I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 678 - Chapter 678 - The Birth of Sword Dao

Chapter 678 - Chapter 678 - The Birth of Sword Dao


Zhou Xuanji was completely oblivious to Nangong Jiayin’s shock. He had focused his mind and soul into the enlightenment.

Even after having been in contact with Great Daos for many years, he had never encountered the Great Dao of Swords.

Even in the space-time tunnel, he couldn’t find a shadow of the Great Dao of Swords.

But instead of panicking, he started creating his own Dao.

As early as the time of Wanshen Great Thousands, the old gods and immortals trained him to comprehend the Dao Will.

Since then, the Great Dao exclusive to him was born.

This Great Dao was quite mystical and extremely weak. Compared to other Great Daos, it was like a dust particle vs a star.

And now, he was helping his own Dao will to transform into the Great Dao of Swords.

He didn’t need the power of other Great Daos. He just wanted to rely on himself to become a Dao-Treading Saint!


The sound of the sword blade vibrating sounded from his body as a silver glow appeared around him quickly expanding into a sliver ball of light.

Sword Shield Art!

On a closer look, one would find that this light was a superimposition of swords of lights. It was quite spectacular.

Nangong Jiayin’s eyes immediately lit up. She had known Zhou Xuanji for such a long time but it was the first time she had seen him use such a divine ability.

What a beautiful sword-type divine ability!?

His aura is no less inferior to an early Dao-Treading Saint.

Mu Xunfeng’s jaw was slacked.

How strong!

He felt that he was about to be crushed.

What cultivation has he reached to have such a powerful momentum!?

Noticing his discomfort, Nangong Jiayin waved her right hand as a ball of light flew out from her palm, enveloping My Xunfeng’s figure. He now felt less pressure.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji was releasing his own Dao Will in his spiritual world.

He was using the Sword Shield Art to form his very own Sword Dao.

All the while, the feathered fan continued its journey.

Nangong Jiayin’s voice of dao continued to echo in the space-time tunnel.

Daohu Qiuzun didn’t appear all along. It seemed that everything was calm but Nangong Jiayin never closed her eyes, nonetheless.

After half a month…

Zhou Xuanji woke up from his state of epiphany, furrowing his brow slightly.

His sword dao was about to be formed but it was lacking one final push.

This feeling was quite strange. Zhou Xuanji couldn’t put it in words.

No matter how he looked for this trigger, he couldn’t find it.

Finally, Nangong Jiayin’s Dao Voice stopped. She turned and said, smiling, “Don’t think about it. You are already half way into the Dao-Treading Saint Realm, so don’t think too much about it.”

She sighed in her heart.

If this is twelve-star aptitude, how sick is the legendary sixteen-star aptitude!?

Wouldn’t it be possible to create something with just thoughts!?

Nangong Jiayin shook her head. She couldn’t imagine the superstar ranked prodigies no matter how she tried.

However, Zhou Xuanji’s talent gave her more confidence.

She had a purpose for helping Zhou Xuanji, naturally.

The stronger Zhou Xuanji was, the happier she was.

“Can everyone only master one kind of Great Dao!?” Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. If one could become a Dao-Treading Saint by mastering one kind of Great Dao, what about two or three?

Nangong Jiayin replied, “Naturally you can master more than one but one’s body and soul are still the same size. If you allocate space to other Great Daos, it will inevitably affect the power of the original Great Dao.”

Zhou Xuanji was well aware of this fact.

The Supreme Legendary Sword System let him specialize in sword dao because of this.

“How long will it take to reach the Kunlun Origin Court!?” Zhou Xuanji turned and asked.

Having been in a state of epiphany for so long had made him a little mentally exhausted.

This wasn’t an ordinary enlightenment; he was still creating the sword dao.

“Soon! I didn’t dare to go too fast, lest it affected you,” answered Nangong Jiayin with a smile. She kept looking ahead with a meaningful look in her eyes.

In the front, she could already vaguely see the purple mist sea, the edge of the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Mu Xunfeng and beckoned him.

Mu Xunfeng immediately rushed over with a look of awe hanging on his face. He didn’t dare to speak first.

“You like Alchemy the most, right?” Zhou Xuanji asked, staring into his eyes.

Mu Xunfeng’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing this. He had already noticed that Zhou Xuanji was a sword cultivator.

Am I going to be expelled?

He replied nervously, “Yes… if Sir likes…”

“No! Just leave it like this. I just happened to be short of an alchemy genius,” stated Zhou Xuanji, waving his hand. He didn’t need a sword cultivator. There were tons of them in Sword Emperor Court.

An alchemist was rare. There were few in Sword Emperor Court. However, someone like Mu Xunfeng, an alchemist with seven-eight star aptitude, was also very rare in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Mu Xunfeng was ecstatic upon hearing this. He immediately bowed to Zhou Xuanji to express his gratitude.

Zhou Xuanji then said, “I will take you in an artifact. You better find a place to cultivate first, don’t run around here and there. I will take you out when the time is right.”

Naturally, Mu Xunfeng didn’t dare to have an opinion. He was already afraid of the fact that Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin might encounter danger.

Next, he was taken into the world of lotus by Zhou Xuanji.

He couldn’t cause any commotion in Emperor Sword Court with his cultivation. After all, he was just a Heavenly Law True God.

“Tsk tsk, what do you want to do with so many creatures?” asked Nangong Jiayin curiously. Her gaze fell on Zhou Xuanji, sizing him up from top to bottom.

Zhou Xuanji shrugged his shoulders and replied, “They are the existence that I took notice of in my journey. I don’t want to give them up. We are walking on the road of cultivation, someone will always be pushing us from behind.”

Nangong Jiayin shook her head and turned her gaze back towards the front. She failed to stifle her laughter.

After half an hour…

They flew out of the space-time tunnel and entered the Void Boundary.

Zhou Xuanji focused his gaze. He could already see an outline of Kunlun Origin Court.

The Kunlun Origin Court was so eye-catching in the dim void.

“We are finally safe,” Nangong Jiayin said with a smile as she threw half of the Great Dao Source Stone to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was dumbstruck.

I’m still getting this!?

The Great Dao Source Stone in the Supreme Warehouse was necessary for the completion of the mission, and this half of the Great Dao Source Stone was his reward for helping Nangong Jiayin.

But he had already consumed too much of Nangong Jiayin’s luck.

Nangong Jiayin raised the corner of her lips into a smile as she explained, “I’m generous. Don’t misunderstand, the road of cultivation is long. We will be staying together for a long time. After we return, breakthrough quickly. There will be good things waiting for you.”

Good things!?

Zhou Xuanji sunk into his thoughts.

Could they be related to the mission that Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan secretly gave me?

After a while…

They rushed into the majestic purple mist. Nangong Jiayin promptly raised her ID card as the Void Boundary War God imprint bloomed with a bright light.

“Welcome back, Void Boundary War Gods.”

A boundless voice reverberated through the void. It didn’t belong to any of the Void Boundary Gods Zhou Xuanji was familiar with.

After entering the Kunlun Origin Cour, Nangong Jiayin took him to the Void Boundary Palace. At the same time, she contacted the other members through her ID card, asking them to gather in the Void Boundary Palace.

Zhou Xuanji discovered that it was hustling and bustling even more so than before. Apparently, something big was about to happen.

He used his divine sense to listen to the discussion of an oncoming group.

“The Superstar Competition that’s held once in a million years is about to begin.”

“Superstar Competition, what’s that!?”

“It is a competition for geniuses with nine-star and above aptitude. There is only one requirement, and that is to reach the Dao-Treading Saint Realm.”

“As long as you achieve excellent results in the Superstar Competition, you can receive the Origin Court’s Great Dao Baptism, which can improve any Great Dao.”

Superstar Competition!?

Zhou Xuanji started thinking. How could he miss this opportunity.

Nangong Jiayin glanced at him and said, smiling, “It seems that you have already decided. I guess I will get to see your performance with my own eyes.”