I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 672 - Chapter 672 Daohu Qiuzun

Chapter 672 - Chapter 672 Daohu Qiuzun


After some discussions led by Ye Jun, they named their team Xuan Mou.

The word “Xuan” was related to most of their teammates. Some had this word in their names. Others had this word in the name of their divine abilities or energy techniques.

“Mou” meant they were planning for their future.

The path of cultivation was long and dry. It was not easy to get into such a team.

Moreover, they were mostly equal in power. The weakest was the 12-Star Zhou Xuanji. Such a relationship with each other only had benefits.

Zhou Xuanji felt no aversion to the name. Since everyone was excited about it, he did not want to throw a wet blanket on them.

Seeing that they were chatting harmoniously, Zhou Xuanji felt rather happy about it.

Dao Ancestors were humans too.

They had their own temperaments.

They might appear high, lofty, indifferent, and just before other living beings. But amidst those who had similar power and goals, they would also reveal their true characters.

They kept moving forward.

Nangong Jiayin did not appear to be overly passionate toward Zhou Xuanji. She was like before, teasing Zhou Xuanji occasionally.

After flying for four hours.

“Our target universe is here,” Ye Jun looked ahead and said.

His Dao energy enveloped everyone, and Zhou Xuanji was at the center. With the protection of 12 Dao Ancestors, Zhou Xuanji felt no uneasiness.

Soon, they flew out of the spatial tunnel and came into a chaotic and dim universe.

The entire universe was filled with the aura of chaos. There were neither stars nor meteorites.

Zhou Xuanji looked around curiously, observing the newly born universe.

“Should we split up?” Xu Huang asked, “We should collect intel first. No matter how powerful this Chaos Demon God in this newborn universe is, he should be only a Dao-Treading Saint. Other than Zhou Xuanji, we can move out alone.”

Ye Jun nodded in agreement, “Zhou Xuanji shall follow me. I will protect him.”

The others had no objection. But Nangong Jiayin curled her lip, saying, “You are really opportunistic in getting close to him.”

Ye Jun burst out in laughter but did not reply to her.

And so, Xuan Mou moved out.

Zhou Xuanji left with Ye Jun.

Along the way, Ye Jun chattered with Zhou Xuanji in a friendly manner. There wasn’t a single awkward moment.

“This newborn universe is quite complex; one that requires a group of Dao Ancestors to explore must be a high-level universe. The Chaos Demon Gods here must have pretty good talents,” Ye Jun said intently with a smile. His words made Zhou Xuanji think.

His Nine Soul Fusion Technique still needed five more avatars, and he might be able to use these Chaos Demon Gods.

After all, his demon god bodies had inferior bloodlines in contrast to these Chaos Demon Gods.

Ye Jun was extremely fast!

Not long after, they saw their first Chaos Demon God.

The Demon God was curled up in a transparent and gigantic egg. Although its body looked terrifying, its face was rather amiable.

The Chaos Demon God was massive in size, measuring 1,000 miles in height even while squatting down.

Staring at it, Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes in deep thought.

“Why?” Ye Jun noticed his eyes and asked with a smile, “To subdue this? It’s simple. But it’s not the most powerful Chaos Demon God. Let me bring you to the most powerful one.”

In the Kunlun Origin Court, slaves were common.

Especially the Chaos Demon Gods. These beings were treated like pets for those in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head. He had a bit of revulsion for living beings.

He did not like to force it upon the innocent. Moreover, the Nine Soul Fusion Technique would kill the Chaos Demon God.

Next, Zhou Xuanji saw all kinds of Chaos Demon God. Some were beautiful and some were ugly. They had thousands of variations.

Two days later.

Xuan Mou reconvened and shared the information they had gathered.

They saw only Chaos Demon Gods but not the Great Dao Source Stone

Xu Huang said, “The Great Dao Source Stone should be hidden inside Great Dao Space or camouflaged as one of the Chaos Demon Gods.”

The others nodded.

“It seems like this mission is not very risky,” a Dao Ancestor said, laughing. The others laughed along, and they all felt very relaxed.

Nangong Jiayin covered her mouth in laughter, “Don’t let down your guards. Something powerful might be hiding around.”

Although she said so, her tone was not serious at all.

The atmosphere was light as they chatted with each other. The topics of their conversation also diverted from their mission.

Zhou Xuanji’s purple pupils contracted suddenly. He looked toward every direction, but no one knew what he was looking at.

For a moment, he suddenly felt that something was spying on him.

“What happened?” Ye Jun asked him. The others turned and looked at him too.

Zhou Xuanji said with narrowed eyes, “Something is watching us.”

His purple pupils glowed in an eccentric light.

“That is…”

Xu Huang opened his eyes wide, and his heart was in great shock.

Ye Jun and the others were on the alert, too, scanning their surroundings.

All the Chaos Demon Gods were still being nurtured. Who was watching them in the dark?

Could it be someone who had obtained the Great Dao Source Stone?

The thought of someone obtaining the Great Dao Source Stone before them heavily burdened them.

A Dao Ancestor took out a white jade bottle and spilled its contents into the chaos. Countless water droplets flew out and froze the entire universe instantly. At one glance, there were ice crystals everywhere.

All of them locked their sight on a human figure.

He was wearing a purple robe with half his face covered in a fox-head mask. His white hair danced wildly, and the uncovered half of his face looked extremely sinister. His eyes were filled with hatred and bitterness.

“What’s that thing?”

“That’s not a Chaos Demon God!”

“Someone had their eyes on this newborn universe already.”

“Let’s be careful. This guy is also a Dao Ancestor.”

“Why does his mask feel so familiar?”

The members of Xuan Mou discussed amongst themselves as they took out their weapons for battle.

Xu Huang made the first move. Coming to the purple-robed man’s face in a flash, he smacked ahead with his palm.

The purple-robed man reacted with equal swiftness.


Their palms clashed, and the purple-robed man was catapulted away by the impact, crashing into pieces of ice crystals.

Before Xu Huang could strike again, the purple-robed man disappeared.

“Let me give you a piece of advice. You better give up on the mission, or you will surely die!”

The icy voice made the chaotic universe freezing cold. A ghastly wind breezed past them, bringing along with it a dense murderous aura.

Ye Jun’s expression changed drastically.

“Could it be Daohu Qiuzun…” he muttered, “If it’s them… then no wonder… I was wondering how this mission could be so simple…”

The other Dao Ancestors went ahead to attempt at capturing the purple-robed man too.

Zhou Xuanji asked out of confusion, “Who is that?”

Ye Jun took a deep breath and said, “That’s a faction, and its leader was one of the Five Ultimate Gods. Their faction is widespread, pillaging the universe’s energy everywhere. They have infiltrated the Kunlun Origin Court too.”

One of the Five Ultimate Gods?

Zhou Xuanji thought about Barbaric Ultimate God instantly. His companions were this powerful?

“Daohu Qiuzun is ruthless. They will do everything they can to get the things they want, even killing Void Boundary Heavenly Sages. In Kunlun Origin Court, everyone who hears this name will be frightened. That guy was not considered powerful, but I’m worried that more powerful beings will come. Remember, those who wear a fox half-mask are usually from Daohu Qiuzun,” Ye Jun sighed. He felt irritated.