I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 677 - Chapter 677 - Hundred Great Li Avatars and Breakthrough!

Chapter 677 - Chapter 677 - Hundred Great Li Avatars and Breakthrough!


Sword Name: Almighty Divine Snake Sword of Controlling Daos

Grade: Mysterious Dao

Introduction: In the universe, there are Almighty Divine Snakes that feed on Great Daos. This sword is forged from an Almighty Divine Snake. It can devour Great Daos. One needs to be an intermediate-level Dao-Treading Saint to use this sword.

Almighty Divine Snake that feeds on Great Daos!?

Zhou Xuanji was secretly dumbfounded.

What a domineering divine snake!?

However, this sword one needed to be an intermediate-level Dao-Treading Saint. All he could do was turn this into motivation for cultivation.

Immediately, he started inheriting the Sword Shield Art.

It appeared to be a cultivation exercise but it was something akin to a divine ability.

The Sword Shield Art could form many sword gleams, shielding the caster from every possible angle. It was extremely defensive and at the same time, the caster’s senses would be more attuned in this state.

Zhou Xuanji felt extremely satisfied after having received the inheritance.

He liked these state-like divine abilities that could be superimposed on other divine abilities.

No matter how fancy one’s swordsmanship was, it wasn’t as good as his state.

Zhou Xuanji then immersed himself in cultivation again.

So far, he had already been able to create fifty-eight Great Li Avatars.

When he reached a hundred Great Li Avatars would be the time when he had broken through to the second phase.

In these years, Ye Jun had also contacted him. He was relieved when he came to know Zhou Xuanji was with Nangong Jiayin and happened to be cultivating.

The rest met with each other in the Void Boundary and were returning to the Kunlun Origin Court together.

Other Dao Ancestors had also encountered different types of troubles. They might not be able to return to the Kunlun Origin Court in a short time. However, Ye Jun was very confident of them and claimed that this mission was successful.

As Long as they didn’t run into a Daohu Qiuzun, everything would be fine.

“Kid, you only have ten more years. We are leaving after ten years,” Nangong Jiayin’s voice flew into Zhou Xuanji’s ears, making him open his eyes and look at her.

He promptly asked, furrowing his brow, “Wasn’t it a hundred years!? Only five years have gone by!”

He just found an enlightenment. Naturally, he didn’t want to leave.

“I have calculated that something is calculating our fate. If we stay here for too long, we will be exposed,” replied Nangong Jiayin. Her tone was a little serious.

Daohu Qiuzun!

Instantly, a name flashed in Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

Apart from this force, who else would be chasing after them!?

The nearby Mu Xunfeng grew extremely worried.

He had already felt the powerful aura emanating from Zhou Xuanji over these years. He couldn’t imagine how terrifying the enemy chasing after Zhou Xuanji and Nangong Jiayin was.

He shook his head before focusing all his attention back on alchemy. He was trying to keep himself from mulling over these matters.

In a flash, ten years had passed.

Zhou Xuanji got another twenty-three swords, all of which were relatively ordinary for him.

His Great Li Avatars had hit ninety-six. He was just a little distance away from making it a hundred. However, he had no choice but to leave.

Nangong Jiayin was very decisive. When she said ten years, she meant ten years. She didn’t hesitate for a moment.

They immediately left on the feathered fan. Nangong Jiayin giggled and said, “Don’t be disappointed. I think you are cultivating a powerful exercise. I will preach you dao on the way back. But as for how much you can comprehend, it will depend on your talent and comprehension.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded his acknowledgement. He really wasn’t that disappointed.

Even if he couldn’t complete the mission given by Heavenly Sage Zhen Yan, he could still rely on the Dao Tower to break through.

Zhou Xuanji started calming his mind instead of cultivating.

After entering the Kunlun Origin Court, his emotions seemed to start fluctuating. This made him a little dissatisfied.

While the feathered fan flew through the time and space tunnel, the trio didn’t speak a word. It seemed very silent.

After half an hour…

Nangong Jiayin began to preach dao, “The Dao of Jade Blue chases the Dao Source, seeking the spirits in all the worlds. It casts its soul with tens of thousands of principles. If there is a fateful opportunity, it can create a prosperous world. If there are two fateful opportunities, it can give birth to a Great Dao…”

Zhou Xuanji perked his ears as he promptly started cultivating the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

Mu Xunfeng was stunned. It was the first time he had heard of dao. He was a little surprised.

Very soon, he realized that Nangong Jiayin’s voice carried some special power, making him close his eyes and cultivate.

Immediately after, he started cultivating just like Zhou Xuanji.

As a Dao Ancestor, Nangong Jiayin’s daoism was naturally broad and profound. Compared to those old gods and immortals, it would only be strong if not weak.

With the help of her Dao Voice, Zhou Xuanji formed another Great Li Avatar in a short time.

Ninety-seven Great Li Avatars!

He was only three Great Li Avatars away from the second phase of Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique!

Nangong Jiayin’s gentle voice started to echo in the space-time tunnel.

Suddenly, Zhou Xuanji was struck with an idea. He immediately opened the passages of all the worlds in the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus so that all the creatures could hear Nangong Jiayin’s Dao Voice.

All of a sudden, the Demon Realm, the Northern Wilderness, the Milky Way, and the other worlds in the lotus started seething.

All the sentient beings broke into an uproar but very soon, they all calmed down because of Nangong Jiayin’s Dao Voice.

Every world had a general way of cultivation of its own. Even the creatures who had not stepped on the path of cultivation could unconsciously move the spiritual Qi in their surroundings.

Nangong Jiayin immediately noticed something. She took a deep glance at Zhou Xuanji.

“This Kid is actually carrying the creatures of four realms with him. Should I call him kind or ambitious?” Nangong Jiayin thought to herself but she didn’t stop preaching.

After ten days…

Zhou Xuanji had finally formed the hundredth Great Li Avatar!

Immediately after, he started cultivating the second phase of the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique. The way the divine energy circulated in his body immediately changed. Somehow, he had gotten the way to break through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm.

A Dao-Treading Saint treaded Dao!

As the name suggested, it was to crush the Great Dao under their feet!

They broke the Great Dao and transformed their own bodies into Great Dao, turning into Saints

Above the Great Dao were Dao Ancestors. Their lifespan was greater than the Great Dao.

In fact, after breaking through to the Saint Realm, life span was no longer important to cultivators.

Many cultivators above the Saint Realm either died under the Great Dao principles or at the hands of their enemies.

Almost no one died due to having their lifespan run out.

Zhou Xuanji began pondering.

Although he had absorbed untold dao energy and seen all kinds of Great Daos, he had no idea what his dao was.

“My dao is the dao of the sword.”

Zhou Xuanji quickly figured out that he was born for the sword. His soul was the sword and so was his body. So naturally, his dao was the sword.

He wanted to be the sword emperor. Not just the only sword emperor in the world of heavenly laws but the only sword emperor in the countless universes!

The sword dao of the emperor belonged to him!

Zhou Xuanji entered a state of enlightenment. Immediately, the surrounding Great Daos gathered around him, giving rise to violent gales.


Mu Xunfeng was disturbed by the violent gales. He immediately looked at Zhou Xuanji in horror.

What’s he doing?

Nangong Jiayin’s eyes were filled with shock as she looked back.


This kid wants to break into the Dao-Treading Saint Realm!?

Is he crazy!

Nangong Jiayin’s beautiful face lost all color. It was a very long process to go from ninth-level Overlord Saint to Dao-Treading Saint. Countless creatures took a super-long time to realize their own Great Dao. Some took as much as hundreds of millions of years to realize their own dao. The shortest time one took was still tens of thousands of years.

Although there were many Great Daos, every creature only had one Great Dao that suited them the best.

Except for that Great Dao, no other Great Dao would help them become a Dao-Treading Saint.

And yet, Zhou Xuanji found it so soon.

The Great Dao wasn’t something that would appear if one just thought about it unless one was a legendary being that could directly create the Great Dao. Such a being could shake the Origin Court and create phenomena across countless universes.