I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 679 - Dao-Treading Saint, Wish-Fulfilling Sword

Chapter 679 - Dao-Treading Saint, Wish-Fulfilling Sword


On the way to the Void Boundary Place, Zhou Xuanji had been thinking about the Superstar Competition.

He asked Nangong Jiayin about it.

Superstar Competition was still three decades away. When it would be held, each Origin City would use magic to broadcast the entire Superstar Competition.

The once-in-a-million-years event was enough to attract the attention of the entire Kunlun Origin Court.

Many wandering creatures would rush over to watch it.

This kind of bustle was quite like the Chinese Spring Festival. At that time, every Divine Range would also throw in their contestant into the Superstar Competition to inspire their clansmen.

After a while…

Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin finally came to the Void Boundary Palace. Ye Jun and the other had been waiting for them for a long time. They surrounded the duo and started showering them with questions.

When Zhou Xuanji took out the Great Dao Source Stone, they clearly looked relieved. Even if it was just a fleeting emotion, it was still caught by Zhou Xuanji.

“Let’s go to see Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan,” proposed Ye Jun with a smile. Other members of Xun Mou followed him along the stairs.

Along the way, everyone was asking Zhou Xuanji if he wanted to participate in the Superstar Competition.

They all could see that Zhou Xuanji was very close to joining the ranks of Dao-Treading Saints. He had a pretty good chance in participating in the Superstar Competition.

Very soon, they arrived on the terrace where Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan was at. When Ye Jun handed the Great Dao Source Stone, Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan nodded in satisfaction.

“You have finished your mission perfectly. And because of Daohu Qiujun’s intervention, your reward has increased. Each of you will get 3.2 million merit points,” stated Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan.

While speaking, he took out his ID card and motioned to Zhou Xuanji and the others to take out his ID card.

Everyone immediately took out their ID cards and stuck it on Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan’s ID card, thereby earning 3.2 million merit points respectively.

As everyone took their respective ID cards, their faces gleamed with joy.

Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “At the beginning of the mission, I said that as long as Zhou Xuanji broke through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm, I would give him a reward. I allowed him to even swallow the Great Dao Source Stone but he still did not do so. He showed due consideration for the team.”

As he said this, everyone looked at Zhou Xuanji, surprised.

Only Nangong Jiayin had a bit of a strange look on her face.

This Kid has already swallowed half of a Great Dao Source Stone!

Nangong Jiayin could only complain in her heart. She didn’t dare to voice it out.

Ye Jun immediately praised, “Brother Xuanji is really straightforward and upright. You have my admiration.”

If it was them, they might not have been able to withstand this test.

Others immediately followed suit. Their good will for Zhou Xuanji had greatly increased.

“Next, it’s time for you to concentrate on cultivating. The next mission will be after the Superstar Competition. If you perform well, the Void Boundary Palace will reward you. You will not be disappointed,” stated Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan with a smile.

After having said his piece, he immediately disappeared from his place.

The Dao Ancestors on the other hand opened their mouths, showering Zhou Xuanji with praise.

After chatting with everyone for a while, Zhou Xuanji followed Nangong Jiayin, Ye Jun, and Xu Huang back to the Origin City they came from.

And as soon as ZHou Xuanji walked out of the Void Boundary Palace, Cheng Jiu appeared before them.

It appeared that he had been waiting for a long time.

“Congratulations Seniors for completing the first mission of the Void Boundary War God,” Chen Jiu congratulated everyone, cupping his fists with a smile. A look of admiration was pasted on his face.

He was indeed very surprised in his heart.

Because Zhou Xuanji had grown a whole lot stronger!

Even as a Dao-Treading Saint Realm, he couldn’t see through Zhou Xuanji!

As expected of a twelve-star genius!

Zhou Xuanji smiled and nodded. He then bid farewell to Ye Jun and the other two before returning to the Longbow Divine Range.

Along the way, Chen Jiu, like Ye Jun and the others, also asked Zhou Xuanji whether he would be participating in the Superstar Assessment.

Zhou Xuanji immediately replied, smiling, “But of course! This is my chance.”

Cheng Jiu couldn’t help but be filled with anticipation.

After returning to the Longbow Divine Range, Cheng Jiu immediately parted to report to the Longbow Ancestor, while Zhou Xuanji returned to the mansion. Qiu Hu, the Old Beggar, and the others were excited to see him return safe and sound. They immediately started asking about his experience during this period, curiously.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t hide either, making everyone amazed again and again.

The Old Beggar clicked his tongue and stated, “You are really lucky to have come back alive after meeting Daohu Qiuzun.”

Qiu Hu immediately glared at him and snorted, “What!? Are you disappointed that he returned alive!?”

This sentence made the Old Beggar stamp his feet.

Zhou Xuanji and his relationship was already a bit strained. And now, he was instigating their relationship. How sick!?

A human and a tiger started quarreling.

Zhou Xuanji noticed Xu Qing’s eyes grow clear. He stood behind the crowd, very calm and unperturbed.

Zhou Xuanji immediately nodded and smiled towards his senior brother as a form of greeting.

Xu Qing immediately looked uneasy.

After so many years, the Old Beggar, Xu Qing, Barbaric God Huang Luo, Gu Tianxia, and Buddha Yang Ling had all passed the first eliminations.

It could be regarded as stepping into the Kunlun Origin Court officially. In the future, they would have to fight for themselves.

After having returned to his room, Zhou Xuanji entered the worlds in the lotus right away. He took Mu Xunfeng to Emperor Sword Court and introduced him to Old Man Daoya, Xiao Jinghong, and the others.

He decided to bring Xian Xianghua and several tenth-level Connecting Heaven Realm experts of the Demon Realm to the Kunlun Origin Court.

Only by entering the Kunlun Origin Court with Xian Xianghua’s abilities could he provide her the chance to grow stronger.

Xian Xianhua was very excited about this. This made Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan very envious.

If the strength was sufficient, Zhou Xuanji would not have let them enter the eliminations.

After spending half a month in the worlds in the lotus, he brought Xian Xianghua and the others out, and he handed them to Yu Zhongxiu to register their identities.

Knowing that Xian Xianghua was Zhou Xuanji’s woman, Yu Zhongxiu’s expression changed ever so slightly. Nonetheless, she looked rather enthusiastic than given a cold look.

No matter what she thought of her, she must take good care of Xian Xianghua. If something happened to Xian Xianghua, the Longbow Divine Range would not be able to keep Zhou Xuanji.

After chatting a little, Zhou Xuanji left and went to the Dao Tower in the Origin City alone to cultivate.

He entered a four-star Dao Room and then took out the four bodies and 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus before starting to create his own sword dao.

This time, he decided that he wouldn’t step out of this room before breaking through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm!

After five years…

“Sword Master has reached the Dao-Treading Saint Realm. Starting a random lottery!”

“Ding! Congratulations! You drew God Slaying-Grade Jade Queen Sword and Nine Extreme-Grade Dragon Mage King Sword!”

Finally, Zhou Xuanji broke through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm, successfully forming the Great Dao of Swords, filling the entire dao room with it.

All his magic energy had transformed into dao energy. His physique had transformed into the Great Dao Physique.

“Because the Sword Master has exceeded the mortal physique and transformed into the Great Dao Physique, he will get an epic opportunity. If he becomes Dao Ancestor in a millennium, he will be awarded with the Wish-Fulfilling Sword. The information about the Wish-Fulfilling Sword will be announced first,” the Sword Spirit’s voice continued to ring as the information about the Wish-Fulfilling Sword appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Wish-Fulfilling Sword

Grade: Unknown

Introduction: This mysterious sword can fulfill any wish except for the invincibility and the wishes related to the Supreme Sword System. This legendary sword can only be used once in ten millennia.

Fulfill any wish!?

Once every ten millennia!

There is no restriction on cultivation!

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes widened in pleasant surprise as his breath quickened.

There is actually such a heaven-defying sword!?

Any wish…

If I encountered some invincible enemy, can I directly cause his death!?

Zhou Xuanji indulged himself in a train of thoughts.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he grew.

It wasn’t impossible to break through to the Dao Ancestor Realm within a millennium for him.