I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 675 - Chapter 675 Fate technique. Finally Met.

Chapter 675 - Chapter 675 Fate technique. Finally Met.


“Is there any way to get fate?” Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. He did not take fate seriously, but the Golden Treasure Basket’s spectacular use caught his attention.

“It’s very complicated,” Dao Lord Xuantian said, “Sometimes you can get it by killing your enemies. Sometimes, it can be done by stealing someone else’s fate or occupying their position. Every world has different ways of obtaining fate. But one thing is for sure, one’s fate grows with his or her cultivation.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. Thanks, captain obvious.

Sovereign Xuan waited a long time, and he finally spoke, “Can I be reborn into Kunlun Origin Court?”

He killed himself by challenging the Heavenly Law because he was too lonely in the Heavenly Law Universe. Now that he had arrived at a world more grand and vast, he wanted to continue cultivating.

Honestly, Zhou Xuanji could not understand him.

With his abilities, why should he challenge the Heavenly Law?

Why didn’t he challenge the Heavenly Saints?

He asked before, but Sovereign Xuan reused to answer.

“Forget it. Outside souls cannot enter Kunlun Origin Court. Even if he let you out, you cannot be reincarnated but would be captured instead. They will torture you before killing you,” Dao Lord Xuantian said with disdain, which instantly extinguished the ember of hope in Sovereign Xuan’s heart.

Zhou Xuanji said intently, “Seems like you understand Kunlun Origin Court. Are you from here?”

Dao Lord Xuantian sighed, “Back then, I saw a light descending from the highest place of the Origin Court. That beam of light destroyed my body, and only a remnant soul was left. Fortunately, you obtained that light and it became your serendipity. You must make good use of it. Not only us, but there were also many other powerful souls swept away by the light. I wonder if they still exist. If…”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. There were other powerful souls?

Even Dao Lord Xuantian considered them powerful. They must be powerful indeed.

He chatted with the two souls for an hour before he began to cultivate.

Since he could not find the others from Xuan Mou and the Great Dao Source Stone was on him, he was not in a hurry to go back. He decided to cultivate for some time first.

It was best that he could grow into a Dao-Treading Saint straightaway!

Soon, he felt something was wrong.

Not knowing if it was because of making Pan Zhen into his avatar, his understanding of the Great Dao grew deeper, and the rate of absorbing Dao energy became faster.

It was a good thing!

He began to focus fully on cultivating. He controlled his five avatars to guard him. If any enemy came for him, they could react instinctively.

20 hours later.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt the identity imprint on his right arm palpated with divine sense. Then, he heard Nangong Jiayin speaking, “Little brother, did you use my Golden Treasure Basket?”

Her voice was gentle still, but Zhou Xuanji sensed a tinge of danger.

He replied, “Yes, I have already replicated the Great Dao Source Stone. I will give it back to you after I return.”

Nangong Jiayin asked with a giggled, “Other than that, have you used it for other things?”

“Can I?” he pretended to be surprised by her question.

He could sense that Nangong Jiayin realized that her fate had reduced. But the amount of reduction did not hurt her foundation, or else she would not maintain that courteous attitude.

He could only sigh in his heart. What a sin, but he did not know it before he used the basket either.

He planned to make it up to her in the future.

“It’s okay. You should not use it, or you will hurt me,” Nangong Jiayin replied with a smile, and that sense of danger disappeared too.

“Where are you?” she continued to ask.

“Let’s meet in Kunlun Origin Court,” Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “I have no idea where I am right now.

Only Kunlun Origin Court was safe. What if Nangong Jiayin decided to kill him?

She giggled, and then her divine sense disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji understood that the woman guessed that it was him who had used the Golden Treasure Basket. If the Great Dao Source Stone and the Golden Treasure Basket were not in his hands, she would have confronted him directly.

He thought about it and decided to travel to another universe to cultivate.

What if Nangong Jiayin located him through their conversation just now?

Cautiousness was the best policy!

Zhou Xuanji was backstabbed too many times, which made him overthink everything.

He immediately left with his avatars.

The Great Dao Walls were penetrable for him. After all, his body was transforming into a Great Dao Body.

After leaving this universe, he came to a purple universe pervaded by a purple aura.

He continued ahead.

He only stopped after flying past numerous universes.

The universe he was now in was similar to the Milky Way. There were many civilizations that were inclined toward physical cultivation. He found an isolated galaxy and prepared to focus on cultivation.

On the other side.

In the universe, he was in.

Nangong Jiayin suddenly appeared on the asteroid Zhou Xuanji had been. With a deep frown, she mumbled, “This brat is really sly.”

She immediately tracked Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

Although Zhou Xunaji’s cultivation grew tremendously, he was still quite far away from Dao-Treading Saint. This was why he turned his focus on the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

After he broke through to the second level, he might be able to realize the way to become a Dao-Treading Saint.

This day.

He suddenly felt a living being descend upon his vicinity.

He scanned with his divine sense and found a young man in taoist robes. The clean-looking young man seemed like a teenager and was flying around as though he was searching for something.

This little taoist’s cultivation was like a Heavenly Law True God.

Qi Nurturing, Foundation Building, Enlightening, Inner Pellet, Soul Fountain, Astral Infant, Astral Projection, Spirit Refinement, Great Realization!

Nine Tribulation Scattered Immortal, Ten Revolution Golden Immortal, Void Extreme Immortal, Heavenly Law True God, Eighteen Levels of Universe Heaven, Ten Stages of Connecting Heaven, and Nine Levels of Saint Realm!

Dao-Treading Saint!

Dao Ancestor!

This was according to his understanding.

Under the Saint Realm, each universe’s cultivation stages were categorized differently. But overall, each stage had significant differences, which were easy to identify.

The small galaxy was vast for the young taoist. Since the taoist was quite far away from Zhou Xuanji, he ignored the newcomer and continued his cultivation.

Both of them did not interfere with each other.

Half a year passed again.

The young taoist was drawing closer to Zhou Xuanji unknowingly.

Zhou Xuanji left immediately and entered another galaxy so that the young taoist would not encounter him.

“Little brother, why are you hiding here? If you want to cultivate, I can bring you to a place.”

A familiar giggle reverberated through the entire galaxy, and Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes in shock. The young taoist also looked up, frightened.

Nangong Jiayin!

She came up to Zhou Xunaji directly and looked at him with a smile.

“What do you want?” ZhouXuanji sighed.

This woman was too capable!

She found him despite so many odds!

Nangong Jiayin smiled, “Return the Great Dao Source Stone and the Golden Treasure Basket to me.”

Without a word, Zhou Xuanji returned the two to her.

If Nangong Jiayin wanted to take them by force, Zhou Xuanji could not resist either.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t eat you up.”

Nangong Jiayin inspected the two items and giggled. As she spoke, she began circling around Zhou Xuanji and sizing him up.

Zhou Xuanji could sense a faint murderous intent.

Was this woman thinking about whether to kill him?