I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 664 - Chapter 664 Overlord Saint Level 6. Void Boundary 13 Emperors’ Horror

Chapter 664 - Chapter 664 Overlord Saint Level 6. Void Boundary 13 Emperors’ Horror


The outside world was in a buzz while Zhou Xuanji was still focused on cultivation.

His cultivation grew continuously. When his body transformed into a Great Dao body, his self-regenerating saint energy would become Dao energy.

If this continues, I will become a Level 6 Overlord Saint soon.

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself pleasantly. Great Dao Energy was powerful indeed.

If not for the old immortal who taught him to understand the Dao stage, it would not have been so smooth-sailing.

Not only so, but his Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart could also perfectly handle the Great Dao Energy.

Multiple occasions of serendipity added together and made him who he was this day.

Nothing was unnecessary.

He cultivated as he continued to study the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

This energy technique was incomparable indeed. Just the Qi channeling technique already had a great variety.

Based on his current understanding, he was still very far away from Level Two.

But everything begins with the first step. He was not discouraged but motivated.

He loved the feeling of growing more powerful.

Time passed quickly.

He was halfway through the Breakthrough Challenge Ranking. Zhou Xuanji successfully became the top ten of this Dao tower and the entire city’s top-thousand.

This created a huge commotion in the origin city. It even attracted many from nearby divine ranges to come and take a look.

Old Ancestor Longbow also came to look with Yu Shenzhong and his daughter.

Before he said anything, Yu Zhongshen was trembling in exhilaration and chanted, “Go further! Go further!”

Old Ancestor Longbow shook his head in laughter.

“Shenzhong,” he said, “did you give him too few merit points? Or else, why would he need to participate in the Breakthrough Ranking Challenge?”

He sounded a little displeased. He thought Zhou Xuanji could grow more powerful first before participating in the challenge, which might surprise the entire Kunlun Origin Court.

After all, there were only a few 12-Star geniuses in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Yu Shenzhong heard him and immediately paid his respect to the Old Ancestor.

“Old Ancestor,” he said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I thought…”

Old Ancestor Longbow threw him a stare and reprimanded him, “If you don’t treat him wholeheartedly, then hand him over to the other clans!”

Yu Shenzhong was so frightened that his legs almost gave way. He immediately assured the Old Ancestor.

He thought that ZHou Xuanji would only do a trial, so he gave him 80,000 merit points. If he knew this, he would have given him much more, even to millions of merit points.

“Old Ancestor Longbow, your divine range is really fortunate!”

A peal of laughter came from beside them, which caught their attention. They turned and saw a middle-aged man walking over with big strides. He was surrounded by a few dozen subordinates.

Seeing him, Old Ancestor Longbow’s smile dissipated. He even snorted coldly.

Outside the Kunlun Origin Court, a black metal palace was levitating in the Void Boundary.

Void Boundary God sat on his throne in the palace, while the Void Boundary 13 Emperors were half-knelt on the floor. The imprisoned Barbarian God Huangluo, Buddha Yang Ling, the old beggar, Gu Tianxia, and Xu Qing were beside them.

The atmosphere was so grim and heavy that the five prisoners were almost suffocating.

The Flame Emperor mustered his courage and said, “Master, we are useless. Please punish us!”

He had been on duty in the Heavenly Law Universe for so many years, and the Exterminating Divine Eyes were still lost. He had no excuses.

The other emperors gave their assurance as well.

“Master, we will surely do our best to find Zhou Xuanji!”

“We have found Old Ancestor Yinxin’s whereabouts. He just left the Kunlun Origin Court.”

“He sold Zhou Xuanji into Kunlun Origin Court as a slave. There’s still hope in finding him.”

“This brat is just too lucky!”

The Void Boundary 13 Emperors were furious and continued to blame Zhou Xuanji to vent their own emotions.

A mere Overlord Saint made them so miserable. How could they be willing to let him go?

“Let’s end this here!” Void Boundary God spoke suddenly, which stunned the 13 Emperors.

The five prisoners were stunned too.

What does that mean?

Could Zhou Xuanji be …

The old beggar trembled as he hugged his head sorrowfully.

Looking back, he had received so many disciples, and none of them had good endings.

Gu Tianxia frowned as he looked at Void Boundary God fixedly.

“Zhou Xuanji joined Longbow Divine Range, and his talent was ranked 12-Stars. Longbow Divine Range has decided to nurture him with full force. Soon, his status will surpass mine. Sometime later, one of you will volunteer to go with me and apologize to him,” Void Boundary God said with indifference. He tried to pretend not to care, but actually, he was overwhelmed with emotions in his heart.


The Void Boundary 13 Emperors had a great shock.

The old beggar and the other four prisoners also opened their eyes wide. They could not believe their own ears.


How long had it been?

Zhou Xuanji had already stabilized his standing in the Kunlun Origin Court?

The Water Emperor said, trembling, “How can it be… 12-Star… How could such a genius be born in the Heavenly Law Universe…”

The other Void Boundary Emperors were also dazzled. They felt a strong sense of fear in their hearts.

12-Star genius…

If Zhou Xuanji were to mature fully, how powerful would he become?

The more they thought about it, the more they felt afraid.

The Void Boundary God looked toward the old beggar and the other four.

“Do you want to live?” he asked.

Barbarian God Huangluo realized what was happening and nodded fervently, “Yes! We can help to ask for Zhou Xuanji’s mercy!”

Buddha Yang Ling’s mouth twitched. He really wanted to comment to ask him if he could really speak in front of Zhou Xuanji.

However, at this time, they could only do this.

Or else the Void Boundary God might kill all of them.

“I hope you understand the situation. Even though he’s unhappy with us, he cannot cause trouble for us because we are under direct jurisprudence. I’m doing this so that we aren’t on bad terms,” Void Boundary God said indifferently, and Barbarian God Huangluo nodded rapidly.

The old beggar and Gu Tianxia were still in a dazzle.

They could not imagine how Zhou Xuanji did it.

12 Star…

How did he do that?

They were so confused that it took them very long to come back to themselves.

In the Dao Tower.


Zhou Xuanji finally broke through. He reached Overlord Saint Level 6, and there was still a month before the Breakthrough Ranking Challenge ended.

When he realized he could no longer improve his Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique, he began calming his mental state.

He began speaking the Great Dao’s Voice to himself.

In absolute peace, his cultivation grew quicker instead.

At this moment, a throng of people crowded around the tower.

They were all admirers who wanted to see Zhou Xuanji. They came from more than 50 divine ranges.

Time continued to pass.

Demon God Nanming became an Overlord Saint. It did not encounter any lightning tribulation, which could either be because it was not a living being or because they were in the tower.

Three days later.

Demon God Jihuang became a Level One Overlord Saint.

Demon God Tianwu broke through to Overlord Saint Level One.

Two days later.

The Demon Ancestor’s body became a Level One Overlord Saint as well.

All of Zhou Xuanji’s demon god clones turned into Overlord Saints. Their physical bodies metamorphosed and became unimaginably strong.

This did not interrupt Zhou Xuanji, who continued to study the Great Dao.

In such an absolute peace, he felt as though he was in another world. The Great Dao around him seemed alive, which circled around him joyfully.