I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 667 - Chapter 667 The Dao Ancestors Teamed Up

Chapter 667 - Chapter 667 The Dao Ancestors Teamed Up


“My name is Zhou Xuanji indeed. It’s just a name. Not worth to be mentioned,” Zhou Xuanji nodded and replied humbly, and the Dao Ancestors looked at each other in dismay.

They did not expect the 12-Star genius to be this lowkey. The person before them was not arrogant at all.

And so, they began chatting.

They were curious about a 12-Star genius for sure and did not put up a front. That was because as long as Zhou Xuanji did not die, he would surpass all of them eventually.

Zhou Xuanji was willing to make friends with them. It was always better to have more friends than to have more enemies. Moreover, these people were not weak either.

The 12 Dao Ancestors were from different divine ranges. This was either their second or third choice.

In Kunlun Origin Court, only the first vocation selection did not need merit points. The other two selections required the expenditure of merit points.

Of course, most living beings had neither the cultivation nor the talent to make a good first selection. They had to spend merit points after all.

Not everyone was as talented as Zhou Xuanji.

After exchanging some words, Zhou Xuanji became acquainted with them.

The most powerful of them all was a man called Ye Jun. Not long ago, he became the top ten on the Breakthrough Ranking. He was from Tiangang Divine Range, which was very close to the top thousand divine ranges. It was the most powerful divine range among those who were present.

Although Ye Jun looked young with an elegant demeanor, he was very friendly with Zhou Xuanji. He seemed like he wanted to become Zhou Xuanji’s good brother.

The quietest person was called Xu Huang, who wore black clothes and looked a little over 30 years old with some stubble by the side of his mouth. He was sizing Zhou Xuanji up with a cold and stern face. His eyes looked sharply at Zhou Xuanji.

The other Dao Ancestors did not leave Zhou Xuanji with a deep impression. They were not very familiar with each other either.

“Although your cultivation is not very advanced, you are extraordinarily talented. You will surely pass this examination,” the red-skirt lady Dao Ancestor in front of Zhou Xuanji spoke with a gentle smile. Her name was Nangong Jiayin.

“Thank you for your good wishes,” Zhou Xuanji chuckled.

The Void Boundary Deity Position Officer wore a black robe with purple embroideries with a hood. Under the hood, there was pure darkness. No face could be seen, as though he was a spirit.

There was a massive inner palace behind him, and the applicants could enter after registration.

It was Zhou Xuanji’s turn soon, and he took out his identity medallion.

“12-Star talent. You, not bad. Go ahead.”

The Void Boundary Deity Position Officer tapped Zhou Xuanji’s identity medallion on the golden mirror held by his other hand before letting Zhou Xuanji inside.

After Zhou Xuanji kept his identity medallion, he walked toward the inner palace.

Those cultivators who came later were all shocked in their hearts.

That was the 12-Star genius Zhou Xuanji?

After entering the inner palace, Zhou Xuanji saw a few dozen people waiting.

The inner palace was well-lit, and light images were projected onto the walls just like a movie. They were telling stories about Void Boundary War Gods.

Zhou Xuanji’s entrance caught everyone’s attention.

At this moment, the inner palace shook violently. A powerful radiance exploded from the ground. And next, they were teleported out.

In Zhou Xuanji’s eyes, the origin city shrunk quickly. The Kunlun Universe appeared before his eyes, along with massive pillars of divine ranges. They were rising upwards quickly.

Nangong Jiayin walked up to his side and smiled softly, “Don’t be anxious. We are heading toward the Void Boundary Palace next. We might be in the same team also.”

“Team?” Zhou Xuanji looked at her and asked curiously.

Nangong Jiayin nodded and said, “Just like the Void Boundary 13 Emperors, the Void Boundary War Gods are also teamed up in groups of 13. At the same time, we will have 13 Void Boundary Emperors under us. And above us, we have the Void Boundary Heavenly Sage as our leader.”

This information interested Zhou Xuanji, to which he asked further, “Then what about Void Boundary God? He’s not under anyone’s control?”

He still remembered back then the feeling he had when he saw the Void Boundary God inside the cauldron.

“Each Void Boundary only has one Void Boundary God. They don’t belong to any divine range but are full-time guardians. When we arrive at their respective Void Boundary, we give them orders too. However, we cannot directly keep them as our subordinates.”

Nangong Jiayin replied, and Zhou Xuanji came to a realization.

He remembered Cheng Jiu telling him that there was more than one Void Boundary in Kunlun Origin Court.

With Kunlun Origin Court as the center, there were different Void Boundaries around it portioned out. All the voids that connected universes were under the control of Void Boundary Gods from top to bottom. They were just like security guards of a residential area. The surrounding Universe Lords could ask them for help.

Void Boundary War Gods were of a higher position than Void Boundary Gods. The former had more freedom as well.

The Dao Ancestors around them began chatting among themselves.

Looking up, Zhou Xuanji saw a massive sea of mist toward the end of that light beam. As lightning flashed and thunder roared, Zhou Xuanji could see the silhouette of a palace.

Sometime later.

They reached the bottom of Void Boundary Palace.

After they landed, noises came from all directions.

Zhou Xuanji looked back, and there were more than 500 people. He could not help but be amazed.

There were so many Dao Ancestors choosing to become Void Boundary War Gods on just a random day?

Then how many Void Boundary War Gods were there?

How many Dao Ancestors were there in Kunlun Origin Court?

And at that moment, Zhou Xuanji’s heart stirred.

He suddenly felt that he was still too naive and had underestimated the prowess of Kunlun Origin Court.

“Silence!” a majestic voice came and shut everyone up.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and saw a figure in a black robe flying in the air. He resembled the Void Boundary Deity Position Officer.

“Form into teams of 13 now. If you fail to team up, you will be eliminated straight away!”

The black-robed figure said, and everyone quickly got into action.

Nangong Jiayin looped her arms around Zhou Xuanji’s and smiled, “Little brother, let’s stick together.”

Ye Jun, who was nearby, nodded toward Zhou Xuanji.

Xu Huang walked over as well. The four of them gathered together and waited for other Dao Ancestors to join in.

Some from the queue previously came to join them. Ye Jun did not reject them, and somehow, he became their leader.

Time passed quickly.

Soon, they formed into a team of 13.

Zhou Xuanji waited silently. In the entire palace, his cultivation was the weakest.

Other than that, there were some Dao-Treading Saints. According to Nangong Jiayin, those guys had powerful clans as their support. They used merit points to buy deity positions directly.

Money made the world go round. It could be used on many occasions.

Finally, eleven cultivators failed to team up and were sent away, back to their own origin city.

“Next, you will be tested one by one. After the test, you will form teams again. Anyone who fails to form teams will also fail the examination,” the black-robed figure spoke as he landed.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. Such a vicious tactic.

The first team-up could produce friction. And so, during the second team-up, many cultivators’ leadership positions would change.

“Don’t be anxious. Pass the test first.”

Ye Jun told his teammates with a smile. He looked very confident.

Except for Zhou Xuanji, everyone in the team was a Dao Ancestor. He knew them all, and they knew how many merit points each other had.

The Dao Ancestors who had yet to speak with Zhou Xuanji walked up to him and chatted with him. The atmosphere was quite harmonious.