I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 67 - He Deserved This Title

Chapter 67 - He Deserved This Title


Chapter 67: He Deserved This Title

While Xie Wuyou was worrying about the Sword Library, Zhou Xuanji had already recovered fully by relying on the Bloodbath Sword. He felt that the Spirit Energy was surging in his body.

It’s worth mentioning that, amongst the 50 participants of the Sword Conference, everyone was at Inner Pellet, except Zhou Xuanji.

The Spirit Energy received from converting their absorbed blood could quickly satisfy an Enlightening Cultivator.

The Sword Cultivators who were hit by the Bloodbath Sword did not feel their blood being absorbed away, because the sword was moving too quickly and did not consume too much of their blood.

Moreover, they were in the heat of their battles, how could they care so much?

Until this moment, there were still 13 Sword Cultivators left on the metal tower.

Zhang Tianjian and Yang Che were still staying alive shamelessly.

Zhang Tianjian was excited. He felt that Zhou Xuanji was protecting him.

The latter felt very uneasy. He did not know whether to take revenge or not.

Zhou Xuanji kept his swords, leaving only the Swineculling Sword in his hand.

Using too much of the Bloodbath Sword might attract unwanted attention.

He already sensed peculiar looks from many, which made him think that after the Sword Conference, he might run into much trouble.

He immediately leaped up and twirled his body upside down and charged down the tower to the sixth level.

There were 3 Sword Cultivators engaged in an intense battle with each other.

When they saw Zhou Xuanji, they were horrified.

Zhou Xuanji charged at them with the Eight-Step Sword Lunge.

Without using the Ten Sword Mode, he was already on par with North Zhou Gale Sword and Zhaocong Sword. How could these Sword Cultivators beat him?

Within 4 breaths’ time, the 3 Sword Cultivators were severely injured. They fell off the tower and were eliminated from the conference.

Zhou Xuanji was agile like a fox. He slid downward along the metal pole and came to the fifth level.

There were only 2 people on the fifth level. When they saw him, they tried to escape.

He continued chasing after them, as though he was hunting for prey.

“Let’s attack him together! Or else, we will all be eliminated by Sword God Zhou!”

Yang Che cried out aloud suddenly. The other 7 Sword Cultivators’ faces changed as they lept up together.

Zhang Tianjian did not join them, because he was on good terms with Zhou Xuanji after all. He would not attack Zhou Xuanji.

He already admitted that he had no chance to win during this Sword Conference.

It was good enough just to impress some people.

On the fifth level, 8 sword cultivators, including Yang Che, faced off against Zhou Xuanji. They all had complicated expressions on their faces, looking extremely nervous.

Zhang Tianjian came to Zhou Xuanji’s side with a sword in his hand, “Do you want to take Sir Zhou down? Over my body!” He uttered in a low voice.

Although he stood straight with his chin lifted, looking like a justice warrior, no one cared about him. Everyone was discussing how many moves would it take Sword God Zhou to finish the last battle.

Zhou Xuanji stared at Yang Che, squinting his eyes as he said, “You are cunning.”

The expression in his eyes scared Yang Che, but he still shouted boldly, “You have to use all sorts of tactics in the Sword Conference. We are not as powerful as you, can we not band together?”

The other Sword Cultivators agreed with him.

They spent years preparing for this Sword Conference, so they did not wish it to end just like that.


Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly, “Come at me then!”

He took out his Crimson Dragon Sword, Frost Wave Sword, Tiger Roar Sword, Windcutter Sword, Swineculling Sword, Heaven Sound Sword, Residual Image Sword, Thunderclap Sword, and Formless Sword.

10,000 Sword Dragon Incantation, Ten Swords Mode!

He drove his swords with his mind and began attacking.

Following this, he reached in front of Yang Che with the Eight-Step Sword Lunge.

Yang Che’s face was horrified and instinctively he wanted to leap backward.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used the Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword.

The terrifying sword Qi blew at him like a hurricane, severing all vital channels in Yang Che’s body in an instant. Yang Che was full of blood and quickly lost his vigor.

Zhou Xuanji slashed at him again and decapitated him.


The million spectators were frightened. They totally did not expect Zhou Xuanji to be so ruthless.

However, when they remembered how North Zhou Gale Sword was struck by lightning and burned to a crisp, they felt relieved.

The Sword Conference did not forbid the taking of someone’s life.

Martial art sparring posed an inherent risk of losing one’s life, especially when sparrings involved using real swords.

But the Yang clan’s servants felt like their world was collapsing.

With Yang Che dead, how would they account for themselves before the head of Yang clan?

Zhou Chengxin shook his head. Yang Che was definitely stupid.

If Zhou Xuanji killed him before, that might have brought him trouble, but killing him now would only cause people to mock the Yang clan.

Zhou Xuanji had already revealed his real power. In such a circumstance, he still dared to provoke. Wasn’t he just asking to be killed?

The other Sword Cultivators were also defeated by the Legendary Swords one after another.

Soon, only Zhang Tianjian and Zhou Xuanji were left standing in the metal tower.

Zhou Xuanji turned around to look at the last survivor.

Their eyes met. Zhang Tianjian’s eyelids were trembling violently when he saw the calmness in Zhou Xuanji’s eyes.

He immediately kept his sword, cupped his fists as he bowed to Zhou Xuanji.

After bowing, he turned toward the million spectators, channeled his Spirit Energy to the maximum, and shouted, “The Unrivaled Sword God Zhou! He deserves this title!”

After this, without any hesitation, he lept down elegantly and landed on the stage.


The million spectators were in a hype again, bringing the atmosphere to a new height.

This time, all of them shouted one thing.

“The Unrivaled Sword God Zhou!”

When a million voices resounded as one, how could it not rouse the hearts of the people?

Zhou Xuanji flew up to the top of the tower on his sword. 8 Legendary Swords levitated behind him, together with another invisible sword.

He stood high up like a sword immortal who came into the world. His black clothes danced in the wind, looking high and mighty!

With that, the victor of the Sword Conference had been revealed!

Little Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, Northern Valiant Sword, and the others jumped with excitement.

Zhang Ruyu and Zhang Rutan even hugged each other.

Zhou Chengxin looked up at him and sighed, “He is unique in all the earth indeed.”

The Great Zhou Sword Monarch shook the world with 7 Legendary Swords.

Now, Sword God Zhou stood proudly in the sky with 9 Legendary Swords.

As he looked at Zhou Xuanji, he seemed to see a new legend who had begun to rise.

After this, the title of Sword God Zhou would surely be frequently mentioned.

Xie Wuyou and the others, on the other hand, felt very bitter.

Oh no…

How would they face the fact that Sword God Zhou was going to enter the Sword Library?

Zhou Xuanji enjoyed the cheers of the million spectators. He felt no nervousness, but loftiness and grandeur instead.

Somehow, he remembered Qiu Baili.

From this day onward, if you hear about Sword God Zhou, will you think of me?

You hoped that I would become famous across the world. I made it!

He kept his swords and landed slowly.

The people around the stone stage were still cheering for Sword God Zhou.

Xie Wuyou walked up to Zhou Xuanji and said furiously, “How could you take a person’s life?”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “The battle was in heat, I was too absorbed into the fight.”

Xie Wuyou smiled helplessly. This guy really knows how to find excuses.

Zhou Chengxin walked up to Zhou Xuanji while laughing loudly. He patted his shoulder and said, “From today onward, the entire Great Zhou will talk about your title, Sword God Zhou!”

Zhou Xuanji shrugged his shoulders and did not appear to be happy about it.

It was as though he took all victories lightly.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Xie Wuyou and asked, “When can I enter the Sword Library?”

With this, Xie Wuyou’s immediately felt awkward.

He felt like his world was collapsing. He wailed in his heart… It’s the end for me…