I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 673 - Chapter 673 Duplicating Great Dao Source Stone

Chapter 673 - Chapter 673 Duplicating Great Dao Source Stone


Chapter 673 Duplicating Great Dao Source Stone

Xuan Mou’s Dao Ancestors were engaged in intense combat in the chaotic universe. They moved about so swiftly that Zhou Xuanji could barely keep up with his eyes.

“Ye Jun, what should we do now? If he’s really from Daohu Qiuzun, then big trouble might ensue while we drag this one out,” Nangong Jiayin asked with a tight frown.

If Daohu Qiuzun interfered, how would she obtain the Great Dao Source Stone? Moreover, if the mission failed, they would be disqualified from being Void Boundary War Gods.

Void Boundary War Gods’ first mission was more like a test.

If they failed at the first mission, how could they be trusted by the Void Boundary Palace?

Ye Jun scanned all around him and said, “The Great Dao Source Stone should still be around, or else he would have left.”

“Everyone, don’t act alone, or else we might fall into traps. Let’s search for the Great Dao Source Stone together. It should be hidden inside one of the Chaos Demon Gods.”

The other Dao Ancestors nodded in agreement. Four of them were battling the purple-robed man, which was enough.

They must find the Great Dao Source Stone as soon as possible.

Zhou Xuanji followed closely behind them, witnessing their slaughter of the Chaos Demon Gods.

Some of the Chaos Demon God shrieked in misery and were killed even before they opened their eyes.

It was a massacre!

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Although he was not used to such things, he had no way to stop it.

He was not powerful enough.

Nor did doing so benefit him in any way.

He was not related to these creatures in any way. What reason could he give to stop his teammates?

Soon, Xuan Mou killed more than 200 Chaos Demon Gods, but no Great Dao Source Stone was found.

Ye Jun and the rest continued their search. They sped up further, and Zhou Xuanji could barely catch up with them. Fortunately, Nangong Jiayin had been pushing him along.

A while later.

Xu Huang and the other three Dao Ancestors came up to them and cursed furiously.

“He escaped.”

“His divine ability is really eccentric. He could split himself.”

“The separate parts of him can think independently. Could it be some kind of hallucinating technique?”

“We must be careful.”

Hearing their report, everyone was worried.

Ye Jun muttered deeply, “Let’s stay close. Send out your divine sense and be prepared.”

Everyone nodded but did not panic.

There’s nothing to fear if the 12 Dao Ancestors worked together.

Moreover, this was a new universe. Daohu Qiuzun couldn’t carry out a large-scale invasion.

“Are your eyes the Exterminating Divine Eyes?”

Xu Huang asked Zhou Xuanji telepathically. Zhou Xuanji glanced back at him and gave a slight nod.

“Don’t use those eyes in front of Daohu Qiuzun,” Xu Huang continued, “Their leader is one of the Five Ultimate Gods, and the Exterminating Divine Eyes are one of the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes. If they find out, they will not nurture you but offer you to their leader. That guy has been thinking about merging the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes.”

Xu Huang stopped at this.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. Did this mean that Daohu Qiuzun was his potential enemy?

No wonder he did not hear about the Five Ultimate Gods from the Barbaric Ultimate God.

At this moment, Ye Jun killed another Chaos Demon God and found a transparent crystal the size of a head.

“We found it! The Great Dao Source Stone!” Ye Jun said excitingly, and the others cheered.

Looking at Zhou Xuanji, he said, “This Chaos Demon God is the most powerful being in this universe. I kept its body in one piece intentionally. You want it, right?”

Zhou Xuanji was hesitant for a moment before storing away the dead Chaos Demon God.

This creature had three heads and six arms. The face on each head was blue, and tusks protruded from its mouth. All its heads were covered with red hair, which made it even more terrifying even though it was dead. Its aura could even match a Dao-Treading Saint’s cultivation.

This was great serendipity for Zhou Xuanji.

“Thank you,” he said to Ye Jun.

The Dao Ancestor waved his hand and smiled generously, “Don’t mention it. From now on, Xuan Mou must help each other so that we can win together.”

The others nodded in agreement and were all smiling. They showed no envy.

A Chaos Demon God at Dao-Treading Saint Stage was not enough to draw their envy.

“The way back must be treacherous. Put the Great Dao Source Stone on someone Daohu Qiuzun would not expect,” Nangong Jiayin said with a frown. She looked as though she had much in consideration.

The other Dao Ancestors nodded. Ye Jun was the most powerful, which also meant that he was a priority target.

Ye Jun looked around and finally decided on Zhou Xuanji, saying, “I will give the Great Dao Source Stone to you. You cannot take it out until we are back in the Void Boundary Palace. Can you do that?”

Everyone looked at Zhou Xuanji. Some frowned, while others showed signs of acknowledgment.

Zhou Xuanji was the weakest. No one would expect them to leave it to his care.

“I’m afraid…” Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and replied. Ye Jun waved his hand and passed the Great Dao Source Stone to Zhou Xuanji.

“I will give it to you. Keep it now.”

Nangong Jiayin looked serious on her face, but she burst out in laughter in her heart. At the same time, she felt amazed.

Amazed by Zhou Xuanji’s acting.

Zhou Xuanji immediately kept the Great Dao Source Stone into the Supreme Storage without any expression or words.

Everyone in Xuan Mou headed toward the same direction.

There was a teleportation portal when they came. To return, they could only use their Dao energy to shuttle through the spatial tunnel.

They might even be ambushed by Daohu Qiuzun along the way. Of course, they might encounter other enemies as well.

A while later.

Ye Jun stopped suddenly. The other Dao Ancestors were shocked too.

“What’s happening?”

“The Great Dao Wall was sealed!”

“Oh no! It must be Daohu Qiuzun’s trap!”

“What should we do now?”

“Everyone, be careful!”

Hearing everyone’s words of shock, Zhou Xuanji frowned.

After he came to the new universe, he had been busying about and had no time for cultivation. Could this be their end?

A Dao Ancestor took out a golden door and said, “This door connects into the spatial turbulence. Let’s flee there first and reconvene at the Kunlun Origin Court!”

Everyone could only agree. Before Zhou Xuanji could react, Xu Huang pushed him into the door before going in himself.

The others entered it too.

Soon, the golden gate disappeared.

Right after they left, a purple-robed man appeared with a frown, “That pair of eyes is the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes?”

His eyes rolled in thought before turning into a ball of purple smoke and disappearing on the spot.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji went into the spatial turbulence. His surroundings were filled with electrical currents of all colors, but most of them were silver. There was neither sky nor land, no living beings around him.

He probed around with his divine sense but could not capture any of Xuan Mou members’ aura.

He waited a while longer.

After confirming that there’s no one around, he took out the Great Dao Source Stone and Golden Treasure Basket.

He placed the Great Dao Source Stone into the basket. Shortly after, another Great Dao Source Stone appeared.

He immediately took away one piece and wanted to try again to see if he could replicate more.

It was a pity that the Golden Treasure Basket could only replicate an item once.

He did not feel pity but left after packing up.

It was his first time coming into the spatial turbulence. Whenever his body touched the electric current, he felt a sharp pain. He thought that if his cultivation was lower than Connecting Heaven, he would have been turned into ash.