I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 665 - Chapter 665 4-Star Dao Room. Overlord Saint Level Eight.

Chapter 665 - Chapter 665 4-Star Dao Room. Overlord Saint Level Eight.


Only ten days were left before the three-month due. Zhou Xuanji forcefully reached the top of the tower’s ranking. He was also ranked 36th in the entire city.

It was impressive for an Overlord Saint to have such a result the first time he challenged the Breakthrough Ranking.

Those who reached the top 10,000 in the entire city had tried countless times before reaching such a ranking, except only a few.

However, there were many origin cities.

Although Zhou Xuanji’s 12-Star talent was devilish, it was only confined to this zone.

In those origin cities belonging to the top-1,000 divine ranges, the Breakthrough Ranking was even more horrifying.

In the last ten days, Zhou Xuanji did not breakthrough, but he still felt satisfied.

As he walked out of the Dao Room, he realized many living beings loitering around the corridor. Seeing him, everyone turned around.

Zhou Xuanji appeared calm as he walked toward the staircase near the edge.

He was in a good mood as he planned how to cultivate next.

He’s going to root himself in the tower!

When he came to the first floor, he saw a massive crowd of people looking at him.

“Nicely done!”

Yu Shenzhong waved his hands excitingly. He lost all his demeanor as a Clan Leader.

Yu Zhongxiu waved her hands toward Zhou Xuanji also. The entire building exploded into a huge commotion.

“He is Zhou Xuanji?”

“Overlord Saint Level Six. Such cultivation and yet he can become the top rank in this tower?”

“I don’t believe it!”

“Such a handsome little guy. Is he really from the lower universes?”

“12 Star…”

All the living beings began discussing amongst themselves. Most of them looked at him passionately.

Zhou Xuanji’s silhouette blurred, and the next moment, he came to the stone platform. Ignoring everyone’s eyes, he took out the identity medallion and asked the cold lady at the reception area, “I’m on the Breakthrough Ranking now, right? How many merit points did I get?”

He heard the crowd discussion about it and already knew about his ranking.

The cold lady took over his identity medallion. She said respectfully, “You are ranked 25th in the city, which gives you 2.5 million merit points.”

Zhou Xuanji was surprised. This much?

I turned filthy rich all at once?

The crowd looked toward him in admiration and envy.

Yu Shenzhong was embarrassed. He only gave Zhou Xuanji 80,000 points, and Zhou Xuanji used it to earn 2.5 million straightaway. What a face-slap.

Old Ancestor Longbow walked up to Zhou Xuanji and said with laughter, “My little friend, you are really awesome. It’s my fault that I did not know you needed merit points. That Yu Shenzhong is really stingy. He did not have the merit points, and yet he did not use the Clan Reserve!”

As he spoke, he threw a glare toward Yu Shenzhong.

Yu Shenzhong immediately smiled apologetically toward Zhou Xuanji and said that he was not considerate enough.

Zhou Xuanji felt funny but considered it a grudge. He waved his hand and said, ‘It’s a small matter. I’m just curious about the opportunity to cultivate and earn merit points, so I had to try. Even if he gave me more merit points, I would have done the same as well.”

This opened a way to resolve the awkward situation for Yu Shenzhong, such that he felt gratitude toward Zhou Xuanji.

He did not give enough money to Zhou Xuanji, and Zhou Xuanji did not mind it. And now, he felt gratitude?

It sounded odd, but it was a fact.

The throng of people from other divine ranges crowded over to talk to Zhou Xuanji. Some even invited Zhou Xuanji to their divine range.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji felt like he was the center of everyone’s attention.

Old Ancestor Longbow immediately got his subordinates to block off the crowd.

“Get lost, all of you. I’m here, and yet you are trying to snatch him!” he shouted furiously.

He no longer cared about offending others, all for the sake of Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji knocked the table on the stone platform and asked, “Is there any order in your Dao Tower?”

The cold-looking lady heard and immediately informed her colleagues to call reinforcements.

Three breaths later.


A loud bell rang in the tower.

Other than Zhou Xuanji and others from Longbow Divine Range, all other living creatures were sent outside instantly.

“No commotion is allowed in the Dao Tower!”

A majestic voice came from the top of the tower. Every living creature from outside the tower could hear it.

Old Ancestor Longbow heaved a sigh of relief. He patted Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder and smiled, “My little friend Xuanji, I made the right choice in choosing you.”

Zhou Xuanji’s actions already showed his position.

He swore in his heart to never treat Zhou Xuanji badly.

If such a genius wanted to leave, there were a lot of divine ranges waiting to receive him. But until now, Zhou Xuanji had never mentioned this, nor had he asked about other divine ranges. All he did was focus on cultivating.

A genius that was so determined to cultivate was someone worth their every effort to nurture.

“Next, I’m planning to spend a long time here to cultivate,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile. He felt awesome during the three months stay, and he could not wait to continue.

Next, his goal was the Dao Rooms of higher grades.

He wanted to reach Dao-Treading Saint as soon as possible.

“I will order someone to wait for you outside the tower. When you come out, approach him. He will be wearing a Longbow Divine Range uniform,” Old Ancestor Longbow nodded with a smile and said while thinking in his heart about how to gain Zhou Xuanji’s favor.

Marry the most precious lady in the clan?

Old Ancestor Longbow instinctively looked toward Yu Zhongxiu with a mysterious expression in his eyes.

A while later, the cold-looking lady returned Zhou Xuanji’s identity medallion.

Zhou Xuanji talked to Old Ancestor Longbow a little more before walking up the stairs.

“He’s such a cultivation fanatic,” Yu Shenzhong sighed in amazement. If he were so talented, he might be wandering around and only cultivate occasionally. One day’s effort was equal to 1,000 days for others.

Old Ancestor Longbow looked at Yu Zhongxiu and chuckled, “Xiu-er, what do you think about him?”

Yu Zhongxiu heard him and was shy.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji flew up the stairs.

He planned to enter a 4-Star Dao Room, which would cost him 10,000 merit points each day.

When the time came, he would save some merit points to challenge the Breakthrough Ranking again.

4-Star Dao Rooms were located above the 20th floor. There were only a few rooms, and not many people passed through there.

He found an unoccupied room and walked in. After shutting the door, he placed the identity medallion into the slot.


The Dao Room shook violently, and it was immediately filled with spiritual Qi far exceeding the 1-Star room. He also sensed the Great Dao’s aura more directly.

With a smile, he muttered, “This is the feel!”

Sitting down, he took out the four demon gods and began cultivating.

He also took out the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus to absorb the spiritual Qi here. This would enhance the spiritual Qi of the Demonic Realm, Lotus’ world, Northern Wilderness Region, and the Milky Way.

Time passed quickly as he cultivated.

A month later, he forcefully broke through to Overlord Saint Level Seven. All the demon gods reached Overlord Saint Level Two.

His Dao Will strengthened day by day. If he were to use Sword Dao Rules now, it would be a few dozen times more power compared to it during the Great Elimination.

He was still immersed in cultivation and did not care about what’s happening in the world.

In the blink of an eye, another five months passed.

He broke through to Overlord Saint Level Eight, and all his demon god avatars reached Overlord Saint Level Four.

When he opened his eyes, he felt so good.

The saint energy in his body had been transformed, emanating a faint mysteriousness of the Dao energy. Compared to when he just started, his divine willpower was strengthened more than 100 times.