I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 663 - Chapter 663 - Break Through the First Level

Chapter 663 - Chapter 663 - Break Through the First Level


“Senior, hello! You can enter the empty one-star room directly. The Breakthrough Ranking challenge will start the moment you step into the room,” the Dao Tower receptionist smiled coquettishly as she explained and returned the ID card to the wild youth. Her eyes seemed to be suggesting something.

The wild youth, on the other hand, turned around and left, ignoring her.

Meanwhile, Zhao Xuanji walked to the receptionist before him and asked, “How long can I challenge the Breakthrough Rankings with 10,000 merit points?”

The receptionist before him looked like a cold beauty, but she was wearing heavy makeup nonetheless.

“Three months,” replied the cold and beautiful receptionist.

Ten merit points a day for the one-star room. 900 or so merit points for three months!

This is really a gamble!

Zhou Xuanji continued with his questions, “How can I complete the challenge and what’s the reward?”

The cold and beautiful receptionist answered Zhou Xuanji’s question very patiently, “The Dao Tower is intelligent. It can measure you based on your speed of breaking through. But it’s hard to give you the specifics. It’s not like we can compare the cultivation speed of two different levels. And then there is your aptitude to consider as well. All in all, you just need to focus on cultivating. Once you enter the top 10,000 of this tower’s Breakthrough Rankings, you will be rewarded 20,000 merit points. If you can enter the top 10,000 of the citywide Breakthrough Rankings, you will be rewarded 100,000 merit points. This is the lowest reward of every threshold.”

Zhou Xuanji got the gist of it. He immediately took out his ID card and said, “I want to challenge the Breakthrough Rankings.”

The same thought flashed in every receptionist’s mind when they heard Zhou Xuanji. They couldn’t help but shake their heads and smile immediately.

Another daydreaming kid!

“Twelve-star aptitude!” the cold and beautiful receptionist cried in shock, causing every being on the first floor to open their eyes.

The receptionists behind the stone desk hurriedly gathered around to make sure that the ID card really displayed the twelve-star aptitude.

The latest genius with the twelve-star aptitude is…

Zhou Xuanji of the Longbow Divine Range!

Despite the revelation, Zhou Xuanji remained calm and composed. He ignored the gazes falling on him altogether, waiting for the cold receptionist to register him.

The cold and beautiful receptionist happened to have noticed Zhou Xuanji’s gaze. Her cheeks flushed. She quickly started registering Zhou Xuanji.

“He is Zhou Xuanji!?”

“The only one with twelve-star aptitude in the Kunlun Origin Court this time is him!”

“I just got the news that even Evil Ancestor Shichan has suffered a loss against him!”


“Twelve-star… tsk, tsk! He wants to challenge the Breakthrough Rankings. I guess he can become the champion of this tower and reach the top 100 in the city!?”

The beings in the Dao Tower discussed in a low voice, pointing at Zhou Xuanji.

But no one dared to come forward and strike a conversation.

Because with just one glance, everyone could tell that Zhou Xuanji wasn’t kind and forgiving one. He might get angry.

After all, all geniuses were arrogant.

Soon, the cold receptionist handed the ID card to Zhou Xuanji and cautiously explained, “Senior, hello! You can enter the empty one-star room directly. The Breakthrough Ranking challenge will start the moment you step into the room.”

She heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, I didn’t offend Zhou Xuanji just now.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his acknowledgement and left after taking his ID card.

The first floor was like a waiting room. The star-rated rooms on this floor were always occupied. One could only wait.

Of course, most of the beings came here for free Spiritual Qi.

The Spiritual Qi and Great Dao inside the Dao Tower was denser than outside.

Zhou Xuanji made his way up the stone steps and came to the second floor. He saw row after row of stone rooms. Their doors were labeled with occupied and unoccupied one-star with glowing characters.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t need to look around. He quickly found an empty one-star room and walked in after opening the door.

After closing the door, he noticed a groove next to the door. He immediately took out his ID card and pushed it in. Right then, violent Spiritual Qi filled the entire stone room with a loud bang.

Zhou Xuanji immediately furrowed his brow.

Damn, this is so sick!

The room was quite large. It was ten feet in length, width, and height. There was really a wide difference between how it looked from outside and how it actually was.

He then took back his ID card before sitting down cross-legged at the center of the room. The bodies of four demon gods appeared immediately after. They were responsible for absorbing the Spiritual Qi.

Without any more delays, Zhou Xuanji started cultivating the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique, absorbing the Dao Energy.

“The Great Dao here is…”

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised. The Great Dao in the room was far stronger than the Great Dao he had felt in Yu Family’s room.

Quickly, Zhou Xuanji entered the state of cultivation.

Meanwhile, the news about the twelve-star genius joining the Dao Tower’s Breakthrough Rankings spread quickly.

The entire city got the news in less than a day.

His twelve-star aptitude was really eye-catching. Many geniuses chose to enter the various Dao Towers to challenge the Breakthrough Rankings, wanting to block Zhou Xuanji’s ranking.

As far as they were concerned, it was a good opportunity to trample a twelve-star genius and become famous!

Even if they lost, they would not lose anything whatsoever!

Zhou Xuanji was completely oblivious to the disturbance he had caused outside. All his attention was focused on cultivation of the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

The next day, he created another Great Li avatar.

Every day from now on, he could create a new Great Li avatar.

Seven days later, ten Great Li avatars were standing behind him. He had officially cultivated the first level of the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

The reason why he was so fast was because of the past teachings of the Barbaric Ultimate God, and during the fight with Evil Ancestor Shichan, Zhou Xuanji had comprehended a lot of things. Thus, everything had come to him easily with the help of this room.

The first level was really nothing difficult. After all, he had the guidance of the Barbaric Ultimate God.

The hard part was the later part.

Even someone as strong as Barbaric Ultimate God had only reached the fifth level so far.

After having broken through the first level, Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation speed doubled.

Thus, the speed at which he absorbed the Dao Energy had increased. Even though he was acting cautious, his efficiency still went up five times

Zhou Xuanji was beaming with joy. He was immersed in the joy and comfort due to the Dao Energy tempering his body.

As he absorbed more and more Dao Energy, the Great Dao’s rejection grew weaker and weaker.

He had already embarked on the path of becoming a Dao-Treading Saint.

At this moment, on the first floor of the Dao Tower…

The picture on the light screen behind the stone desk started to change.

The list of the top 10,000 was changing.

The top 10,000 names only had the best of the best results of the participants here. So, even if the list had 10,000 names, the list seldom changed.

The next moment, Zhou Xuanji’s name appeared at the bottom of the Breakthrough Ranking.

Everyone on the first floor, who had gathered around to watch the change in the list, cried in surprise.

“My God, he just took seven days to enter the top 10,000!?”

“He is still climbing!”

“Wow, he is in the top 500!”

“A twelve-star genius really is too strong, isn’t he!?”

“Damn, he is indeed something. If he keeps this on, he might just reach first place in three months.”

Everyone sighed in shock. Right then, a message had appeared on the top of the light screen that everyone had ignored.

The message was that Night King was now ranked tenth on the citywide Breakthrough Rankings.

Any change in the citywide top 100 was announced in all the Dao Towers in the city.

Rumor had it that there was an even stronger Breakthrough Ranking, which listed the top 100 people in all the Dao Towers. It was very difficult for a new name to enter the list.

Time went by, bit by bit.

Ten days later, Zhou Xuanji had reached the top 1,000. His climb had attracted the attention of many creatures. They immediately swarmed the Dao Tower to watch.

The first floor of this Dao Tower was already crowded.

The Longbow Divine Range had also received the news that Zhou Xuanji was challenging the Breakthrough Rankings, much to their surprise.

Yu Shenzhong, Yu Zhongxiu, and dozens of powerful experts from the Longbow Divine Range hurriedly rushed over.

“This kid is always making us worry!” Yu Shenzhong lamented, but judging by his tone, he was quite excited.

This was what he liked about Zhou Xuanji!

The more famous he was , the better it was!

The greater the reputation of the Longbow Divine Range was, the more geniuses they could attract to join them!