I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 676 - Chapter 676 - Five-Hundred-And-Twenty Years Old, Mysterious Dao-Grade Sword

Chapter 676 - Chapter 676 - Five-Hundred-And-Twenty Years Old, Mysterious Dao-Grade Sword


“You want to kill me?” asked Zhou Xuanji, squinting his eyes. He wasn’t afraid of Nangong Jiayin making a move.

Nangong Jiayin rolled her eyes at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Little Brother, how can you say this? Just think how I have been treating you since we have come to know each other. You have taken so much of my luck and yet I have said nothing. And you are still crying victim?”

An unnatural look appeared on Zhou Xuanji’s face. He was indeed wrong here.

He heaved a sigh and said, “I don’t know what got over me. What do you want, if I can do it, I will do my best to make it up to you.”

Hearing this, Nangong Jiayin covered her mouth and began giggling. Her smile was as pretty as flowers.

“Don’t worry, I won’t put you in any kind of trouble. I just hope that you and I can be honest with each other. If I was malicious to you, you would have died a thousand times long ago, and I would have concealed your and my tracks. Now, we are a team. We must act secretly together. I just hope that you and I can stand on the same line in the future, understand?” Nangong Jiayin’s smile disappeared as she stated in a serious manner.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and asked, “You haven’t come to take a liking to me, have you?”

With his cultivation base, he really wasn’t worthy of Nangong Jiayin’s attention at all.

As for his qualifications, it was worth a dime to Nangong Jiayin.

“You will understand in the future. Don’t worry, I still need your help in the future. Before that, I will try my best to help you become stronger. Don’t you want to break through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm? Go, I will take your place,” Nangong Jiayin said with a smile.

And after having said her piece, she turned, preparing to leave.

At this time, she suddenly seemed to have noticed something. She exclaimed in surprise as she waved her hand. Immediately, that little Daoist appeared before her.

The Little Daoist was dumbstruck. He hurriedly retreated in fright but very soon, he was transfixed in his place.

“This Kid is pretty good. He seems to have a seven or eight-star aptitude. Do you want to take him? You can take him as a Dao Servant,” Nangong Jiayin asked Zhou Xuanji with a smile but Zhou Xuanji wasn’t moved.

The Little Daoist suddenly realized that he could move. He sat on the ground, gulping a mouthful of saliva before asking, “Who are you?”

Nangong Jiayin took a sidealong glance at him and stated, smiling, “Little Kid, we are far beyond Heavenly Saints. Do you want to take us as your master? The Kid behind me is just five hundred years or so old and is already a ninth-level Overlord Saint. Even the Heavenly Sage of this universe would be torn apart before he could even lift his hand.”

The Little Daoist’s eyes bulged wide as a look of disbelief took over his face.

He immediately regained his wits, knelt before Zhou Xuanji and begged, kowtowing constantly, “I beg you to take me, take me to cultivate!”

His excitement didn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It was like catching a life-saving straw.

Presumably, this kid had a blood feud.

Zhou Xuanji pondered for a moment and nodded.

After a short conversation, Zhou Xuanji knew that this Little Taoist’s name was Mu Xunfeng. He might seem young but he was already a few thousand years old, in fact.

As for his past, Zhou Xuanji didn’t ask.

Next, they quickly left under the leadership of Nangong Jiayin.

With Mu Xunfeng joining them, Zhou Xuanji believed that Nangong Jiayin would not make things difficult for him.

Otherwise, why would she bother to ask him to take Mu Xunfeng as a Dao Servant?

Nangong Jiayin took out a feather fan before the three of them rode it. The next moment, the feather fan flew at an extraordinary speed, directly entering the space-time tunnel.

Mu Xunfeng looked very excited along the way but he didn’t dare to speak a single word.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Where are we going?”

He was very curious as to how they could so easily escape into the space-time tunnel.

Doesn’t one need to be a Dao-Treading Saint to do it?

“We are going to a place with many Great Daos to help you break through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm. Anyway, the Great Dao Source Stone is in your hands. As for others, you don’t have to worry about them. They were all old monsters. They all have their own means of escaping,” Nangong Jiayin, who was standing in the front, replied in a casual manner.

All kinds of expressions appeared in her eyes. It was hard to tell what she was thinking.

A place with many Great Daos!?

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t but be filled with anticipation. He stopped talking and started cultivation, sitting cross-legged.

The atmosphere on the feather fan turned silent.

Ten days later…

They came to the universe shrouded in red smoke. Many shriveled corpses were floating in space. It was so ghastly that Mu Xunfeng couldn’t help but shiver in worry.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes to look up. He saw all kinds of shriveled corpses. But most of them belonged to humans.

It seemed to be an ancient battlefield. It had an unsettling atmosphere.

“Is this the place you were talking about?” asked Zhou Xuanji, furrowing his brow.

He always felt that there was something wrong here.

Nangong Jiuyin replied, smiling mysteriously, “It is way deeper. Don’t worry, there is no danger here. The reason for this weird atmosphere is that too many corpses of powerful experts are lying here. Their Great Daos are gathered in one place, lingering for eternity. As far as you are concerned, this place is a paradise for you. However, you can’t stay here for too long or a heart demon will rise in your heart. And with your talent, you won’t need to stay here for too long.”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but check it out with his divine sense. He discovered that there were indeed many Great Daos here.

Many Great Daos were extremely powerful. So powerful that even he couldn’t see through them.

He was sure that he could break through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm in here.

If he could have the means to break through, it would save a lot of time and effort!

Very soon, they arrived on a solitary island. The island was surrounded by an untold number of floating skeletons. From afar, they looked like a white ring.

There was a thatched house on the island along with a simple stone bed under the tree. Obviously, someone used to live here.

“I discovered this universe by accident. I used an array to hide this place. No one can find this place except for me. You can cultivate with peace here,” said Nangong Jiayin with a smile after stepping on the island. She sounded complacent.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his acknowledgment before glancing at Mu Xunfeng and beckoning him.

Mu Xunfeng arrived before him with a respectful look on his face.

Zhou Xuanji then asked, “Do you like swords?”

Mu Xunfeng was taken aback. He replied hesitantly, “The dao of cultivation indeed has flying swords but I have trained too deeply in alchemy. I am best in alchemy. I like refining pills.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow slightly upon hearing this. The next moment, he took out a bundle of pill recipes from the Supreme Warehouse and handed them to Mu Xunfeng.

These recipes were collected from enemies over hundreds of years.

Before Mu Xunfeng could speak anything, Zhou Xuanji walked to the stone bed to meditate.

Nangong Jiayin too sat dao on the nearby shore of the island, playing with the Great Dao Source Stone. God only knew what was going through her mind.

Seeing this, Mu Xunfeng had no choice but to find a place for himself and start studying those recipes.

Absorbed in cultivation, Zhou Xuanji started practicing the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique straight away.

He didn’t ask Nangong Jiayin for a cultivation exercise. He was afraid that she would play some trick on it. Besides, such a request would only damage his face.

Only by breaking through to the second passage of the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique could he obtain the method of breaking through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm.

Time went by quickly.

In a flash, five years had passed.

“Sword Master has reached the age of five hundred and twenty years. A random lottery is triggered!”

“Ding! Congratulations. You drew a Mysterious Dao-grade Almighty Divine Snake Sword of Controlling Chaos and the Sword Shield Art!”

The sword spirit’s sudden voice caught Zhou Xuanji off-guard. He immediately opened his eyes in shock.

Mysterious Dao-grade sword!

A legendary sword higher than the Primordial Chaos-grade sword!

His heart was pounding with excitement. He had been looking forward to this day since entering the Kunlun Origin Court.

He finally got a Mysterious Dao-grade sword!