I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 666 - Chapter 666 Void Boundary War God

Chapter 666 - Chapter 666 Void Boundary War God


After the breakthrough, Zhou Xuanji stretched his neck and stored the demon gods and the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. He planned to take a walk outside.

It was good to have appropriate breaks in between periods of extended cultivation. He wanted to take the opportunity to know about the culture here.

After leaving the 4-Star Dao Room, he strolled down the stairs to the first floor. He walked out of the tower under the revering and curious eyes of the living creature around him.

Now, his portrait was made known to the entire city. Almost everyone knew his face.

Just when he walked out, someone from Longbow Divine Range came up to him.

“Senior Zhou, do you have any instructions for me?” the man asked respectfully with an uneasy face.

The person in front of him was the treasure of Longbow Divine Range. If he did not show good hospitality, it would be his end.

“Nothing,” Zhou Xuanji replied, “I want to take a walk.”

He could not see through this person’s cultivation, who was likely a Dao-Treading Saint.

Longbow Divine Range couldn’t just send a Saint to guard him.

The man said immediately, “I can lead the way. Wherever you want to go, I will bring you there. I can explain to you anything that you don’t understand.”

Zhou Xuanji hesitated for a moment before nodding at him.

“What’s your name?”

“Call me Cheng Jiu.”


Zhou Xuanji walked toward the streets with Cheng Jiu.

The origin city was huge and buzzing with life. No matter where he went, he could see living beings descending from the sky.

Most importantly, there was no law enforcement here. Even so, there were no fights along the streets but merely arguments.

“Oh yeah, Senior. If you have time, you can go and obtain a vocation. With a 12-Star talent, you should be able to get a pretty good vocation. This will give you some authority in the origin city,” Cheng Jiu suggested, and Zhou Xuanji glanced at him.

“Oh? Can I become a Soul Guardian?”

Cheng Jiu was stunned. What was that?

Could it be…

He swallowed his saliva and said, “You meant the legendary Soul Source Pool?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded lightly, which almost made Cheng Jiu faint.

Wasn’t that a mere legend?

He replied with a bitter smile, “I don’t think you can. You can only choose those vocations under the Domain of the Gods.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled, “Is there a Vocation Palace in this origin city? Is every Vocation Palace in each city the same?”

“They are the same,” Cheng Jiu replied, nodding his head, “Vocation Palaces primarily exist to introduce the Kunlun Universe’s vocations. Some vocations must be earned after passing examinations somewhere else. For example, Void Boundary God, Void Boundary Emperors, Great Dao Lord, Universe Lord God.”


I can become a Void Boundary God through an examination?

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and became more interested in the Vocation Palace.

If he wanted to remain in the Kunlun Origin Court, he would require a vocation.

“Not only so, but the divine ranges also have no control over the vocations. You will have direct superiors, which prevents some geniuses from being eliminated by the divine ranges,” Cheng Jiu continued his introduction. After that, he raised his hand and signaled Zhou Xuanji to turn.

The two of them walked toward the Vocation Palace.

Along the way, Cheng Jiu introduced all sorts of vocations to Zhou Xuanji.

From minors ones like shop owners, to majors ones like the Lord of Gods.

In Kunlun Origin Court, there were also deity positions, which were also vocations that could be exchanged with merit points. After taking on this vocation, one would inherit the power of the rules. This would be a great help for the less talented living creatures.

But to earn enough merit points, one needed talent too.

Void Boundary God and Emperors were a few of the deity positions.

The divine ranges would also recruit clan leaders and Divine Range Lords.

The fate of all divine ranges was connected. If one Divine Range Lord died and no substitute could be found, then the Vocation Palace would start recruiting Divine Range Lords. Such a vocation had extremely high requirements for cultivation. The Vocation Palace would also take into consideration the applicant’s character.

In other words, in the Kunlun Origin Court, you could become all things as long as you had enough merit points.

All things except for one.


About half an hour passed, and they finally reached the Vocation Palace.

The palace only occupied a massive piece of land. It looked grand and majestic. Its gates were a mile tall, and many cultivators walked in and out endlessly.

After they entered the palace, Zhou Xuanji looked at the two walls. Probing with his divine sense, countless memories entered his mind, which were all information about vocations.

All vocations had talent requirements. He started browsing from the 12-Star ones directly.

There were hundreds of deity positions, including lord over origin cities. But more specific vocations had higher requirements on cultivation.

“Each living being can choose three vocations. The first time one can choose based on personal preference. But when choosing the second one, the merit points required will be multiplied,” he heard Cheng Jiu’s voice, and he had a choice in mind.

He wanted to become the Void Boundary War God.

This vocation was superior to Void Boundary God, which specialized in hunting down trespassers and the rebels who escaped the Kunlun Origin Court. Sometimes, he could even help with exploring new universes.

With Kunlun Origin Court as the center, the universes had been multiplying and expanding. New universes must be explored by a Void Boundary War God before registering it. It was like a commodity that needed to be purchased with merit points.

This vocation made it convenient for him to move around freely and battle.

Void Boundary War God had two types of requirements. One must at least become a Dao Ancestor with 7-Star talent, or if one was a 9-Star or above, then cultivation would not be counted.

Zhou Xuanji fulfilled the second type.

He told Cheng Jiu about his idea.

“Void Boundary War God? This deity position is not bad. But you will need to find a Void Boundary Deity Position Examiner for appraisal. There’s one in this palace.”

Cheng Jiu replied before bringing Zhou Xuanji to the examiner.

The Vocation Palace was massive. It had many annex halls, and each of them was for different vocations.

Some were busy like a marketplace, while others had no one inside.

They came to the annex hall for Void Boundary War God. Twelve people were queueing inside the hall, both men and women. Their cultivations were all hidden from Zhou Xuanji, and they were likely Dao Ancestors.

Zhou Xuanji’s arrival drew their attention.

An Overlord Saint and a Dao-Treading Saint?

The Dao Ancestors raised their brows in suspicion. They thought that Zhou Xuanji and Cheng Jiu had walked to the wrong place.

One of them said, “This is the Vocational Hall for Void Boundary War God.”

Nearby divine ranges rarely had geniuses above 9-Star. There was one recently from Longbow Divine Range who was a 12-Star genius, and that person was still cultivating in the Dao Tower.

Hold on!

Zhou Xuanji?

The 12 Dao Ancestors opened their eyes wide and looked carefully at Zhou Xuanji.

They knew Zhou Xuanji’s face. They did not pay attention just now, but after taking a look, the face in front of them matched their memory of Zhou Xuanji’s face.

Cheng Jiu bowed to them respectfully before speaking to Zhou Xuanji, “Senior, I will wait for you outside.”

After that, Cheng Jiu turned around and left.

Zhou Xuanji walked to the back of the queue and nodded slightly at the 12 Dao Ancestors.

The one in front of him was a lady in a red court dress. She had delicate facial features and a red-beaded jade crown. She asked softly, “Are you the famous Zhou Xuanji?”