his own ID card. He was in a pretty good mood.

At this time, an arm hooked around his neck. But instead of resisting it, a smile appeared on his face.

It was none other than Xian Xianghua.

She was wearing tight-fitting purple robes. A veil was still hiding her face while her hair was tied into a flying fairy style. She looked beautiful and noble.

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“Thirteen million points, my dear husband, you are really amazing!” Xian Xianghua said with a smile. Obviously, she was quite happy.

This was the first time she appeared like a spoiled little girl before Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji broke into laughter and said, “I’ll show you around. Just tell me if you like anything.”

The women behind the stone desk looked at Xian Xianghua enviously.

To her surprise, Zhou Xuanji could also be gentle to women too.

A charming smile immediately appeared on Xian Xianghua’s face as she said, “I have already passed the first eliminations. Furthermore, I have broken through to first-level Overlord Saint. Aren’t I amazing?”

She had the Demon Realm Heart and Exterminating Divine Eyes. She was naturally outstanding.

She was labeled as someone with seven-star aptitude. And now, she got to enjoy the key training of the Longbow Divine Range.

One had to agree that the Exterminating Divine Eyes were indeed powerful. After arriving in the Kunlun Origin Court, Xian Xianghua noticed her cultivation talent clearly improving.

She didn’t know that it was because Zhou Xuanji was growing stronger.

From the get go, their Exterminating Divine Eyes were a pair. They could influence and sense each other.

After retrieving his ID card, the couple left the Dao Tower.

Cheng Jiu happened to have been waiting for a long time. He greeted them respectfully and proposed, “Senior, you have already broken through. Should we go and register for the Superstar Competition!?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded his agreement before following him with Xian Xianghua.

On the way, he asked Xian Xianghua about her experience in eliminations.

Zhou Xuanji had no choice but to agree that Xian Xianghu was indeed an old demon. In the eliminations, she often resorted to trickeries to kill the enemies who were stronger than her. She was also very decisive if she got the opportunity. And that’s why, she has broken through to the first-level Overlord Saint.

“Buy some cultivation treasures for Jiang Xue mother and child, especially for Xiao Xuan. Her talent is pretty good. You have to foster her,” Xian Xianghua stated with a smile. She was in a good mood.

She treated Zhou Xiaoxuan as her own. She often thought of Zhou Xiaoxuan first whenever she had something good, which was why Zhou Xiaoxuan often talked about Aunt Xian.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his agreement as he exhorted Cheng Jiu, “I will leave this to you. I will give you three million merit points, try to buy them. You don’t need to act stingy on my behalf.”

When it came to Cheng Jiu, he felt assured.

After having him known for so long and seeing Cheng Jiu work for him so hard, it had left a good impression on him.

“Leave it to me,” assured Cheng Jiu, patting his chest with a smile.

After half an hour, they came to the center of the Origin City, where the registration square of the Superstar Competition was at. The participants needed to show their ID cards before they could enter the transmission array to register in another place.

Since only applicants could enter, Zhou Xuanji asked Cheng Jiu to take Xian Xianghua to buy cultivation treasures. He also transferred five million merit points to Xian Xianghua straight away.

He had earned over twenty million merit points in the Dao Tower over the years.

When Jiang Yue came to the Kunlun Origin Court, he would give her points in the same way.

The merit points were nothing in his eyes. After all, he was still a Void Boundary War God.

Zhou Xuanji then entered the building, took out his ID card, and handed it to the old man waiting in front of the transmission array.

“Zhou Xuanji, your name has really been on everyone’s tongue lately,” the old man said with a smile as he handed Zhou Xuanji’s ID card back to him and activated the transmission array.

Zhou Xuanji too smiled at the old man in return before stepping into the transmission array.

Immediately, a flash blinded his eyes as he felt the power of time and space wrap around him.

After becoming a Dao-Treading Saint, he could sense the Great Dao more deeply.

Very soon, he walked out of the transmission array as a dim world entered his eyes. The sky was covered in dark clouds and flashes of lightning. The earth, on the other hand, was dark and had many volcanic cracks.

There were many transmission arrays around him. He could see several creatures walking out of the other transmission arrays.

An enormous stele with many shining golden characters floating on it stood erect in the front.

Ying Zhuge, seventeen-star aptitude!

Meng Shen, sixteen-star aptitude!

Chang Shengxiao, sixteen-star aptitude!

Dabei Momo, sixteen-star aptitude!

Rulai Fu, sixteen-star aptitude!

Zhou Xuanji’s eyelids twitched wildly. ~Seventeen-star aptitude!?~

How the hell is someone like him born?

He looked down and found that there were no fewer than ten people with sixteen-star aptitude.

And as many as five hundred with twelve-star aptitude.

These guys must be geniuses from the top thousand divine ranges.

The Kunlun Origin Court was very huge. The higher the ranking of the divine range was, the more unbelievable it was.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath, calming himself down before making his way forward.

A man with ghastly white hair was floating before the huge stone stele. His hands were in his long pockets and had an emotionless look on his face. His eyes were as deep as an abyss.

Zhou Xuanji walked up to him. But before he could ask anything, the white-haired man spoke first instead, “You can sign up by putting your ID card on the Superstar Sacred Stele.”

His way of talking was extremely cold.

Zhou Xuanji enjoyed a completely different treatment from before. It was enough to show that his twelve-star aptitude was not even worth a penny here.

He took out his ID card and pushed it against the Superstar Sacred Stele. Very soon, his name appeared on the 537th place.

Just as he turned around and was preparing to leave, a dragon’s roar-like roar resounded from a nearby transmission array.

Zhou Xuanji then saw a red-scaled true dragon crawl its way out of the transmission array. It was ten feet long and looked hideous and domineering. But what was more strange was that a man in a silver armor was sitting on its back.

In the entire field, he was the only one who came here on a mount. It was clearly evident that his identity was far from simple.